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The West would go up early, the East would climb back. Yet, the home team would hold off the surge 148 to 143.

You couldn’t ask for more in an All-Star game. Many highlights, insane dunks, and the best of the best showcasing their talents at Staples Center.

Kevin Durant showed why he is a superstar, Lebron James had a triple double, which puts him in the same breath as Michael Jordan. The only players in All-Star history to get a triple double.

One star shined brighter on Sunday evening, and that was the hometown hero. Kobe Bryant had 37 Points, 14 Rebounds, 3 Steals, and 3 Assist. He was awarded his 4th MVP to tie Bob Pettit with the most All-Star MVP’s in NBA History.

Host of the Voice of the Nation, David Brickley, recaps the big game on Sunday night, and plays you audio from the stars of stars, 4-TIme All-Star MVP Kobe Bryant.

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  • Tyler

    Way to go Kobe. Congrats on a Fourth All star game MVP
    What A great game !

    • LakerMarc

      Ditto Kobes

  • LizzakeShizzow

    “Bob Petite” lol. Congrats Kobe, Pau and the West All Stars. Carry the momentum and energy into the 2nd half of the season Kobe! You dunkin like you 21 again.

    • LakerMarc

      Yeah Kobe you were great! I agree LizzakeShizzow, Kobe did look great and for some writers to write that this is Kobe’s last great hurray is nothing but nonsense. I did have a problem with some of the stuff Kobe said in the post game interview like having to step aside and that the weekend is about the young players and he knows that and all that crap….Kobe you’re still the man, The Black Mamba and apparently some of your teammates realize it while others continue to hate. I didn’t get how Amar’e and Chris Paul could be busy having their own private conversations and joking and laughing while Kobe is being addressed and awarded his MVP???? Very disrespectful..HATERS….. A little disappointed in Chris Paul esp. since he and Kobe are so close. Amar’e well…..can you say EGO MANIAC!!!!

      • lakersallthewayy

        yeah when kobe said those type of things in the post game interview, i didnt like them, its like he’s STILL on top, i hope he realizes it, and yeah lebron, wade had there backs turned when kobe got the mvp, and out of all people ray allen and pierce were clapping for him, what a surprise

        • just wayne

          ray and pierce are true champs
          they appreciate hard work,
          the others think it it is a media right,
          but others were watchiing and studying the final results, Kevin Durant- lead the B-Team
          Blake is quietly (no nickname) doing it on the court
          rose ( WOW )
          forget about 3-step Leborn ( oh yea he did not take less money, florida has not state tax so net is the same)

          Kobe’s game carried him to the top
          all else is media hype

  • Jack

    Great win! Congrats to Kobe! Loved that stare down on Lebron after Kobe dunked. :)
    Follow me on Twitter!!/jackyangDOTinfo

  • lakerman34

    You guys are gonna hate this, but this game showed me one thing: Kobe is old.

    He played great when it was just an All-Star game, but when it became an actual ball game (last few minutes), Kevin Durant won the game for the West. Kobe was shutdown by Joe Johnson, and had 3 TOs. LeBron did his thing for the East.

    If the Lakers want to win this year, they need a guy who can score in the clutch. Mitch really needed to make a trade.

    • jaydubb415W

      Wow i guess he must have coasted winning those 5 rings seems like your really drinking that ” Charles barkley kool-aid”or is it kool-aid it could of been stiffer it was his birthday.If it wasn’t for him bringing that intensity and giving them that lead the west would of loss even with durants 34 points.I’m not hating on durant thats my always has been( Huge Longhorn fan ) my boy and yes he was clutch in the 4th quater n i would of been cool with them being co-MVPs i would have.And lol yes kobe did konk out a little bit in the 4th but not to the point were he shouldn’t be MVP in L.A are you serious and he had 37 pooints 14 rebounds 3 assist lol okay he could of had more assist but 10 of those rebounds were offensive rebound ( he out did kevin love) that shows hustle you can add points to those rebounds come on dude don’t drink that charles barkley kool-aid so much i like charles but i do think he envys kobe being able to still play late in his career he wasn’t (he didn’t take care of his body n it caught up to him) he keeps trying to bury kobe and proclaim lebron james as the best player in the universe stop hating charles!!!!

      • lakerman34

        OK, I’m not drinking any “Charles Barkley Kool-Aid.” Hell, I don’t even know what Charles Barkley said about Kobe Bryant.

        What I saw was Kobe was getting D’ed up EXTREMELY well by Joe Johnson, and in a game with young guys, actually LOOKED old (when the game actually mattered).

        Without Kevin Durant, the West would have lost, and LBJ would have been the MVP at Staples.

        If you honestly think that RIGHT NOW LBJ is NOT the best player in the game, then you seriously gotta reconsider how much you ACTUALLY know about basketball. The Legacy of Kobe Bryant WILL be greater than the Legacy of LeBron James, but right now, LBJ IS the better player. Hands down. And this is coming from a guy that HATES LeBron James.

        When the game became an actual game, it was LBJ vs. Kevin Durant. Had the first 42 minutes (when it’s just a bunch of guys doing highlights and not playing defense) NOT have been played, LBJ would have won the MVP. No questions asked.

        • just wayne

          maybe if Lebron took that shot instead of passing to the post man behind the arc but MVP’s make the shot or the right pass.

      • LakerMarc

        Yeah but Durant really isnt clutch. I have seen TONS of games this season and in the playoffs last year where he chokes and doesn’t pull it off and he shows that frustrated and uncomfortable expression. I mean If I can read it then the competition can too.

        • lakerman34

          KD is one of the few players that I’d feel comfortable if the ball were in his hands in the last few minutes of the game.

  • jaydubb415

    It seems like everyone accept me ( including TNT staff) thats kobe going after this is more than just tying petit record of all-star MVPs this was a mesage to his team ”enough of the Bullshiting around the season starts now its time to go hard”.Plus i know kobe knows shaq has 3 all-star MVPs and topping his stat meant just as much as tying petit’s 4MVPs.

    • LakerMarc

      nah that was last year’s story. Kobe couldn;’t have cared less about Shaq! Shaq is wack!!!!

  • fingerpointin

    Kobe played to win,pau looked good too. congrats,double teaming kobe in a allstar game,and leaving durant open.