The Voice of the Nation reaches the century mark. Come celebrate with G-Small & D-Bricks in this special episode.

Newest Los Angeles Laker Matt Barnes joined the show for another EXCLUSIVE interview, and talked about coming full circle in his career, and shared some his favorite Kobe Bryant memories. The guys also bring you up to date on the Lakers own free agent decisions, and talk about the new “Super Team” in Miami.

Voice of the Nation takes a look back at the interviews, voice-mails, and interesting moments with the fellas.

The Voice of the Nation thanks all of you fans who have made the show what is.

Here’s to the next 100 shows!

Rundown –

  • LeBron James and the Super Team
  • A look back at some of the VOTN”s best highlights
  • Audio from Matt Barnes, Steve Blake, and Theo Ratliff, your newest Lakers
  • Andrew Bynum, and Kobe Bryant’s surgery update
  • INTERVIEW: Matt Barnes joins the Voice of the Nation Hotline
  • A look back at some of VOTN’s best interviews
  • Shaq to the Boston Celtics?
  • Voicemail + E-Mail questions
  • And much MUCH more…

Glenn Jones – Show Me
Usher – OMG
G-Small – Outro (From Fame & Fortune)
Drake – Karaoke

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  • tisinyamoufbeeitch

    D bricks you’re right. as always, this bum ass G-Small is wrong and classless himself to even realize what LBJ did. somebody fire this dude

    • Mamba24Goat

      heard that!

  • Taylor

    You guys are fantastic! I’ve been listening since last year & all of Laker nation appreciates what you guys are doing! Congrats!

  • Kian

    Dbricks you are the only reason why I listen to this podcast. But g small is making really hard to listen. He really does not know what he is talking about and tries to name drop any time he can. I’m not trying to be a hater. It’s how I feel, I know I’m not the only one.

  • G-Smalls-U-SUCK

    I have listened to most of the VOTN podcasts and I say that 100 will be my last. G-Smalls, you are a tool. You are entitled to your opinion, but when you defend the way LBJ left the Cavs, the way he acted, and defend the classless take, you clearly are a closet LBJ fan.

    As time has gone by, the podcasts are getting worst, all because of you. You suck! Oh ya, your connection sounds like sh!t.

    WTF is the whole “LAKERS WORLD OVER, STAND UP!” : gay

    Put on your fruit boots and move to Miami.

    PLEASE kick G-SMALL-BALLS to the curb

  • ShamelessLakerFan

    G, wth are you ranting about “Lebron doesn’t owe Cleveland anything”? They owe each other respect, as does everyone until proven otherwise. Respect is not something you retract when it suits your needs.

    Sad you yelled down the room that LeBron owed Cleveland nothing and had the right to not tell them he was leaving. Think about it man, the relationship between a player and the fans is not black and white and respect should flow in both directions. Lebron may have made Cleveland fun to watch for a time, but they showered him with more love then has been seen in a long time. Yes he is a “bad guy” in some ways, he is self centered and ungrateful to the fans that loved him. He takes allot for granted.

    I wonder how grateful you are of your fans? Or TLN? wtf man, wtf…

  • Sir

    G small clearly just does not get it. So basically what he’s saying is because lebron had a lot of viewers for the decision, that it was alright to do? So if I held a live execution (which would also get tons of viewers) would that be right also? What lebron did was clearly wrong and classless, but in g small world I guess it’s ok to hold a team hostage, and humiliate them on live tv. Because of his holding them hostage they were not able to make any FA signings until they knew what he was going to do, and he didn’t even have the decency to tell them until right before the show started. Yea that’s not classless at all. D bricks you are great, but g small just sounds like a ghetto idiot on the show; get rid of him. Also Kobe didn’t get rid of shaq, shaq did that to himself. When you go up to the owner and scream in his face “PAY ME!” you can pretty much bet that you’re ass is gone. Especially when that owner is Jerry Buss.

  • http://TheLakerNation G-Small Is a Tool

    G-Small you have ruined this podcast and your not an analyst, you are a tool that bron uses at night. I will never listen to this podcast ever again. I think you were raised in a trash can by a mom that sleeps with her sons friends because you have no moral values at all!

  • Taylor

    lol at all the G-Small hate…If Kobe did that same thing to Laker fans a few years ago, G-small would call kobe classless, he just doesnt know how it feels for a superstar to stab the fans in the back in front of the whole world.

  • Kam Pashai

    I guess LeBron is really disliked. LOL

    • oosh

      It is not that lebron is disliked, it was the frustration of g-small not getting it.

      • BigSal

        Nah it is just that there are alot of childish immature people on TLN who can’t accept opposing point of views. Sad for them really but what can you say they are a product of our public school system.

  • oosh

    G-small needs to be replaced. I’ve honestly been thinking this a long time ago. He talks about himself so much it gets really annoying. The lebron thing was just annoying to my ears. I respect when people have an opinion but only when they back it up without any nonsense.
    Another thing G-small is so rude to D-bricks. That one episode where you kept accusing d-bricks of ignoring your calls and all that BS was just immature. I really liked the TLN podcast but G-small makes it difficult for me to listen to. Please get a replacement, its burning my ears.

    Speaking of ears, G-small invest in a better MIC, your voice keeps clipping and it doesnt help that you dont know what your talking about and your audio is all wonky.

    That is all.
    P.S. D-bricks thanks for actually thinking before you speak. Man you have some awesome patience!

  • David Brickley

    Voice your opinion in the Voicemail inbox, and we’ll play it on the next show…1-866-520-4037

    • Kam Pashai

      Haha! I wish TLN had a ‘Like’ button for comments like this.
      Maybe I should look into that…

  • Leo

    Too much hate for G Smalls…Come on, people. Sure, he said a thing or two that I might not completely agree with, but other than that, he was on point throughout most of the podcast. Lighten up, guys. David Brickley AND G Smalls both do great jobs.

  • KwameMVP

    Great podcast guys! I just don’t appreciate you guys slighting a legend…a god…a Kwame…

  • Jesus

    I really have nothing against what G smalls said about Lebron, I think some people overeating.

