tipoff.jpgLA Times: You again?

It’s obviously not playoff time, and the bickering coaches seem to have reached an uneasy truce, but the Lakers and Phoenix Suns face each other a third time this season tonight at Staples Center.

There’s really not much at stake, merely first place in the Pacific Division, the top record in the Western Conference, and the head-to-head tiebreaker in case the teams meet again in the playoffs.

If the Lakers win, their fanciful season continues, despite the loss of Andrew Bynum for about eight weeks, an injury considered so vital to the Lakers that long-time trainer Gary Vitti briefed reporters after Wednesday’s practice with a five-foot skeleton next to him for a frame of reference.

“It’s about Andrew’s size at birth,” Vitti quipped, pointing to the skeleton.

The rivalry between the Lakers and Suns was born anew this season, just in case their back-to-back playoff series didn’t cause enough tense moments.


Vladimir Radmanovic had an MRI exam Wednesday after continuing to feel pain in a sprained right ankle that had sidelined him for seven games. . . . Jackson acknowledged the need to look into signing a free agent such as Chris Webber. “We have to consider possibilities to strengthen our roster,” he said. “We need some depth.”

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  • LakerSon24

    I’m looking for a strong game from Odom tonight, specialy after his comments about picking up the scoring load. If Barbosa is shutdown (Ariza)the suns won’t have a bench at all…It’s gonna be a close, LA +7.

  • LytesOut

    I’m so pumped up for tonights game! It would have been so much more exciting though if Bynum was in our lineup tonight….grrr oh by the way…. I have two seats (together) for the game against the Denver Nuggets this coming monday.

    Section 110 Row 18 for $260 per ticket

    Let me know if you’re interested… my email is christopherlat@gmail.com

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  • http://TheLakersNation.com hZm

    Dear God,
    Please give us this one win tonight!

  • http://getgarnett Che

    I pray to God man

  • T-Dub

    Hey, lets get NOAH to LA. He’s done in Chicago. Not much scoring, but he hustles, plays hard, rebound. He’s got attitude, something we need on this team

  • pr0mega

    T-Dub – Remember Ronnie Turiaf?

  • gugy

    Lakers will win.
    Kobe will score 50 + and Odom will be the man to watch tonight.

    Let’s hope so!

  • big papi

    [Comment ID #22564 Will Be Quoted Here]

    That is, hands down, the comment of the week.

  • http://getgarnett Che

    thanks buddy lol

  • MILO

    im farily confident that the Lakers will win tonight…

  • T-Dub

    prOmega…almost forgot about him…Ronny can be a backup PF, and Noah backup center who can protect the paint and block some shots. I think Ronny is too small to protect the paint, but I thinks he’s gonna become a scoring PF, with that nice jumpshot..

  • MILO

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  • http://www.myspace.com/halloween_oc Viva Vegas

    A – O.K. USA!!!

  • RC

    I want to see Kobe coaching Kwame and working to open up the lane. Without Bynum in the middle we need Kwame to step up. The only way Kwame will step up is if Kobe gets him the ball under the rim so Kwame can slam dunk. No lay-ups!!!! Only slam dunks from Kwame. That goes for Lamar and Luke as well. I get tire of seeing the ball roll off the rim because of some lazy ass lay-up.

    Go Lakers!

  • sammie

    I SAY BRING IT ON! No matter what happens, the lakers WILL win this one! We beat them twice already this season and we can do it again even without Bynum’s help. Remember, this was the team that kicked us out of the 1st round in the playoffs two years in a row and that is not going to happen ever again! It’s finally are time to own their asses now!

  • LytesOut

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    I’m not asking you to go with me. I have season tickets and can’t make it to that game. So i’m selling BOTH of the tickets. Read next time please

  • Jimmy

    After watching the last two games, I’m not sure the Lakers can pull through tonight.

  • as1084
  • as1084
  • DingleBerry

    [Comment ID #22562 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i’m not going to give it up if you take me. try ab4sure he will!!!

