These big wins never get boring.

  • rudy t.

    WOW. WOW. now THIS is lakers basketball. i mean seriously. we were pounding it inside. we were getting it inside with our movement and our passing. in this game, we actually HAD slashers willing to suck in the initial AND the help defense, leading to easy drop passes that eventually led to dunks and layups.
    i dont know if it was ron harper and his calling out the team, BUT WOW. if our team plays like this all the time, we can truly take the best of any other team in the WEST AND in the EAST.
    game 4 had us serving witness to kobe getting in extra rest for all the wrong reasons. we were blown out and we pulled our starters out early without even letting them play the fourth all because the game was so out of reach.
    game 5 gave us the same end result: our starters getting abundant “rest minutes” but for all the right and awesome reasons. we blew the team out, allowing our 2nd and 3rd stringers time in the fourth… the best part was they held the fort. they didn’t let the lead dwindle albeit by a couple of points. GOOD OUTING FOR THE WHOLE TEAM.
    WOW. WOW.
    now all we need to do is keep it up. KEEP IT UP GUYS, KEEP IT UP. LET’S DO THIS!!! :) :)
    -extremely impressed and happy and vindicated laker fan.

  • pauer

    Awesome! Thanks for posting this. I just got home at 3am from work and needed to see some of the game.

    Did Ammo get into an altercation? He looks hilarious out there.

  • Kam Pashai

    Ammo got into a small altercation with Etan Thomas.

    Russ Bengtson pointed out: That Adam Morrison foul on Etan Thomas will inspire a 39,000-line poem on racial injustice.


    What a highlight reel! So fun to watch! Good job putting that together for us fellas! The funniest part of the reel was the Ammo throwing Etan Thomas! Hahaha! You know that the machine was itching last night, even the Ammo got to fire off a few shots!

  • lakeb

    etan thomas is a jokeeeeeeeee. morrison owns him in every way possible

  • 808ty

    The inside game was the sh*t yesterday!

  • Marwan Marzina

    I like the idea of having the highlights from a game… more preferably from a win. Having a loss on the page isn’t a good way to forget and let go.