    However, i do feel the show will run a lot better with D-Bricks and Chris Manning as the hosts.

    • 242LakerFan

      I assume you meant “overreacting”, unless that was another fat joke. LOL
      Just remember, there is no “I” in “team”, but there is meat.

      • Robert.

        AH HAHAHAHAHA!!!! That’s hilarious! Are you a writer? (do you have a blog of your own?).

  • ThEMVP

    We need a Kamenetsky bro’s appearance on the show – while I am a new fan of the site, I would like a small 1 sentence recap below every podcast with the particulars of what was talked about, it might be on itunes i don’t know personally on the “i” button, but just one for the site.

  • RealTalkLA24

    Where’s the download link?

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    G Small.. I’m sorry man, but your argument about Lebron made no sense at all. I almost hit the fast forward button just so I wouldn’t have to hear it, but I stuck it out.
    Anyway, besides that great podcast as always guys. Congratulations on the 100th episode and I look forward to many more.
    LWO Stand Up!


      I feel you on that!

      • BigSal

        I don’t think people want you to feel them here especially with your name. ;)

        • Designated

          who the fuck is this einstein “phenor” speaking of names.. him and his fucking moron pal fiasco are annoying “scrubs”

        • Designated

          trying to get our attention with their gay names


          where do you think they’d want me to feel them then? i feel myself, as you probably would’ve guessed alreday!


    I think that D-Bricks and G-Smalls have gotten a lot better. I have to admit that I didn’t like their first few… they weren’t smooth, no chemistry, etc… I know that sounds like a knock on them, but it’s more of a realization of how tough it is to do a radio show where the 2 guys involved has to have good timing, chemistry, and be very clear and succinct in what they want to say and how they do it. These 2 are mos def better now! Props to them both!

    D-Bricks makes good sense and is logical in the way he arrives at his opinions and stated quite well. G-Smalls… man, this dude is all over the place.

    He claims that Dan Gilbert is “classless” by slammin LeRun publicly, but yet defends LeBum on his “DECISION” show. He totally contradicts himself in his arguments! The reason being that he stated that just because one disagrees with the way someone does something, that doesn’t make it “classless”.

    Well, that’s exactly what he did to Dan Gilbert. He disagreed with Dan and proclaims that to be classless, but on the other hand because he didn’t dislike LeCrap’s “DECISION” show, it’s fine! He got on D-Bricks’ case because D-Bricks didn’t like the “DECISION” show. Absolute contradiction! In fact, D-Bricks was perfectly logical in that he thought both actions were classless.

    D-Bricks demonstrated logic and conviction while G-Smalls demonstrated the feeling of relativism. Everything’s relative! It’s just how one “feels” about a particular issue or act. Well, that just goes to show that there are NO STANDARDS governing his thought processes.

    On the LeCrap issue, the only thing that he got right was that LeBronze killed his legacy. His arguments to defend LeHype’s show saying that it’s his right… he’s the star, he deserved it… just goes to show that G-Smalls is thinking more about entitlement than what’s proper and classy.

    Just because one has the power to do certain things, doesn’t mean that one should do them. You’ve gotta think about the good of society or the people that your decision effects as opposed to just what makes you feel good.

    He also claims that LeJerk showed no more ego trip than Kobe doing the “WHITE HOT PHOTOS”… Is this guy serious? I really want to know if he even has a GED! His reasoning skills are borderline retarded, and this is an insult to the IQ challenged folks.

    Does he actually think that Kobe demanded to do the “white hot photos”? No! Kobe was asked to do a shoot and he did what the art direction asked him to do! It simply showed poor judgment on Kobe’s part; it surely doesn’t say that Kobe was egotistical for doing it. Otherwise, anyone who’s ever done a photo shoot for anything should be labeled with such a tag.

    LeSh!t’s “DECISION” show was all him and/ or his partner. But this is what he came up with! Clearly, one should be able to make a distinction between the two.

    I stopped listening to the podcast at that point, because I’d just keep writing about how illogical G-Smalls is and how he is a walking contradiction. Also, what’s with the electronic echo or reverberation with his mic when he’s talking? Sounds like a Britney Spears touch up on her recordings. Bad… really bad!

    I’ll sign off on a positive though. I’ll leave with how I began. I think that the two do sound good together with their show and shows great improvement and chemistry. Keep up the good work!

    • Sir

      Can you please call the show and leave this as a voicemail for them to air on the next episode?

    • G-Small

      @ Touching

      I’m confused, because D-Bricks agreed that Dan Gilbert’s actions were classless (18:05-18:16)

      I don’t come to that conclusion simply because I disagreed with him, but because the content of his letter was, as David Stern said ” ill-advised and imprudent.”

      Gilbert was also repudiated and FINED 10K dollars!!! So it seems to me that the powers that be in the NBA agreed with my assessment.

      As far as the ‘White Hot’ photos, you missed the point that I was making about it being about PERCEPTION. .

      Kobe HATERS thought the photos were egotistical, self serving, narcissistic, etc.

      I wasn’t saying the two were synonymous, but that NBA players are often criticized when they set out on their OWN BUSINESS VENTURES that only benefit themselves.

      It’s naive to think that sometimes these players shouldn’t make decisions that serve themselves, EVER.

      They are in fact in the entertainment business, and we shouldn’t attack them personally because they make decisions that serve THEMSELVES.

      For instance, people thought Michael Jordan’s shoes were too flashy when he first wore them in the 80’s, and said he was trying to be self serving.

      If it were 1984, we would be talking about how classless Jordan is for wearing those loud red sneakers by some shoe company called Nike. How Jordan REALLY only cared about himself and selling his shoes when he should be focusing on beating Larry Bird.

      In fact, the NBA fined Jordan for every game he wore them! Shouldn’t he have showed “class”, and thought about the city of Chicago and his fans and ditched the shoes to concentrate on basketball?