  • T-Dub

    as1084…I LIKE IT!

  • Phant0M

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i wish i could go


    [Comment ID #22590 Will Be Quoted Here]

    That is a good comeback

  • GaMBiT

    I have a website that posts all the game link if you guys want it let me know you have to be a a member it free by the way it like a myspace for gamers.
    Go Lakers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lakers by 7+ tonight we need to bash nash.

  • shortdiezel

    they should start turiaf over kwame.. i think he will be able to defend amare way better.. he is more agile and can pull amare away from the basket

  • shortdiezel

    oh yeah.. and start ariza over walton.. walton is a facilitator which the bench needs.. ariza will be more effective and efficient in the starting line up because he is a slasher (better passers in the Lakers starting 5) and because he is an aggressive defender (obviously, the best 5 players on the opposition are starting so we need ariza to shut the small forwards down)

  • Tim

    as108 or w.e…Kwame, Lamar, and a few Draft picks for Gasol and Miller is enough, why add more? Luke Walton is a good bench player, plus Javaris is our future SG, he’ll be too good to let go of

  • T-Dub

    Now…this is the team we finished with last year! The only thing that improved was Bynum! Mitch Kupcake didn’t do SHIZNIT! No trades, no moves. Gave sorry a$$ Luke 30mil. We have to watch his sorry a$$ for 6 damn years. LAME-AR was outplayed again by yet another mediocre PF. Kwame is Kwame. Fish is what he’s always been, a backup. What the hell? TRADE MITCH!

  • T-Dub

    Championship caliber?? Stay off the crack or meth or whatever hell you’re doing! We’ll be the 10th seed in 2 weeks!

  • Lakerzzz


  • gugy

    I think it is official KWAME BROWN IS A PIECE OF SH•T!
    Mitch good job for trading Caron for him. You want a praise you have. idiot!

    Bring Webber now. This team is in trouble if Kobe doesn’t score 50 points per game until Bynum is bak and strong.

  • sammie

    I so freakin hate Kwame Brown!!! 7 turnovers in one quarter? and he couldn’t even make that one simple dunk? What a waste this guy is! I just can’t wait until this idiot gets traded! And what were the Wizards thinking of choosing this guy as the 1st pick in the 2001 draft? He is just horrible!

  • DingleBerry

    trade lamar and kwame and 1st rd. for jo and murphy.

    they want to get rid of murphy bad, they will probably do it

  • DingleBerry

    bye bye 1st place it was nice while it lasted. hello 5th place

  • gugy

    the problem is, who wants Kwame! he is probably the worst player of the NBA alongside Smush. I know his contract is valuable, but seriously he is a disgrace.

    Lamar also is so afraid to shot that ball, he is a liability. My god. We are not a championship team.

  • http://TheLakersNation.com hZm

    Kwame Brown is the greatest center of all time.

    If I keep telling myself that, it might come true.

  • jrich

    Can one of you guys tell me why Luke “makes me puke” Walton is making $5 million effin dollars a year??!!!??? Luke has NO GAME. He sucks the biggest, hairiest balls. He thinks he can get to the basket with his SLOW post moves but he got rejected every friggin time tonite. He runs slow. He plays no defense. Boris Diaw burned him all night. Trade Luke for an athletic BLACK MAN please. Please.

  • e

    so who agrees with me when i say kwame “mothafu**ing” brown for mvp!!!!!

  • Phant0M

    i DO E



  • e

    [Comment ID #22625 Will Be Quoted Here]

    hahahahaha…we’re not gonna be too bad if we sign webber soon…and to come to think we traded caron butler for this nutsack

  • MILO

    I am disapointed in Kobe he didn’t get involved in the third as if he wanted to prove to Barkley that with out him taking 40 shots a night the Lakers dont stand a chance.And Kwame wow that guy is just pathetic unfortunately nobody wants him so we’re just going to have to wait his contract out and maybe next year we can land a decent center to back up Bynum.I AM PRAYING TO GOD THAT C-WEBB GIVES IT A SHOT WITH THE LAKERS, IT’S OUR ONLY HOPE OF SAVING THE SEASON

  • Kobefan24


  • MILO

    The Lakers think to highly of Walton idk why Phil starts him over Ariza.I REALLY THINK PHIL HAS LOST HIS TOUCH…GO AHEAD TLN LET ME HAVE IT FOR GOING AFTER PHIL!!!

