The recession on Lakers talk is over, as L.W.O Radio returns!

G-Small is here to get you caught up on all things Lakers, and breaks down Kobe’s already historic season and career.

Forget opening routines, the guys on the bench need to work on their games.

Should Dr. Buss proceed with filing a police report on Sasha for Grand Larceny? Is Pau letting Hollywood affect his game? And what’s this? Andrew Bynum injured in a game?

The #1 source for Lakers variety talk is back with L.W.O. Radio!

Bobby Lyle – Night Breeze
G-Small – 2 Sweet
College Boyz – Hollywood Paradox
G-Small – The Greatest Show
Lakers Post Game Audio
CSI: Miami

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  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    I liked this podcast. Keep it up.

  • Taylor

    Sick podcast. It was smooth all the way through.

  • desecrator93

    LMFAO!!! That whole segment on the bench and Vujabrick had me rollin!! Keep it comin G-Small!

  • Justin M.

    Great podcast like always, keep it up. Sasha is a joke, we all make mistakes in life and Sasha’s new contract was one of Busses. Pau is Pau and really nothing will affect his game, an injury could not and a whole summer of playing ball could not so, what makes any one think a few cameo appearances on a tv show will. One thing that has annoyed me about this season is that Ron Artest refuses to attack the basket. He mostly settles for 3’s. Anyway, great podcast!

  • LC09

    ayyyy yall need to mae that logo a bumper sticker for real life and on facebook n wat not

  • 3 wyshes

    Great show G-small. I dont know why u just got my hopes so high saying that KB24 could pass Jerry west in Washington. I only get to see our Lakers live 1 time a year and its in Washington. So now my hopes are super high for this game. Thanks LOL

  • Ozirus24

    If Sasha doesn’t start playing up to his potential, he’ll never have any…

    Good stuff as always, keep up the good work. Always enjoy these podcasts.