      I clearly stated that LeBron destroyed his legacy, and took his name out of the conversations with the all time greats. That is me putting his decision in a BASKETBALL perspective.

      Let’s not be like the Kobe haters out there and start attacking LeBron because we don’t like the tings he does with his life.

      There is plenty of ON THE COURT things to rip him on instead of a televised free agent announcement.

      Thank you for all the comments everyone, keep the coming!!!!



        First of, I just want to say “Thank you very much” for responding to my post. I know that it’s hard to do your show AND to answer back to the posts whether they be fan-mails or hate-mails!

        And I have given the podcast a second listen, because you have said that I misinterpreted and to be fair, I want to make sure that I gave it a second listen and got the quotes correct.

        Having said that, yes, I do think that you’re clearly confused! I know what D-Bricks said and I have NO qualms with it as he thought that they were BOTH “CLASSLESS”! You, however, only thought that the Dan Gilbert letter was classless:
        D-Bricks (13:46)
        G-Small (14:49)
        D-Bricks then went to to give you the analogy of a guy breaking up with his girlfriend with respect by pulling her aside and doing it in private as opposed to calling for an assembly and then blasting her in front of the student body.

        And if you can’t see why the private way is with respect and the assembly way is classless then you clearly DON’T GET IT! That would be the same if you didn’t see that his analogy would be apt, because it so clearly fits this scenario!

        G-Small (16:57)

        I wouldn’t have had a problem with your opinions if you had thought that Both were either fine or that they were both “classless”, because then you’d be following the same logic and have the same standard you which you made your judgement! Clearly, you’re holding Lebron to a different standard than you are to Dan Gilbert.

        And I NEVER mentioned that I had a problem with an athlete making a decision for himself. In fact, I’m all for LeChoke leaving and Farmar even. They can do what they want, but you’ve gotta understand in circumstances in which they exited. One, won 2 championships already, and is looking for more playing time and to get a little money $ while doing it with respect and no fanfare. While the other held a 1 hour special to jump ship to someone else’s team to chase a championship and blasting his fan base and symbolically slapping them in the face as he moved out… TRULY CLASSLESS!

        If you went back and read my post I did mention that I agreed with you on your assessment on LeBaby’s legacy…
        TOUCHING_MYSELF—“On the LeCrap issue, the only thing that he got right was that LeBronze killed his legacy. His arguments to defend LeHype’s show saying that it’s his right… he’s the star, he deserved it… just goes to show that G-Smalls is thinking more about entitlement than what’s proper and classy.”

        G-Small (20:37)
        “JUST BECAUSE SOMEBODY DID SOMETHING THAT YOU DON’T LIKE, IT DOESN’T MAKE THEM CLASSLESS.” -But that’s exactly your criteria in judging Dan Gilbert’s letter yet you don’t extend the same courtesy to the people who thought that LeWhiner’s “Decision” was “CLASSLESS”.

        G-Small (21:30)
        As far as your point on the “White Hot Photos” point, I can now see that you were talkin about the haters and their perception of Kobe’s photoshoot. But I’d encourage you to go back to listen to your set up to that… there was NONE! That’s why it’s easy for us to MISS your take on that. You didn’t set up the Haters! You said that quote and then you sort of mentioned the HATERS in passing. Now, I’d like to know if you can see it from OUR PERSPECTIVE!

        You tend to extend more grace to LeBron for whatever reason… you allow him more leeway, and you excuse his “DECISION”, even though you think it was more detrimental to him both as a player and his image, you still excuse it away as his prerogative.

        This is where MOST people, including D-Bricks, will have issue with you.
        “Just because one has the power to do certain things, doesn’t mean that one should do them. You’ve gotta think about the good of society or the people that your decision effects as opposed to just what makes you feel good.”—TOUCHING_MYSELF

        Hell, I can care less about people’s opinions about LeBadSportsManShip’s “Decision”. The only thing is, if they don’t offer the other side the same courtesy or standards… that’s where I have a problem.

        And I actually do take issue with D-Bricks as well, I disagree with both of you on “He doesn’t owe Cleveland anything”. He does! They gave him their loyalty, their support, their hopes, their money, their time and efforts in sites like this to defend him over his HATERS! He does have every right to leave, but it’s how he did it! HE OWES THEM DECENCY AND RESPECT! HE DIDN’T OWE THEM ANY MORE YEARS, BUT HE OWED THEM DECENCY AND RESPECT FOR THE LOVE AND SUPPORT THEY SHOWED HIM!

        And then there’s the Jordan shoe issue… read the post below by 242LakerFan! Perfectly executed and logical, which is not what I can say for you G!

        Looking forward to hearing back from you!

        • ThEMVP

          Nah, we’re all getting it wrong.. not only did Lebron break up with is GF on a national audience on Jerry Springer, he did it with Mrs. Universe (so “we’re” expecting it to be ok) and pulled her hair and we’re expecting the GF to not get upset. Eventhough the GF was giving him all the love, appreciation, and gifts, all short of a Maybach. So he bolts and it makes it ok?

        • ThEMVP

          IF we are going down the Lebron issue, we will end up with the same thing, he wipped the “I have to leave the town to win” card, and in the process altered your way of thinking as to believe it was the right decision eventhough it was contrived and he used team rep’s parading down Cleveland to interview as a cover for him leaving the city, it happened when he took his jersey off in that last game 6 of the Boston – Cavs series.

          Left alone is the perceived notion that Lebron is doing it to get rings, well the same can’t be said about him LEAVING cleveland FOR rings? You can’t judge him on 1 aspect, they go hand in hand, plain and simple. Cheating goes hand in hand with BF and GF. The memories won’t be extolled because Lebron wants them to, he wants them to be erased and people tend to have blurry views of the past. Anyone who’s aware of marketing knows that everything is about perception. And the Kobe photoshoot analogy is about as relevant as Artest using twitter to promote a party! The kicker here is the Arash Markazi ‘Lebron Vegas Party’ article where he exposed how EGOTISTICAL Lebron is! .. End of story.

