Can you say sweeeeep? Kobe can. Lamar can. Pau can. The Lakers can!

The Lakers took care of business, again Monday night with a 107-101 victory over the Nuggets. The Lakers continue to play well as a team, shooting 46% from the field, while only giving up 44% FGs. The Lakers were outrebounded again, but the difference came at the three-point line where the Lakers made twice as many threes as the Nuggets, 8 to 4. The Lakers also forced 16 turnovers tonight.

Enough with this series, who is ready to face the Jazz?

Now, the bests of the night…

Top 3 Laker Performers -

1) Kobe! If 31 points on 50% shooting, 7 boards, and 6 assists wasn’t enough for you, how was his dazzling last 5 minutes of the game? Kobe still gets #1 tonight despite six turnovers and 4-10 FTs.

2) Pau got it done again. 21 points, 7 boards, 4 assists, 4 blocks, and 0 turnovers.

3) Lamar continued his amazing play. 14 points, 12 boards, 4 assists, 2 steals and a block.

Lakers Smush of the Day (Note: STD denotes the Laker that played the poorest): Vlad Rad again played the poorest. 4-13 shooting, 6 boards, 2 turnovers.

Play of the Game: Kobe’s reverse dunk in the first on Camby.

What to Look for Next Game: I’ll have a pre-series report when we know more information.

If you need tickets for the 2nd round, let me know. 14 available per game in sec 316, starting at $145 per ticket. E-Mail me at Please mention TLN.

Go Lakers!

  • Lakers 24 7

    Lakers are doing some Janitorial Services in the Los Angeles area, they just returned from the Pepsi Center in Denver where the Nuggets Court was a little dirty so they had to SWEEP!

  • bc18

    i think the play of the game was dj mbenga’s(aka DACOS!!!!!!!! lol) put-back dunk off the free throw!!! hahaha

  • bc18

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    kinda funny but not really haha

  • e

    kobe came thru in the clutch again =)

  • zgum



    it feels good tonight!

  • domz

    YEAH!! WE are for real!!!

    Sorry for the Denver Nuggets but we have to do it. It feels so good to advance. Now we have some rests and be ready for the next series. Im hoping the rockets to win tomorrow and extend their series to game 7 so Lakers can rest some more. I dont care who will win between Utah and Houston. All I want is another sweep.


  • lyk13

    I’m surely thinking we will only get 1 sweep…the rest are not pushovers though…=/

    Oh well, Lakers with the Broom and ONLY SWEEP in the 1st round.

    To top it off, Hawks even-ed the series at 2 apiece…just wow…LOL!!!

  • west213

    i feel very sorry for A.I., man after the final buzzer if you looked at his face he was soooo sad… that kind of a player with no championship……wow where’s god.

  • Anonymous.

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    in LA

  • kb24 4life

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    yeah me too, although kobe´s dunk was also a good play…

  • as1084

    yea lakers only team to have a sweep in first round…bring on the jazz!

  • Majic “Big” Johnson

    Poor A.I. Who cares.. Not against my team.


    [Comment ID #34324 Will Be Quoted Here]

    What do you expect from someone that is uneducated?

  • DingleBerry

    Thats right Steve, kobe back at number 1 where he belongs… don”t forget again!!!!!!!

  • youknowwhatitis

    reaffirmed kobe as the league mvp (again!) with his excellent play at the end of the game. mr. clutch, mr. all-a-dat

  • Young

    though kobe’s ft shooting were pretty baffling…

  • Rpoc

    Mbenga entertains me to no end.

    It’s too bad that after he MBENGED somebody he had to be MBENGED later on by the Quitter.


  • mon14

    Lakers need to shut down williams, he’s the one driving the jazz’s offense

  • Keep Odom


    First of all much props to the entire Lakers team for chipping in. Luuuuuke! with the cluth three pointer which broke their back. But, of course Kobe with the spectacular shots at the end. Kobe has been doing this since Shaq was on the Lakers so I’m not surprised. But, most importantly I am happy that Kobe got the monkey off his back and was able to lead his team past the 1st round. Thank god I know longer have to hear him compared to T-mac. Bring on the Jazz!


    OK, I have to admit that throughout the season I agreed with you on almost everything. BUT, to give Vlad Rad the “Smush of the day”, is not fair. The guy made a huge lay up and a huge three back to back while we were struggling offensively, whle he was struggling offensively. And not to mention his defense. I don’t know about him playing the poorest. 12pts, 6 reb, 2stl, and 1 asist. The guy is not a 20/10 guy, so we’ll take 12 pts any day! Eight of which came late in the 4th quarter. I mean the guy just made enormous plays down the stretch while we couldn’t even get close to the basket. So, I think you should change the “Smush of the day”, you can give it to Sasha. He wasn’t all that great last night, I’ve seen him better.

    Don’t make me go and print Vlad Rad ’08 stickers and create some competition for you. JK…lol…Lakers all the way
    “WE win as a team WE lose as a team.”

  • wong63

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    wow that was so g@y. U took it too far seriously.

  • wong63

    [Comment ID #34343 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I think u guys should stop doing the STD because it makes no sense if we win but if we lose its fine of if there was just a player who played horrible but dont just give it out just for the fun of it because everyone who played last night contributed a fare amount for the win so what does that mean give it to newble or coby karl because they didnt play(sarcastic). All the slush’s,kwames, and cooks are gone from the team so unless it was just a horrible job which vlad wasn’t they doesnt deserve it.

  • JoJo

    this was fixed! Even my GF could tell.

  • Anna

    Duuuuuude, Luke Walton’s clutch 3 was wow!!!!!!

