Two up and riding high with style!

Many people were very critical of Kobe’s performance in game 1 which I personally felt it was very unfair. He did shoot a low percentage, but that was only in the first half. In the second half he shot almost 50% and scored 28 points. Kobe was probably annoyed with the criticism too because he came out with an absolute VENGENCE tonight.

The first half felt very much like a throwback game from the last two years with Kobe doing everything and the rest of the team moving to brick city. This really worried me. Thankfully that was all for naught as we managed to stave off their best shots and ended the game with a blowout.

I think this game maybe more than any other this year highlights why Kobe Bryant is the true MVP of the league. The basic strategy George Karl had for the game (as near as I can tell anyway) was to allow Kobe to score and just keep everybody else from going crazy. It’s a common tactic that is used against superstar led teams all the time. One of the best ways to beat the Suns or the Hornets is to make Nash or Paul a scorer.

Kobe Bryant however is not Steve Nash. He’s not Chris Paul. Deciding to allow Kobe to beat you is like opening Pandora’s Box: you don’t know what’s gonna happen, but will not be good and you can‘t stop it. There truly is no limit to the amount of points Kobe can score or the speed with which he can score them, especially when baited and single covered. George Karl was really very lucky he didn’t go off for 60 or more.

I think these two games were really very poetic. With the Lakers it’s almost like pick your poison… Make Kobe beat you, or make the Lakers beat you. The Nuggets picked one and then the other and got blown out twice.

See you in Denver.

Game Awards -

The Michael Jordan Award for Ridiculous Performance of the Game: Kobe Bryant. 49 points. 10 assists. 67% from the field. Kobe Bryant is not a man. He’s an adventure.

The Dominique Wilkins Award for the Highlight of the Game: This is a toughie. I’d say it’s a tie between Gasol’s lob to Kobe for the one handed jam or that one drive to the basket in the fourth quarter where Kobe got fouled. The lob dunk was probably the more spectacular play, but on TNT they showed a slow-mo of the and 1 drive and Kobe gets fouled hard twice on the way to the basket and it doesn’t even faze him. It looked really cool; kind of like he’s a super hero and bullets are bouncing off of him.

The Corey Maggette Award for the Most Poorly Acted Yet Still Effective Flop of the Game: Sasha Vujacic flying backwards after getting “hit” by J.R. Smith. Sasha strikes again. Man, these Nuggets hate Sasha for real.

The Vince Carter Award for the Half Man/Half Hearted Performance of the Game: I have to give this to Carmelo Anthony. I just checked his stat line and he scored 23 points which I guess is pretty good, but it didn’t feel like 23 points at all. His 30 in Game 1 didn’t feel very impactful either. What gives man? Maybe that ball to the head shook him up more than we thought. If that’s the case, good defense, Derek!

The Luke Walton Award for being Luke Walton: I just wanted to give Luke an award. I’m so proud of him. He’s really stepped up like a champ these past two games. Luuuuuuuuuke!

Game 3 is Saturday @ 2:30PM on TNT.

  • varsityoptimism


    he is ONLY the Human Highlight Film. Spell it correctly.

  • The Nugget

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    Shak was better. :P

  • artpolo5

    i like that luke walton award lol…guy has really stepped up for the playoffs..good job luuukkkkeeee

    and the gasol lob to kobe definetly deserves the highlight of the day…even though the slow mo of that other player was just ridiculous..Najara crossed over..goes through 2 sorry attempts at a hack and straight for the and 1!!! Now thats BALLINNN

  • Sopi


  • Kobe08-09

    what happen to Lamar

  • EuropeLaker

    Now it´s time to win one game in Denver and this series will be over.

  • dcb2069

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    stupid fouls.

  • Lakerboi

    Bring out the brooms fellas!!

  • Ballin ’08

    The Luke Walton Award for being Luke Walton??? That’s like the award Bobby Hill got for being The Best Him He Could Be on King of the Hill right?? Lmao. I’ll give it to Luke I would have expected him to continue with his chronic turnovers but he has been playing well…good job Luke.