        • ThEMVP

          According to G-Small’s assessment of what Lebron did is by definition vindication

          –verb (used with object), -cat·ed, -cat·ing.
          to clear, as from an accusation, imputation, suspicion, or the like: to vindicate someone’s honor.
          to afford justification for; justify: Subsequent events vindicated his policy.
          to uphold or justify by argument or evidence: to vindicate a claim.
          to assert, maintain, or defend (a right, cause, etc.) against opposition.
          to claim for oneself or another.
          Roman and Civil Law . to regain possession, under claim of title of property through legal procedure, or to assert one’s right to possession.
          to get revenge for; avenge.
          Obsolete . to deliver from; liberate.
          Obsolete . to punish.

          How was he vindicated by destroying a fanbase? By being loosey goosey in a 1hr interview? Because he can bump his perceived-stock as an ego maniac by taking less? eventhough he’s made himself arguably one of the most egotistical athletes in the nation? .
          I will wait for the answer.

  • 242LakerFan

    Let me start by saying “Good show!” I have enjoyed your back-and-forths since about episode 30 or so and I think it’s good hat you don’t agree on everything. How boring and repetitive would that be?
    The show has gotten better from the standpoint of your on-air chemistry, but I do have one technical complaint. Whoever puts the final show together could at least adjust the levels so that everyone is at close to the same volume. That gets annoying sometimes when one of you is loud and the other, or the guest, is much lower. That’s not too hard to do, is it?
    As for the whole LeBron argument, I have to say G, you’re missing one crucial element in the whole Decision debate and it is this element that breaks down your whole Jordan shoe analogy.
    Yes, Jordan was pushing his own interests with the shoes. He was bucking convention to push his own brand, but what he was doing wasn’t taking anything away from the fans. He was, on fact, offering the fans a product they wanted. The only people he alienated were the NBA execs who were issuing the fines. They even came around when they realized that his products were also pushing their products.
    On the other hand, LeBron’s self-aggrandizement was a direct blow to the fans. He yanked the chair out from under the entire city of Cleveland. He had played on that hometown connection for his whole career. He claimed them on a personal level so they claimed him likewise. Then he left. And he didn’t just leave, he announced it to the whole world. It was a cheap and dirty, Springer Show, trailor trash humiliation.
    D-Brick used the best analogy with the break-up story. It’s like taking your girl to the prom and then breaking up with her on stage in front of the entire senior class.
    It’s like Bob Irsay having the Baltimore press show up at the facility that fateful night and waving goodbye to them all from the back of the last moving van.
    Yes, Gilbert’s comments were crass and classless, but you can’t condemn them and not admit that LeBron’s actions, which led to his reaction, weren’t just as crass and classless.

    • 242LakerFan

      Oh, and good interview with Matt Barnes. Maybe more of the players will follow him and get with you guys on future podcasts. We’d love that!
      Looking forward to the season and more shows to come!
      LWO 4Life!

    • G-Small

      @ 242LakerFan

      Let’s recapitulate:

      LeBrons decision MADE money for himself, ESPN, and lastly charity (no matter how big or small).

      Gilbert’s decision COST him $10,000.

      What sense does it make for me to say both of the actions were equally “classless” when one put money in peoples pockets, including a charity, while the other warranted a fine?

      If you remove emotion from this argument, and think about it with your head and not your heart, you understand that it was a BUSINESS decision.

      Nobody denies that Cleveland’s fans weren’t hurt, and they weren’t spared embarrassment.

      But what mattered more, the feelings of Cavs fans, or LeBron Jame’s interests? That is the real argument, and something philosophers have been dealing with since the beginning. What’s more important, what’s good for ME or good for everyone else?

      I say LeBron Jame’s interest because he’ll be the one dealing with the arthritis and bad knees for the rest of his life. So yes, he deserved to make a self serving decision, just as men made before him, if it’s in HIS best interest, even at the PERCEIVED expense of the Cavs fans.

      My issue is we don’t hold the owners to these standards. They will trade you or cut you WITHOUT WARNING. They will uproot you and your family on a whim, yet LeBron was supposed to give a two week notice?

      And concerning Jordan, it just wasn’t the NBA execs, but it was also the local Chicago media calling for Jordan’s head because of shoes. And you are right, once the NBA execs learned THEY could benefit from Jordan brand shoes they were all good with it!
      So again, it’s really about what was more important, LeBron’s interests or the Cavs fans. And you know what, I say F**K the Cavs fans. And Buck Foston while you’re at it!

      • HeDoesn’tGetIt

        You just really don’t get it though, do you? So are you saying that as long as people profit from something and that benefits them and their families, that it’s right? Hell, you can easily make the argument that his decision to use children, and charity to profit for himself is wrong in and of itself. I don’t think people are taking issue with the fact that lebron decided to make some money for himself. I think it’s more the fact that he had held his whole organization hostage, and then decided to embarrass them on live tv while he was at it. Remember that the Cavs couldn’t do a damn thing as far as free agency was concerned until they knew what lebron was going to do, but hey as long as he made some money for himself it’s ok though, right? It’s pretty clear he and his other co-conspirators knew what they were going to do for a while, so he could’ve easily had his stupid special at the beginning of free agency and still made his money instead of holding the Cavs hostage for a couple of weeks, could he not? The hype over his free agency had been building for years, so he still would’ve gotten the money if he did it right at the beginning of free agency. So basically g-small, just admit that you love lebron, and quit spewing that bogus BS of a defense.

        • HeDoesn’tGetIt


          I bet you believe OJ is innocent too.

          • G-Small

            I bet you believe abortion isn’t murder.

          • HeDoesn’tGetIt

            Exactly my point Big Sal, thank you!

        • G-Small

          lol @ held them hostage. NO free agents wanted to go to that dump Cleveland! Do you think that if the Cavs had known, they would have had a legit shot at signing Wade or Bosh or Joe Johnson? NOBODY wants to play in Cleveland, and the Cavs were not going to add ANY big name free agents. So please, don’t try to blame LeBron because Cleveland historically has been one of the WORST free agent destinations. Carlos Boozer LEFT for Utah. Ilgauska’s LEFT for Miami. Shannon Brown, Matt Barnes and others have all turned down MORE MONEY from the Cavs because players simply don’t want to go play in that city.