  • Ryan

    Kobe didn’t turn it on until it was too late.

    Kwame received more boos than anyone ever at Staples Center. 7 Turnovers is simply horrid. How is it that a number one pick can’t even catch a ball. Luke played bad as well. Fisher and Ariza had a subpar game as well.

    Kwame is STD for sure.

  • gugy

    C Webb NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kwame better get injured again. He is nothing. Small hands, slow, can’t dunk. Man

    I am 6’8″, I am a horrible basketball player, but I seriously think for the money Kwame gets, I can make it better than him. Give me half of hi salary and I’ll give my heart every-night playing for the Lakers!:-)

  • Lakerzzz

    Reason Kobe didnt shoot the ball was to get other people involved because he was criticized so badly about taking shoots, so he did that to shut up the critics aka HARTMAN and other kobe haters. But with Bynum out, this game just proved that he needs to take more shots because Kobe has to make up for the lack of talent in Luke and Kwame, something needs to happen to the lakers. And right now I cant believe that Money is making excuses for why Luke and Kwame are playing bad because they aren’t 100%. When you play the game of basketball and you are making millions of dollars, and if you don’t come out and give it your all, or your hurt still you shouldn’t be playing at all until you can put in the work, that’s how true ballers ball. This NBA is Not a Game For VAGINAS, So Luke and Kwame go play in the WNBA where you are better suited.

  • Flush Odumb

    OK all you Kwame fans let’s hear how we need Kwame, how he has great post moves, how he plays defense!

    This guy is absolutely pathetic! He is the biggest piece of excrement in the league. We traded Caron Butler for this piece of CRAPOLA!!!

    If we can’t trade him then we have to just release him. He is a GD joke out there! Time to get rid of the Garbage, and that includes Luke. What the heck was he doing out there? We have to suffer with this clown for 6 years. God help us! Great moves Mitch!

  • Flush Odumb

    How many layups did Lamar miss tonight? And those 3’s that banged off the backboard – that was vintage Lame-ar! I don’t see what so many fans see in Lame-ar. “We just got to keep Lamar” what BUNK!!! He is a great #4 player. As long as Lame-ar only rebounds, passes and NEVER SHOOTS then I say keep him otherwise he needs to be packaged up with any combination of Luke, Vlad Rad, Sasha, Mihm, Karl and draft picks to get a legitimate #1 and #2 option for Kobe, otherwise we are just pretenders. I hope it is no OBVIOUS.

  • LakerzFanatik

    “The Lakers might be closer to signing DJ Mbenga, a 7-footer who was cut last week by Golden State. Mbenga, who attended Thursday’s game, averaged 1.2 points and 1.9 rebounds for the Warriors in 16 games.”


  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    I never realized there were that many Laker fans in here that are deep down in Laker haters… SO SAD!!

    The unfortunate thing is…the Lakers could’ve competed in this game for the ENTIRE game, but for some odd reason they didn’t feel compelled enough to compete until the 4th quarter. This was a winable game.

    The bench had 38 pts tonight, which isn’t bad. You can’t blame LO, he had 19 pts and 19 rebounds, and I agree with what Kobe did tonight. Kobe FORCED his team to shoot, which is what is needed. Grant it, it would’ve been nice for Kobe to have his shot attempts balanced throughout the game (for some reason Kobe only decided to shoot in the 1st and 4th quarters).