  • BEC

    Some are just taking the STD thing far too seriously. It just states the player that played the poorest. It doesnt exactly mean the player played a bad game, just didnt play better than anyone else.
    Kobe for game#1 STD was the right call, he had a bad shooting night, i thought he played an okay game by his standards, he did make clutch shots at the end and lead our team to a win down the stretch, but few clutch moments doesnt excuse a bad shooting night, only person that shot worse was fish 1-5 but his +/- rating was 20+, while kobes was 3. Good call.
    As for this game Vlad deserved it he shot the worse 4-13 out of all the Lakers, again just cause he made some clutch plays doesnt excuse him of a bad shooting night.
    Some are just taking it way too seriously, because the STD is related to Smush Parker. STD is fine leave it. For the post game writers, you guys should have a more detailed explanation on why you chose the STD, because some dont understand the game of basketball and stats alone wont cut it.

  • DingleBerry

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    If you think kobe deserved the std in game 1 then you dont understand basketball. The intangibles that arn’t measured by the box score that he provides are extremely valuable and should not be taken for granted!!!!!!


    I agree with bc18,DJ had the play and one of the best dunks of the playoffs and year,STRAIGHT MONSTA!,yes with a “D”.


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    A Loser’s most quoted comment!!!

  • xtro

    bring on da jazz!!!!Mbenga!!!

  • BC

    Don’t you guys think that Luke’s shot from the corner 3 deserves some recognitions, cuz that was a clutch shot and that had a great impact on demoralizing the Nugget’s spirit… i think that could have been the play of the game

  • mp or mplakers

    good practice series for the lakers.

    tj simers had a good point in his article. gasol looks like he doesn’t like to mix it up inside when the game starts to get real rough. that lack of toughness will be a big time problem for the lakers if they are to face the jazz in the next round. boozer and millsap will take advantage.

    i never thought i’d say it but, fluke and odumb have really been the guys that have done all the dirty work that nobody appreciates but, are crucial in winning playoff games.

    damn, now we have to come up with new nicknames for them. gooooooo llllaaakkkkeeerrsssss!!!!


    [Comment ID #34331 Will Be Quoted Here]fo sho!!!! GOD is in LOS ANGELES!!!!

  • wong63

    [Comment ID #34349 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Obviously you dont know the game of basketball because if you did you would realize how good you play isn’t just measured by the players shooting percentage and that’s the only reason your stating that he deserves STD. But as I recall he played pretty good defense and had some big assist like the one to gasol but all your thinking about is shooting percentages huh?

  • lakerschamps08

    yes. its a sweep.. umm vlad rad is not std im sorry that terrible 3rd quarter vlad rad had 8 points with 2 threes i think..but who cares.. lakers won..sweep

  • KB

    WEN WILL THEY ANONCE MVP??????????????


    Someone corrected me yesterday about The MVP being a “CONSPIRACY” against Kobe ’cause it wasn’t announced yet and I(yes me)was WAAAAAAAY wrong,now I feel it’s my job to correct someone…..JoJo,your out of line, my brother.No team is going to lay down for The Lakers.

  • Luis24

    Vlad is better off the bench, Fluke is a better starter, and nextnyear Ariza starts. But Vlad off the bench would be better

  • Billy Kupchak

    lakers will sweep utah[Comment ID #34383 Will Be Quoted Here]no it will be lamar at the 3, or mickael pietris

  • Lakers 24 7

    [Comment ID #34335 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You guys are wack, if you don’t think it’s funny then thats on you but you don’t have to diss me

  • KB24MVP!!

    FU#cK U chandler!!!ur such a dreamer!!!CP3 for MVP!!!HELL NO!!!KB24 for MVP!!!!Chandler u just go home!!!coz the LAKERS will sweep all teams to the FINALS!!!

  • PauKobeBynumDynasty

    great game for the lakers! no one should receive STD this game

    can someone send me the video of Kobe’s reverse on camby this game?

  • iLakers

    [Comment ID #34351 Will Be Quoted Here]

    good counter dingleberry.

    STD?…you have an STD Avery. STD shoulda been the tape wrapped on Kobe’s fingers for limiting him from dropping 60 on these fo’s!

  • George


  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #34393 Will Be Quoted Here]

    See Avery I told u it took guts to make that call. All good reporters have to say it how it is and u can expect inexperienced basketball players to cry when you take down their idol abit.

    You guys need to rewatch game one. Kobe wasn’t drawing many double teams that game, shot a poor percentage, had only one assist, rebs. were low, etc… Just thank God Pau, LO, and the team moved the ball and performed. Remember Kobe is the MVP but even MVP can get an STD.

  • Phant0M

    is that WONG??!!!!!!!!

  • Jack

    hey guys. haven’t been here since we played the first game vs denver. i had made a deal with myself that i would only squeeze my comments after we lose a game, but that didn’t happen. so, here i am.

    wow. that’s it. that’s all i have to say.

    also, has anyone thought about the lakers going undefeated all the way to the ring? is it possible? or, am i just thinking too much.

    my deal with myself to not comment until the lakers lose a game continue… and hopefully, i will only have to write again after game 4 at utah/rockets.

    good going lakers. Remember, THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE.

  • Rpoc

    Seeing the Trulls dismantled early on and possibly 3 more franchises on the way is certainly a sight to see!

  • Rpoc

    [Comment ID #34346 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Oh I missed a classic JoJo post!! Dude it’s time to update that pic yours.

    You got to have an accurate picture of the man who dismantled your team after all!

  • 335i

    big ups to Houston for winning tonight. we can use the extra rest.