          • daboss1848

            u already alienated the “i hate lbj no matter what he does” crowd, and now ur alienating the right to choose fans? just doesnt make any sense y u would risk losing fans by making an irrelevant off the cuff remark which is known to spark emotion.

          • BigSal

            Because of the OJ comment boss.

          • Hedoesntgetit

            I dunno man if people can profit from abortion and benefit themselves and their families then maybe it isn’t murder! And it’s pretty funny how you point to that as a reason for it not being wrong cause I’m sure he and his family are going to have to worry about starving later on. I bet he made enough money to secure his future for the rest of his life off of that special.

          • BigSal

            Hedoesn’tgetit really


    • 242LakerFan

      “If you remove emotion from this argument, and think about it with your head and not your heart, you understand that it was a BUSINESS decision.”
      No, that’s the whole problem, G. You can’t do that. This is sports. There are always emotions involved. Not everything boils down to a business decision.
      Half the problem with sports today is that athletes think solely with their heads with no consideration for their hearts, or those of the fans.
      He could have made his business decision without ripping so many hearts out and spitting on them. It could have been done without the hype and the public humiliation.
      As for the charity aspect, well there are plenty of ways to make money for charities. This was like saying, “Gee, we’re sorry we had to club all those baby seals, but for every pelt we harvested, we’re giving $1 to the ASPCA. Aren’t we altruistic?”
      I could also say if you take the money out of it, you can understand the emotion so much better. Gilbert was fined $10,000 but he and a couple million Cleveland fans felt a lot better for him venting like that, saying what so many of them were feeling. That was worth the money.
      Why does it have to come down to a choice between one or the other? I think he could have done what he thought was best for him without delivering such an emotional blow. If you know your Decision is going to hurt the people you claim as your own, the ones you claim to have such a connection with, you find the easiest way to let them down. He chose the cruelest, most public way to do it. If he had made his Decision, he could have let the team know and then let it come out in the press in the natural news cycle. It would have hurt, yes, but it would have been seen as business as usual in the NBA and there would have been no more than the usual kind of hostility you get from fans of teams towards departed stars. This way, this public “Watch me bitch-slap my hometown” circus side-show, was beyond the pale.
      As for holding the owners to the same standards, again this is part of the problem with sports today. Fans never identify with owners. There have been owners that fans have admired, even liked, but they’ve always had that aura of the big wig, big money, corporate type. The players are supposed to be the guys we connect with, the ones we identify with, idolize and love. The owners are expected to make the cold business decisions. In them we invest ticket money, stadium taxes and concessions that cost your left kidney. The players, though, are supposed to be on our side. We invest our hearts into rooting for them. But now, I guess the players are themselves corporate entities and if they are going to e expected to start making cold, calculating business decisions, I for one don’t see the point. I may buy a Ford instead of a Chevy, but I don’t put on a Ford jersey and cap, hang a ford pennant up in my room and refuse to talk to my neighbour for a week because he is a Chevy fan and they beat us in the Auto Bowl.
      Take the emotion out of sports? You might as well take VOTN and make it a newscast with Bryant Gumble.

      • HeDoesn’tGetIt

        Well said.

        • 242LakerFan

          Thank you. And not one personal attack.

  • http://57.amklac/ ThEMVP

    Your approach to the argument is a bit skewed by the media. Maybe Lebron fanship, I don’t know, I don’t care. But let’s take into account that the careers of great players who took their teams to at least 1 final will tell you one thing: they all had the help, ok, and even having the best record in the NE division will tell you another thing: he had the right help. That’s right, nobody will bail him out when he says “I want to go to a team that can win- I will go with Bosh, and Wade two all-star caliber players..”. His teammates weren’t all stars but they weren’t scrubs. And his team’s failures don’t take away from the fact Lebron was a highly valued highly touted former #1 draft pick who absolutely had the right help to take his teams to 60+ wins several seasons, and even back in 07, as young as he was. The problem is the assessment that Lebron didn’t have the help there. The thing is Lebron didn’t have the guts to muscle it out in Cleveland for another year, he just said OK I am a free agent- and I won’t give you guys a shot to give me the right talent. They could have wheeled and dealed if they got the word, 7 years was enough for him to grow, to get the franchise some steam, to produce, to sell and rebrand world-wide, a franchise who was stuck in .400 seasons. Everybody loved him there, not just Akron, the surrounding cities, rooted for him, bought his jerseys, and helped pay HIS salary. I think he could have waited out a bit longer, and had better advisors. I understand marketing, I know the era I am living on, but that doesn’t excuse Lebron’s decision to publicly spurn his city while being watched by a nationwide audience in prime-time. Much like his pre-game powder slap stunt he does, and his slam dunks from top of the key, he slammed Akron, his fans, his city, and instead will move his relationships, business to Miami, a conference rival. I also understand Lebron is a multimillionaire on pace to have half a billion very soon, I understand Miami is a major market, I understand they have ability to grow and also have a chance to win a title. We live in a society ruled by egomaniac chest pumpers. Lebron is who we thought he was, another one. When I heard legends of the game speak out against what he did, it was not out of jealousy it was out of knowledge of the game. You don’t play for the conf rivals and piggyback other all-stars so you get a ring, you don’t cave in, you live the journey. He doesn’t like Cleveland, he likes Akron.. the town that helped him grow up as a basketball player. First of all we need to point out that we need to put both parties, owners and players in an equal footing. While players have the right to complain, and the hype, the build-up the 8 figure salaries, and GMs have the right to move players, Lebron’s position was tougher because of the area he helped resurrect. You don’t walk out in the middle of the night, and leave a post it note and hope that the reaction isn’t justified. You don’t do shock treatment on a healthy franchise. Everyone loses the fact that Lebron promised them a title and he had the help. So if we take into account that the GM’s, the city, were loyal to him, helped him and put their money where their mouths were, then even as bad and “controlling” as GM’s are, that’s their position within the organization, to better a team. In this case, they did everything to give him a solid foundation upon which he couldn’t say “I didn’t get any help”. It’s the testament to Lebron getting owned by the mass populous, and many writers because while Lebron was outside looking in, and had the right to do what he did, he can’t use the alibi that ownership never gave him a supporting cast given what they had.. They tried to get Amar’e and the deal fell at the last second. .
    So again I understand Cavaliers fans are an animal altogether, but much the way people put their hearts and souls into the FACE of the city, and they believed in the project, Lebron should have done the same, because of all of the points I outlined. And what we saw when he made his Decision, was nothing more than slow kill of the organization.. he put the casket looked behind, and spit on his fans and their reactions, ownership all the while using kid’s faces as a charity-drive/promotional tool for self-aggrandizement — what makes it worse is Lebron used teams parading into his city as an operation to make everything seem legit, when Stephen A. Smith had said 2 weeks prior that it was a done deal.. and that this whole thing was already in the works since 2006. Lebron isn’t a dummy, it’s easy to think that Lebron willingly tanked his series and also used his elbow injury and surrounding circumstances as excuses to leave Cleveland.

