TLN’s Chris Manning and Jason Riley introduce “Basketball Taboo” – An all-new Podcast from The Lakers Nation that digs beyond the surface and dives into the taboo topics in the NBA. In this pilot episode, they discuss…

  • Kobe Bryant vs. Lebron James
  • Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan
  • Lamar Odom’s Reality TV Career

Plus, Chris and Jason talk Lakers, Clippers, the ’10 Championship, and whether or not the Denver Nuggets pose a real threat to the Champs.

If you have any topics you would like discussed, feel free to e-mail and/or tweet Chris; or e-mail and/or tweet Jason.

[Voice Talent: Sharla Pair]

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  • Chris Manning

    Since this podcast:
    – Pacers game was outdated (my bad)
    – Dunleavy was canned…
    – Kobe beat the Raptors on a near-buzzer-beating shot!

    Our apologies in advance.

  • Marwan Marzina

    I LOVE IT!
    Make more Chris. This is great!

  • http://sportsguy sports guy

    This is the thing let’s let Michael Jordan be the Greatest of all time. BUT it’s about time us as a whole cement KOBE BRYANT as the 2nd greatest player of alltime, if Labron had 4 champ rings and Kobe non they wouldn’t even compare the two, i would take 5-10 players in the history of the NBA before i took LJ theirs only 1 player i’m taking over Kobe and thats Michael

  • Taylor

    probably the best podcast on the site. Tops votn and g-small’s. Good stuff

  • trippleocho

    Great stuff, really good.

  • Kobe “3peat” Jordan


    The debate of “greatest player” starts and ends with Michael Jordan and Earvin “Magic” Johnson (you can put Bird in there too, only because he is forever linked with Magic); that’s it. Wait until KB24’s career is over before the speculation begins. They did more than just win countless accolades and obliterate the history books; they transformed basketball what it is today. Magic and Bird took a struggling professional sport which wasn’t nearly as popular as college hoops back in the 70’s and transformed it into the great spectacle it is today. With the help of MJ who later took over what Magic and Bird started, the game of basketball transformed and will forever be in debt to these 3. Bird, Magic and Jordan are arguably responsible (with the help of David Stern) for where the NBA is today. What Bird, Magic and Jordan accomplished in their careers is unmatched among any NBA player in the history of the sport in that retrospect. Sure, Bill Russell has 11 rings, but he did it in a time when there were only 12 teams in the league.

    Kevin Mchale once said, “If Larry Bird or Magic Johnson only took 11 shots in the game, they had you dominated. If MJ was limited to 11 shots in a game, you had him dominated.” The only problem is you could only hope to contain MJ to 11 shots a game, which never happened. Magic and Bird could beat you in multiple ways, dimes and boards to say the least, but playing more and off of their team. MJ beats you in scoring (which is why he’s the greatest individual talent in the game). In the end, the team with the most points wins, which is why MJ is widely considered the greatest. MJ took a team sport and turned it into an individual contest, which is why he is considered the greatest of all time. Also, MJ won 6 rings in 8 years without a dominate big man, the only player in the history of the NBA to do this, overlooked in any debate.

    Kobe vs LeBron:

    People are quick to dismiss legends and label a great player as the next best ever. This debate only exists among fans. Among the players and the league, they all know Kobe is better than LeBron:

  • KeyTurn

    This conversation just exposes the youth of Chris.

    I’m the biggest Laker fan and Kobe suck up, and it was just embarrashing listening to you giving Kobe a better career grade than Jordan. To be perfectly honest, it’s just plan dumb to record this view point on a podcast that will be stamped in time for you to remember 10 years from now.

    Kobe is and always will be 2nd to Jordan. Jordan wins every “FACTUAL” and I repeat “FACTUAL” argument you can make when comparing the two. Chris has no real facts to back up his clam of Kobe being a better player, other than he thinks Kobe has established himself as the greatest offensive player of all time? According to what criteria? Jordan was just as clutch as Kobe, the only difference is Kobe makes more difficult shots in the clutch. Can you fault Jordan for creating higher percentage “looks” for himself? NO. I’d argue it’s a reason that Jordan was a greater player than Kobe.