    Where the game was lost was from the other 3 starters (Walton, Fish and Kwame). Walton has never been the same since his ankle injury from early in the season, which if you are observant you can tell, he has no lift in his ankle. Kwame is Kwame. He wasn’t that great to begin with but after his ankle injury, he is done, his NBA career is over (he might as well retire). Kwame’s entire play is based on confidence and he has NO confidence anymore, in anything. Fish has absultely NO EXCUSE!! What the hell happen to Fisher? Where was he all night!! Those three combined shooting was 4 for 18 or something like that (what the F was that???).

    At the end of the day, the reason why the Lakers lost game was the fact that there was NO post up game and no interior defense (how many layups did Barbosa have that would’ve been swatted away by Bynum?). I am beginning to think Bynum might be the MOST important piece to this team (yes more so than Kobe). After he went down, it seems for the last 2 games many of the Lakers have stopped playing.

    The bright side I find from this game, is even how bad the Lakers played (and it was bad), the Lakers, if they had played consistent all night (and not just in the 4th quarter), they could’ve competed in this game and potentially have won. The Lakers have to have more confidence in themselves and not have the faith/confidence in themselves like many so called Laker fans on this site have.

    This game was winable.

  • yomi

    Alright! First, no one should say shiut about Kobe’s game tonight. He played well and he did shoot the ball (22times!), so don’t bring the B.S about him trying to prove a point. He was just the only guy that had it tonight.
    We could have won this game if we played better defense. Pheonix didn’t play celestial basketball. We were just 5steps behind on defense.
    LUKE was pathetic. It was disheartening to watch.
    KWAME: I’ve ran-out of adjectives to qualify this guys game.
    Let’s try this: jaw-dropping-puke-inducing-apetite- killing–I wanna cry!!! level of patheticness.
    I still feel like this is an understatement. Damn! Kwame, there’s no word on earth to qualify how unbelievably untalented zero-skilled basketball player your are.

    Somebody help me if you know what I’m trying to say here!!


    Yeah but on the same side the Sun played like crap. They pretty lead the whole game playing like horse crap. The Lakers aren’t that good. Really listen to what your saying your calling out for Chris Webber to save you. Thats when you know your problems didn’t go away. Really half the league has been sleep walking through the sluggish first part of the season. Real season is about to begin and losing Bynum is huge for the Lakers. I told you people it’s time to deal Kobe for a package of young talent to build around Bynum. The Lakers started off hot because there was a sense of urgency to prove Kobe wrong. Really when it comes down to it the team has overachieved to appease Kobe. Kobe isn’t even that good anymore his shot selection rivals AI.

  • Flush Odumb

    Hey yomi I like your description. It comes close to describing his lazy no-talent fat a**.

    I think there is only one GM dumb enough to trade for this piece of excrement, unfortunately we have that GM!

  • T-Dub


  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #22694 Will Be Quoted Here]

    As I constantly say in every reply to your ascenine comments, you are not a Laker fan. You should leave this site immediately as you are clearly a bandwagon fan.

    You say the Lakers aren’t a championship calibur team when their record, the fact that they are top 5 in rebounding, top 5 in scoring, have one of the top benches in the league, and even Kobe Bryant says it himself. If you call yourself a Laker fan, then why don’t you believe in the team. With Bynum out, the Lakers will struggle for a few weeks, then you will get your jollies and say sh*t like, “I told you they aren’t any good”, when the fact of the matter is a major part of their team is injured, Bynum. If Bynum didn’t get injured, the Lakers would continue to play well and win, even though that would bother because, despite being a Laker fan, you clearly want them to lose.

    Losing Bynum is losing a major piece. Centers are what championships built around. Centers make the game easier for the other four players on the floor. If any team loses their big man for two months, the team is going to suffer. If Boston loses Garnett, they will suffer. If San Antonio loses Duncan, they will suffer. If Houston loses Yao, they will suffer. If Orlando loses Dwight Howard, they will suffer. If Dallas loses Dirk, they will suffer. If Utah loses Boozer, they will suffer.

    YOU ARE NOT A LAKER FAN. NEVER HAVE BEEN NOR WILL YOU EVER BE. All you do is talk sh*t about them. You’re not a die hard fan. I guess you only like them when they win. How convenient for you.