  • http://57.amklac/ ThEMVP

    The sadest thing about the whole thing is people don’t rationalize all of the circumstances and would rather make excuses for the guy all day.

  • kiantech

    the problem with G-Small is he thinks he is a genius, he is egotistical himself, and his logic….or should I say lack of logic brings the show down. I’m all for disagreeing, but at least sound smart. G-Small always likes to name drop, promote his album, and brings this tone to the podcast that puts down people who are not him (maybe it’s the crappy mic). If D-Bricks was not on the podcast I would have stopped listening a long time ago. Sometimes I feel D-Bricks getting frustrated about how dumb G-small is acting, but the boy has some strong patience!

  • cjm

    i think people are trying to dress up their reasons for disliking the new mrs wade. forget the fans, forget the city, forget basketball. it’s really as simple as mrs wade acting like she thinks she’s better than everyone, that she’s some kind of royalty. let’s use the movie Gladiator as a kind of analogy. mrs wade is the “Commodus” character; a slimy worm that is envious of a genuine hero and warrior. and that’s the bottom line, mrs wade is not a warrior, she’s a court eunuch.

    • BigSal

      Gabrielle Union is a hot chick.

  • Robert.

    Since we’re on the subject of LeBron’s exodus, and it’s a slow weekend, I might as well comment. I’ll do it in 2 parts, since this is pretty long (for your Sunday enjoyment, or enragement (is that a word?).
    The bottom line is, LeBron didn’t just let the Cleveland fans, the ESPN media hype machine, and the Cleveland owner down. By making this particular move, he has let EVERYONE down, including himself. He has let ME down, and I’m not even a fan of LeBron. In fact the media hype of LeBron over the ‘greatest ever’ (Kobe) has really pissed me off over the years. Whereas his decision has done more to cement Kobe’s legacy over his, as the greatest player ever, I’m still pissed, and so should ALL of basketball. Here’s why (and brace yourself for some ambitious comments).
    In spite of LeBron’s great athleticism, and even his great basketball skills, he is NOT built to win Championships with the type of player that he is. Or, to put it a harsher way, he does NOT have what it takes to win a Championship with his type of skills. To put some of his skills in perspective, he is indeed one of the greatest basketball athletes ever, no question. He is a phenomenal dunker, good disher, very good long range shooter, and pretty good slasher. Notice that I did not use superlatives in the description of his skills. He is NOT the best dunker, NOT the best disher, NOT the best long range shooter, and NOT the best slasher. And those are all his ‘best’ skills. He is NOT a post up player, has terrible footwork (doesn’t really have any), CANNOT make any shot he wants, is NOT a good mid-range shooter (but, this might improve), etc. etc. Yes, this is ALL TRUE, and we ALL know it. He really does NOT have what it takes to carry a team on his own.
    What he did in high school is what CAN be done in high school. Tether your team, and drag them with your superior skills as a complete team. No competition in high school. More competition in college, and several levels up from that in NBA. LeBron CANNOT fill in the gaps with a limited team when they are either faltering, or not operating as ‘tethered teammates’ to LeBron, while he is pulling them along. Yes, he did reach the finals, and has won many games during the regular season, but for 2 reasons: 1) he won in the East, which is not difficult to do. 2) he has not yet learned that his method of winning does not work in postseason.
    Again, as much as LeBron is skilled, his style of playing does NOT work for winning championships. So what were his choices? It was clear, to me, that remaining in Cleveland was not an option. Management’s solution to attempts to keep LeBron, was to throw a bunch of garbage into the mix, and allow him to CONTINUE to play the way he always had. Let’s get better players … let’s get a BUNCH of REALLY GREAT PLAYERS, that will do it. They were buckling to LeBron’s mentality. Heck, our Redeem Team STILL had to work for the Gold Medal (and, without Kobe — NO GOLD). It’s not that easy to do (and, we will see, in Miami). LeBron is used to dragging teammates along in HIS style of play, in HIS world. Doesn’t work for championships.
    So, what SHOULD he have done, to really optimize his legacy, skills, etc. ? He had ONE and MAYBE 2 choices: 1) New York Knicks, 2) Chicago Bulls. WHY? 2 reasons: 1) Mike D’Antoni, 2) Tom Thibodeau … that’s it – NOTHING ELSE, and YES, I said it. LeBron needed a COACH, or a SYSTEM in which to operate. He would have to give up his way of playing, and play with a ‘definitive’ coach, with specific styles. That’s it. PJ = Triangle, D’Antoni = run & gun, Thibodeau = defense (incidentally, I CLAIM that Thibodeau was the reason the Celtics were so good – they won’t be the same without him).
    I’m saying that LeBron would have needed the right coach, to finish off his legacy, and YES, even challenge Kobe in the RIGHT way. Again, I CLAIM: during the season, it’s a PLAYERS’ league, during the playoffs, it’s a COACHES’ league (especially the Finals).

