David Brickley, Jason Riley, and Kevin Figgers come to The Lakers Nation for another LIVE edition of the Voice of the Nation. Also, Yahoo! Sports NBA Writer Marc Spears joins the fellas.


  • Lakers are they Back? 5 game winning streak
  • Phil Jackson says Artest is better at the triangle than Kobe Bryant
  • D-Bricks attempts to give Charlie Sheen credit for the Lakers improved play
  • INTERVIEW: MARC SPEARS – NBA Writer – Yahoo Sports
  • Old Faces in New Places
  • How players are now finding out that they have been traded
  • Ron Artest explains what “Peanut Butter” is
  • and Much MUCH More

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  • ABC News / CNN

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  • LifeLongLakerFan

    I voted they are still not back because you can’t struggle with teams like Minnesota this late in the year.

    You can’t ‘eff around with losing to a team like that now!

  • Adam

    I voted they never left Yall guys on voice of the nation need to chill! The truth is only some fans were going crazy when the lakers we’re at there lowest point of the season! Even kobe said during the allstar break that the 3 game losing streak was no big deal and its only magnified because we are the lakers!

    • LakerMarc

      Adam quit being a douche! They were lost and I don’t see how anyone can say they are fully back and never went away! so get over it and quit being delusional…The Lakers MUST prove themselves they are not playing like San Antone!

  • Rich K

    They never left. It’s a chemistry thing I think. Remember Drew wasn’t in camp and has to get used to playing again. I think Pau has been on a downward spiral with over work. Kobe’s hands and right arm must be hurting him because he’s dribbling mostly with his left hand and having trouble in traffic. Shannon is out of rhythm, he’s developed some bad habits since camp. Losing Barnes put much more on Artest who seemed to be laboring with his feet maybe. He seems to be more confident in his shot again and his defense is stepped up. Barnes creates a different defensive look and adds energy to the 2nd unit.

    They aren’t back they are just reorganized and revitalized

    • LakerMarc

      Somewhat correct but Barnes isnt the solution because they were losing left and right and playing like crap prior to the injury Barnes sustained. You don’t sound as bad as Adam….But to say that they never went away……for over 2 and half months they were gone …so the Lakers had to search for themselves…it took them a long time to get to this state. This isnt exactly The Ultimate Lakers either I dare say….but they are on the right path…

  • Drew

    They never left. Just take a look at their record by month.

    November: 10-5
    December: 10-5
    January: 10-5

    They have been winning and losing at a consistent rate all season. Being fans just makes up freak out at every loss when in reality they’re playing as well as they have been all season.

    • http://thelakersnation. Joshua Herrington

      We have more than 39 wins.

      • 242LakerFan

        3 wins in October. Not a full month.

  • 123kid

    i vote they havent faced a test yet and not quite back yet. they are showing signs of starting to flip the switch, but the light is still a little dim. i think the road trip will be the ultimate test and getting wins over the spurs, miami, orlando, dallas, and OKC again will show that they are ready for a title run. there are still room for improvement, and i believe with barnes coming back and the fact that they dont have anymore back to backs will good on them. but i think its critical to not be complacent, to continue to always feel like they can improve more and more, to stay motivated, and to just stay healthy.

  • Manderoth

    Guys, file doesn’t work :/ can’t download from itunes..

    • http://www.davidjbrickley.com/ David Brickley

      All is good on our end…

    • 242LakerFan

      It downloaded fine last time I synced my iPod Touch. Maybe Manderoth got some peanut butter stuck in there somewhere?

  • manderoth

    I downloaded this but not from itunes. I was trying a lot..Nice guess, maybe peanut butter stuck on the line between USA and Poland?:D I’m a huge fan of VoTN (since 7th Epi) and i was disappointed with that error. After all it’s ok. Nice job!

  • http://estebanpark.tumblr.com Steven

    This is LA, baby! Of course there’s going to be some drama along the way. They’re winning consistently and the offensive flow is looking good. Are they back? They never left! Kobe’s still Kobe and Pau still has his luscious beard. TFL sent me here#!