The sky is falling in Los Angeles; or does it just appear that way? In this special Lakers edition of Basketball Taboo (Episode #7), Manning and Riley discuss the state of the Lake Show:

  • Is Kobe morphing from cyborg to human?
  • Does a Game 5 loss spell the end of the Kobe-led Lakers era?
  • Are the refs swinging this series in the favor of Oak City?

The guys also share their predictions for Game 5, and a refrain from examining the rest of the 2010 NBA Playoffs, something they promise to do in a second edition later this week.

Co-Host: Chris Manning
Co-Host: Jason Riley
The Voice: Sharla Pair

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  • Marwan Marzina

    Great job guys.
    – I don’t think Kobe is on the decline. It seems that many of us have forgotten about his injuries because many of you (not this podcast) are taking shots at him, assuming he’s on the decline. He’s playing with sore knees and a broken finger. I’m playing with a broken finger these days (for 2 years I’ve been playing with a broken finger) and its not that easy. Can’t grasp the ball properly and often lose control of the ball.
    – If the Lakers lose (hopefully they won’t), I don’t think the Lakers are out. It won’t be the end, because I’m trusting Mitch to retool the bench in the offseason with Farmar & Morrison most likely gone.
    – As for the refs, usually I’d complain about them but now, I don’t want to because people would then say ‘you make excuses for everything’ and ‘Laker fans always complain about referees’. I won’t complain and talk about them but I will give you a stat: In the 4 games, the Thunder have shot 139 FTs and the Lakers have shot 94 FTs. Thats all I’m saying on the officials.

    • lakerman1

      I hear what you are saying Bro but the lakers must attack the rim with aggression and not keep settling for outside shots. Even some of the commentators express how Lamar does not get the and 1 when he is clearly hacked underneath the basket. What i want to see is a total ASS whooping on the Thunder Tonight and to close this thing out Friday. That is what i clearly want to see. We in no way should fear the Thunder i don’t care how young and athletic they are and what Kevin Dingbat says they are not Championship contenders. I know a guy from Oklahoma who also says the Thunder are not the better team and that they will not represent the West in the Finals. Tonight we see what the Lakers are really made up. Kobe bring back that scowl from last year i want the whole league to hate us so that they can beat up on Lebron when he fails again.

      • KeyTurn

        lakeman1 is on point

        Lakers have no case when it comes to officiating. You don’t attack the rim, you don’t generate contact, you don’t get to the line. Point blank, plain and simple.

        I hate using bad officiating as a cope out to a lose. They’re are always bad calls BOTH WAYS, and in the end the majority of the time it balances out. So Phil quit complaining, and start coaching. I’m sure Dr. Buss doesn’t write that annual 12 million dollar check for you to take cheap shots at the officials.

        Anyway, I’d like to add some constructive criticism Chris and David. The podcast is great, there is nothing that I enjoy more than Laker talk / debate, but this podcast has turned into an agree fest.

        Chris starts off making a point, then elaborates on it, then when he’s done talking, Jason submits to the proverbial, “I AGREE CHRIS” LOL. It’s money everytime.

        With the title of “Basketball Taboo” I’d think you guys would argue more about basketball taboos, than agree. Even if you guys agree try to play more of a devils advocate role more often, it would make for a more interesting and thought provoking experience.

        Just my 2 cent

        Keep up the great job with this website guy.