  • Robert.

    So, having said all that, why do I say that LeBron let EVERYONE down? Answer: because he had the chance to elevate basketball to a new level, but essentially GAVE THAT UP. Who else do we know did that? Shaquille O’Neal. If Shaq had given the team to Kobe (we know that that was the issue), then the Lakers would have had a few more rings. Also, Shaq could have cemented his legacy, and created MORE of a great basketball lore. Instead, he got down and dirty, and now he is a ‘team hopper’. If Shaq had remained with the Lakers (on good terms), it would be said of him that he made his ONE MOVE from the Magic to the Lakers, and became one of the elite centers (yes, he is ‘up there’ as one of the greatest, but falls short of Kareem, Wilt, etc. – heck, he could have even given Bill Russell a run).
    Shaq could have been SO MUCH BETTER, but GAVE UP. “I’m outstanding” – yes we thought so, but ‘not’ so anymore.
    Same with LeBron. He GAVE UP.
    Personally, I believe that had he gone to the Knicks, it would overall raise the basketball world several notches. It would have resurrected the Knicks franchise. It would have brought a great basketball presence to New York. It would have created a great opportunity to see D’Antoni’s run & gun work with LeBron (substituting for Nash), and possibly raise it to championship level. I would have actually admired LeBron for doing this. It would have made more sense to Cleveland fans – he could easily have said “I needed to work in a system more suited for my skillls”. New York would pay tons above luxury to get some other great players. It would have made sense to ALL basketball fans. … to ALL basketball teams. To ALL the greats (MJ, Magic, etc.). It would have resurrected the great LA – NY rivalry. What could be better?
    But no.
    The other reason I’m disappointed. Here’s what the decision is saying about LeBron: HE, HIMSELF, doesn’t think he has what it takes to win a championship. He has lost faith in himself. That is the WORST TYPE OF ROLE MODEL, IN SPORTS OR ANYWHERE. Kobe NEVER gave up, even with that horrid Colorado fiasco. NEVER EVER EVER GAVE UP. That’s why he’s on top. In the face of adversity, he ROSE to the top. LeBron GAVE UP, and NOT EVEN in the face of adversity. However, for HIM, the adversity is realizing his own limitations. You know what, I think he was ‘scared’ of his injuries. I think he realizes he can’t play football style basketball for too long a time. That’s what he does. He has a big frame. Football players have about 5 years, usually tops, in the NFL (quarterbacks tend to last a little longer). He KNOWS he can’t run his game for too much longer, and HE LET US KNOW THAT HE KNOWS THAT.
    It’s actually sad.
    I predict that there will be issues in Miami. Sure they may have many wins in the regular season, but that’s with Coach Spoelstra. Spoelstra??? Won’t stand a chance in the playoffs. I predict Riles will try to take over, after a while (if not this year, next year after the Heat lose in the playoffs, either to the Lakers, or …. ?). But even with Riles, there will be issues. He is a ‘hard lined’ coach, but the ‘players have spoken’. They either have to let him coach, or run their own game. It’s rigged. It will be FUN TO WATCH, but that’s it.
    LeBron, you let us ALL down, not just Cleveland. You are NOT a good role model. You could have given us some great basketball years, and learned how to be a great role model AFTER the Kobe years. Kobe could have passed the torch to you after he (Kobe) retires. Now what?
    Kobe will be the LAST great basketball player, for a LONG time.

  • ThEMVP

    The bottom line is he’s a hype machine who thinks he’s better than everyone else.. end of story. You can make a million theories in favor or vice versa, his decision to go elsewhere with other stars is nothing but a lame attempt at trying to show the world he isn’t an ego-maniac, but the 1 hr special showed us the opposite. People who linger on the fact he took less money to go elsewhere don’t consider the reason that he went there to make more money – essentially he prostituted himself to make 3x the cash-

  • Kevin

    Great show guys!!! Enjoyed the James debate, both have good points.

    G-Small know that not only your whit, but your basketball intelligence is much appreciated. Your are obviously not only a student of the game, but of Lakers basketball.

    I’ve been listening to the show since it’s inception, and any fool would tell you the show is a trillion times better with G-Small on.

    It’s funny that he’s accused of name dropping, because my friend who also listens and I were talking about how many times D-Bricks has said ” I was talking to Spero Dedes, I emailed Spero after the game”. To my knowledge I don’t remember G-Small talking about what pundits or celebrities he texts or talks to.


    WOW, I don’t remember that crappy rap song by Brickley. It was so bad it was funny! What was lame were the corny ass shots at Small, “Kwame Chaser”? Really?
    D-Bricks plays the lame straight guy while G-Small brings the entertainment, laughs, and all around perspective that makes the show what it is. Who’d want to just watch Inside the NBA if it was just Ernie? G-Small is the Barkley of VOTN and has helped make it the best place for Lakers talk!
    LWO STAND UP!!!!

  • gameplan
    • ThEMVP

      go to the comment board section listen to Elliot Battle he broke it down like a champ- He accurately described how the defensive schemers back in the old days were not necessarily perimeter-defense oriented, and he stresses how Jordan’s shots in this “pure shooter top 20″ were actually from the low block where even Shaq could make those.

    • ThEMVP

      Stark comparison to Kobe hitting longrange-contested shots in succession and he cited the Houston series from last year.

    • ThEMVP

      also note his retort to the phrase “bogus criteria” and you can use your “alt+F” (Firefox ‘Find’ feature) “Kobe Lover?” with his jaw dropped. if you ever want to know somebody who’s biased toward a player is when they retort with childishly-contrived garble. In a world of Laker Haters.. in a world of Laker haters.

    • LizzakeShizzow

      I despise Bleacher Report as it’s full of sub-par, biased contributors. I really can’t stand one in particular named Bhemis Parks. He’s a Heat groupie who is calls himself a sports journalist. He always submits new articles to glorify Heat/Lebron/Wade (who haven’t done a damn thing yet…) and sh*ts on Lakers, Kobe and Laker fans.