  • JoJo

    I can’t see the Lakers making it out of the second round. They can barely beat the Nuggets!

  • SteelSeries

    Apr 24th, 2008 at 8:37 am
    I can’t see the Lakers making it out of the second round. They can barely beat the Nuggets!

    That makes sense your not even a Laker fan gtfo.

  • reon

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    the nuggets can’t even beat the lakers this year. how do you see them advancing to the second round over the lakers?


    i didn’t see the nuggets letting kobe beat them. it seemed like they double-teamed him a lot, it’s just that he’s that damn good.

  • Martin

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    Are you watching the same series as the rest of us? “Barely” beating the Nuggets? The victories have been by 14 and 15 points, respectively. Thats a sound beating, if you ask me (or anybody.)

    Plus, if you take into account the massive adjustments tried out by the Nugs in game 2, and the fact that the outcome was relatively the same, it speaks to the versitility and ingenuity of this Laker squad.

    Not gonna make it out of the second round? Against Utah?

    First of all, we were one of the only teams to win IN Utah, and you can bet the Jazz won’t be taking any games at Staples. I say LAL in 5 or 6.

    5 if we can find a way to stay in front of Deron Williams and 6 if we don’t. The Lakers have too many weapons. If we can make Marcus Camby a defensive non-factor, Kirilenko doesn’t stand a chance against the length and versitility of Pau.

    Why must you spew irrational, baseless hate on this board, JoJo? Why? Barely beat the Nuggets…. please.

  • 1ofMany

    Apr 24th, 2008 at 8:37 am
    I can’t see the Lakers making it out of the second round. They can barely beat the Nuggets!

    ya theyve been pretty close games… only won by 14 points on Sunday and barely pulled out the 15 point win last night. … are you kidding? your a joke!

  • gjoob

    Somebody get a broom! I smell sweep!

  • gugy

    I voted earlier a 4-1 lakers victory, but now it feels like 4-0.
    Let’s see what happens at game 3.

    Stay focus, play D and we are the champions.

  • Lamont

    The only thing I didn’t like about last night was the rebounding effort. They gave the Nuggets too many second chances and sooner or later that will come back to bite them.

  • PlumpWetness

    Great win yesterday guys! I am a little worried though for the next game as we are in Denver now. A source of mine actually told me though that the alleged Kobe rape victim will be at the Nuggets-Lakers game in her home state of Colorado. This makes me a little bit worried. I just hope Kobe can play his game and try to keep mini-bryant in his pants.

  • DCLAKER,K-Mart if you wanna be a Laker,COOL but JUST DON’T PISS OFF KOBE,DUMBA$$!!!

    I’m dogging ALL Nuggets fans ’cause they know it’s over but to show them some(ok,a little)respect,I like the way they crash the boards ’cause NOBODY on the Lakers does that except Ariza(I hope he comes back SAT.)which could hurt us(they won’t win) and you know they’ll be extra amped up but so will “The Mamba”.

    JO or Mickael Pietrus come to LA in the off-season.

  • sean

    hey jojo u are forgetting we dont have bynum and ariza right?

  • Scarface

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    who are you?


    I told y’all LAKER HATERZ….WE DON’T PLAY THAT SH*&!!!


  • Remy

    lets take it one game at at time, win game 3 and we have a stranglehold on a sweep

  • playdefense

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    dumb a$$ . y u even commenting on this website. you know nothing about basketball. we are beating a team that was second in the league in scoring by 14.5 points per game. next round we play a team that wont even be close to as powerful as the nuggets offensively. we can slow the game down and play more of a triangle offense. with the nuggets we have to speed the game up which we can do but we also play better when we slow the pace down and move the ball around. utah cannot score like denver can and is not as fast paced. ur a dumb a$$. gtfo of this website.

  • Rpoc

    JoJo is just spending his summer chilling with us Laker fans because his Trulls team ain’t doing anything anytime soon.

  • west213