Ho, Ho, and Ho… Well enough about the 3 referee’s, L.W.O. Radio is here to salvage your Holiday Season!

G-Small breaks down the Lakers Christmas day loss to the Cavaliers, and the match-up between The Puppet-Masters.

Has the home heavy schedule hurt the teams focus, has Stern put out an edict, or was this simply a slip on the long road to repeat?

How does Kobe, Pau and Phil asses the loss?

Tune into Lakers World Order Radio to find out!

MVPs Nike Puppets Commercial: Dunking On Reindeer
Lakers 12/25/09 Post-Game Audio

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  • lakers0828

    yeah disaointing loss i dont think you can hang it all on the free throw shooting blame it on the bench the bench

  • 242LakerFan

    This bench could use a dose of KryptoNate!

  • http://LakersNation GetNate

    Its now on. Our hunt for Nate begins, lets hope that Mitch is cooking something up.

  • http://LakersNation Laker fan

    I got this online from a New York sports site.

    “With 55 games left, including Tuesday night’s home date with the Chicago Bulls, the most plausible scenario is that Robinson remains on the roster and perhaps works his way back into rotation. A trade is complicated by the fact that the Knicks are not eager to trade Robinson’s expiring contract unless they receive one in return.”

    Nate for Ammo? The money is moderately fair, New York packs an extra million but they get an expiring contract. We get one part of the answer to our bench.
    Do it Mitch!

  • http://LakersNation GetNate

    In all of the events of the Christmas games and all, people forgot it was Christmas. Ima say it now, merry Christmas erbody, hope yall had a great christmas, and lets put this loss behind us and we gonna go get that #16. You cant go through a season without having an upset loss, remember erbody, Lakers had 4 back-to-back losses last season. So they is doing better this year, especially with my boy Ron Ron slowing down the players on D. Although Lebron scored today, most of em came from free throws and he was fouled out pretty early so, other than that, great work Ron Ron. The Celtics lost to 76ers at home (definately a .500 team) and no body gave ‘ish on that. Cavs lost to Bulls at home and no body gave ‘ish on that either. So we shouldnt on this loss either.