      • ThEMVP

        I stay away from all over-glorified Heat topics anyway, yes, unless I sense it shows our team in a more balanced = positive light. Indeed just stay away from those there is no point really, no rhyme or reason to over-glorify 3 all around decent players who don’t really have a nice backbone, mesh period and that doesn’t take into account the intangibles of a long season. In fact on paper that team could beat many teams during the regular season, but in the playoffs we all know which teams are tested and which are not, and let me tell you something if the Heat are good enough to equal the Cavs record from last year, it wouldn’t mean a damn thing, you could give them all of the awards, the regular season trophy but nobody cares man the Lakers are probably hungrier than ever because of the fact that the 09 (Magic) title was not the Celtics and they played only okay during last season, and barely won the damn title, so let me tell you the Lakers want to stop looking half-awake and really get rolling and clicking on all cylinders which will make next season the best season since the Shaq era, with all of our new weapons in the bench.

  • kb24 4life

    i agree with everything DBricks said!

    Was GSmall riding lejoke´s dick while he was talking?
    damn man!

  • TheLakerGenera11

    Ok I’m not sure where all this G-Small hate is coming from bc these guys r gr8t 2gether n they balance each other out. Saying G small needs 2 get a better mic is one thing but blasting this guys opinions as dumb is misplaced. The decision as LeBron james has already made was in poor choice. Does this taint his legacy yes, will he forever be vilified? No…if he wins. Fans of sports have short memories those who follow basketball on another level may never forgive his actions but the majority will not care after awhile. G-Small in my opinion is wrong by saying he(LeBron) does not owe clevland anything he owes them respect enough to not publicly humiliate the team and the city like that on national TV. That’s it he doesn’t have to stay in clevland his whole career he doesn’t have to cry and say how tough it is to leave all he has to do or should have done is privately call up Dan Gilbert and say I’m moving on give them a heads up make your decison on national TV n everybody will still tune in ratings galore. BUT I will say and I get where G-Small is coming from OWNERS have consistently traded and released players w/o any heads up. Owners have looked players in the eyes shook hands and smiled while saying I’m not paying you X amount of dollars. Again I don’t personally like LBJ going 2 MIA but whatever do what you want to do however his DECISION was corny. The fascinating part in all of this was a young man doing something that we haven’t seen in years and that is having more power then the owner, agent and league combined. He is who the NBA fears, he is David Sterns ideas gone wrong. Nation I kno this is a long rant and most probably don’t care BUT look up Curt Flood and Andy messersmith 4 understanding as why LBJ decision is sooo deep on various levels…WOW I kno no1 cares but I’m still gonna post this lol Later nation.

    • Sir

      LOL, the NBA fears him? Any true competitor doesn’t give a cr@p about him. What do they have to fear? His ability to choke on the big stage? Also it’s not his decision to leave cleveland that had everyone riled up, it’s how he went about it.

      Another did someone really compare g-small to Charles Barkley? LOL, even Charles sounds professional compared to g-small. Small seems like he is capable of speaking like a professional based on the way he writes here, so I dunno why he goes the ghetto sounding route on the show.

      • 242LakerFan

        “Small seems like he is capable of speaking like a professional based on the way he writes here, so I dunno why he goes the ghetto sounding route on the show.”
        Maybe because he isn’t Bryant Gumbel. But it is unfair to compare G to Chuck. I agree with G most of the time. Chuck, on the other hand, mostly talks ass.

        • Sir

          You don’t have to be Bryant Gumbel in order to speak like a normal person. I agree about Chuck though; he is an ass.

          • LeBron’s Elbomw

            Sir is basically saying G-Small sounds “Black”. D-Bricks uses incorrect grammar. Hell, he had trouble pronouncing “cartilage” in this very podcast! I also notices Bricks says “rather or not” instead of “whether or not” quite frequently.
            Saying Small doesn’t speak “normal”, yet speaks “ghetto” is just thinly veiled way of saying he’s too Black for you. Being that hip-hop is used by the NBA to market itself, I see nothing wrong with an element of it in this wonderful podcast, and the show is the BEST Lakers show out there. Quit hating and just enjoy, your taxes don’t pay his salary.

        • 242LakerFan

          What I meant is that G speaks the way he speaks. It’s a podcast not a network newscast and he doesn’t purport to be a professional broadcaster (like Gumbel), just a fan with an opinion.

  • Sir

    lol, really man you had to bring race into it? I knew that some idiot would. So if I said a mexican dude sounds ghetto does that mean I think he sounds too black as well? Being mexican does that mean I have to say holmes, or ese all the time, otherwise I’m trying to be white? It just sounds corny to me, and especially being that this is a podcast for plenty of people to listen to, I just think he should sound more professional, that’s all. Go use your race card somewhere else.

    • Sir

      Also I am done with this topic, but just wanna leave by saying that lebron is a douchebag; Something we can and should all agree on.

  • Sumtynnaztee

    Where is the damn download link. I’m tried of waiting for this to be fixed! I’m using a HTC EVO and I can’t download the podcast. Fix it ASAP please!

    • 242LakerFan

      Just get it from iTunes, like everyone else.

  • Shane Bien

    Honestly, put yourself in LeBrons shoes.

    If you were in your mid 20s and your 2 best friends who are in competing business offered you to merge and create a new company together to take over the industry would you consider it?

    Add to that your new company would be located in Miami instead of Cleveland and the Miami connections offer you the beach, women, money, and weather. Would you consider it?

    I hated his decision initially because of how he did it; however I don’t hate his choice because I know I would have left too

  • bspn

    I just wanted to say that I LOVE G Small and I love how he backs up his assertions with FACTS and I think he providesa perfect balance and reality to the podcast. Keep doing your thing man and shake the haters off

  • 88LakersBack-to-Back

    The show is only funny and entertaining because of G-Small.