    The stats speak for them selves.
    -League MVPs
    Jordan 5, Kobe 1

    -Finals MVP
    Jordan 6, Kobe 1

    Jordan 1, Kobe 0

    Jordan 6, to Kobe 4

    -Career FG%
    Jordan .497, Kobe .455

    Jordan 6.2, Kobe 5.3

    Jordan 5.3, Kobe 4.7

    Jordan 2.35, Kobe 1.7

    I could go on and on listing the accomplishments of the two, but anyone who’s watched the games already knows of Jordan’s greatness. Let’s also not forget that Jordan missed 2 full seasons in the middle of his peak playing days to play baseball. The Bulls where rolling when he left and who knows, the Bulls may have a 4 peat, or even 8 titles in a row if he doesn’t walk away from the game prematurely. It’s certainly not out of the realm of possiblities.

    And finally the really, really old guys would argue that Wilt, or Russell were both worlds better than either Kobe or Jordan, and with the numbers those two put up, Wilts 100 pt game, along with the 12 titles of Russell, the really really old guys would make compelling arguments. Leaving us arguing over the 3-4 greatest of all-time.

  • Kirk

    This was utterly boring

  • KeyTurn

    BTW does anyone really think Kobe will win 7 titles?

    The way it’s looking right now we’ll be very lucky to win 1 more title in the next 2 yrs. Then we might not see the 2012 season due to the threat of a CBA lock-out. So if it doesn’t happen over the next 2 yrs, it ain’t gonna happen.

    As much as I love Kobe, the guy is getting older and older, falling further from greatness as each year passes. We’re seeing it now with his accumulation of injuries, lower FG%, and his diminishing defense over the course of 48 min. While the young guys in the league like Melo, LBJ, Durant, Rose, Bosh, Wade, CP3, and D-Will are all entering their primes, and will only be better in the years to come.

    If LAL doesn’t make another move this off season for a legit PG to spread the floor a bit more, I don’t see us winning another title in the Kobe era. No one respects our back court when Kobe’s on the bench.

    Just my 2 cent

  • KB24_TheGreat

    Why is this the first time Riley has been on a Podcast? Have you guys been hiding him somewhere? He needs to be on more of them.

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    Good podcast.. keep up the great work.

  • lilkobe24_game_is_more_like_lilcobykarl11

    Yo! The concept and the topics were good, but you guys have to work on this dialogue thing man. It was entirely way too long and boring!

  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

    let me remind all of you.he’s still kobe bryant!and let me also point out that kobe is dealing with far more competition than jordan tell you the truth,i’d choose kobe over jordan in an all time dream team.if you look at the two,if you look at past hilights or greatest plays,and best games and’s kobe!there is no two way’s about it.what if you could switch the two era’s(i know we can’t)but,it’s true!that kobe is better,he just is!now of all time i don’t know.but for sure he’s better than mj. at most mj stand’s along side kobe.i’m pretty sure it’s to be real about this and call it like we see it.

  • http://sportzguy sportzguy

    The point of the matter is people rip on a guy for being number #2, like there’s something wrong with placing behind JORDAN it’s like driving a 7series BMW and people are telling you thats cool but it isn’t a 600 BENZ

  • 3 wyshes

    I agree with Jason even though it hurts me. Doesnt matter if Kobe wins 7 rings he will never be considered the greatest. Jordan was part of the NBA going to the next level. That is something that cant be done on a stat sheet. Kobe will retire the greatest player in the post Jordan era and when someone mentions MJ it will not be as disrespectful to mention Kobe in the same breath. I would like to see him win 3 more rings just to make the argument a little stronger and take the All time NBA scoring title from Kareem that would be a cherry on top. Great show though guys keep it up.

  • lucid

    Check out what Matt Barnes had to say about Odom. I think Matt really needs to learn his place.

  • Kobe 4 Life

    This is just too real. It has a lot of points

  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

    mj was not perfect! he’s just history.

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