This screams desperation on Orlando’s part – we’ll see how it pans out.

jameerESPN: Orlando Magic players say Jameer Nelson will play in the NBA Finals, even though the All-Star point guard and his coach remain publicly pessimistic.

Nelson participated in a full team practice Tuesday for the first time since tearing the labrum in his right shoulder Feb. 2. While Nelson and coach Stan Van Gundy still said it won’t be determined until game day, players said Nelson looked “terrific” and expect the point guard to be on the court against the Los Angeles Lakers.

“I expect to see him out there at some point in the series,” backup point guard Anthony Johnson said.

  • kobe_916

    why does it happen to the lakers….I think Jameer Nelson is the Key to the Orlando Piece..hes a killer for the lakers…

    we neeed to step up and our FANS need to be LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Russ

    i mean, this obviously sucks for the Lakers but is it really gonna change the entire series? i doubt it…

    i mean, yes, jameer helps them, but he hasn’t played in months and now the first time he’s gonna play in a game is the NBA Finals???

    i dont see him being a big threat and with rafer playing so well, he might actually harm their play because he’s not in sync with everyone.

    i just think it’s stupid because he gave an interview during the Cavs series and told Craig Sager that he hopes he can make it back to preseason but he doesn’t even know about that. i mean, really? if you weren’t sure u were gonna make it to preseason of next year then how come MAGICALLY (pardon the pun), you are able to play now for the NBA Finals because your team actually did good and made it to the Finals? he’s gonna mess up his shoulder if something happens. i mean, we could have played Bynum in last years Finals but we decided not to because we thought we was gonna mess up his leg. We were focused on the future, not the present.

    The Magic must be scared if they’re throwing him in there now when he, himself, admitted that he’s not ready yet during the last series.

    although, i smell a paul pierce incident where he’ll get injured and then get carried off the court, only to come back 5 minutes later and drain a 3 from the corner.

    pshhh, whatever. Lakers still in 6

  • Representin Laker Fans in Vancouver, BC

    Jameer hasn’t played an NBA level intensity game in 4 months…forget about playoff intensity basketball…this is only going to hurt Orlando’s chances….GO LAKERS

  • gugy

    calm down bi-tches.
    First IF he comes back he will not be in game shape.
    second, we now have Shannon Brown that will give him a run for his money
    third, this is the fu-cking finals, way different than a regular season game and the pressure is 100 times bigger.
    Finally, The Black Mamba will not allow the Lakers to lose it again. This is the closest he will be to win a fourth ring. He will make sure it will be in his finger even if he personally end up defending him.

    This crap doesn’t really worry me. Howard and the 3 point shooters is way more of an issue than Jameer Nelson.

  • WifelovesLuke

    I agree with you Gugy. The 3 point shooting and guarding Howard one on one are huge problems but the “quick” guards in these playoffs have carved us up all throughout the playoffs and is also a huge concern. Just look at what Aaron Brooks was able to do. Even if Jameer can spell Alston for 10-15 minutes, his dribble penetration is also going to be a concern. He just won’t be the scorer he was in the two meetings this season against the Lakers.

    The Magic are a 4 point threat:
    1) 3 point shooting
    2) Superman in the post
    3) dribble penetration
    4) strong defense

    This series is going to be tougher than most are thinking but I still say Lakers in 6

  • WifelovesLuke

    Just heard Jameer say himself on the radio that he is not playing and things got blown out of proportion. Let’s stay tuned on this. But straight from his mouth “not ready”.

  • will

    great, makes it more official when we beat them. magics won’t have any excuses now.

  • markco2

    if i were nelson, i wont play..
    give credit to rafer..

    if i were vangundy..
    i wont let him play, maybe 3-10mins thats it

    but as a laker fan..
    let him go out there and ruin there rhytmn and stuffs.. lol..
    and i dont think his game is 100%.. not even 50%..
    so this is just one of those minds games of stan van gundy..
    in which we have the best mind games players in pj*

    lakers in 6..

  • kb24finalsMVP

    I dobt think nelson will play but if he does I think shannon brown has stepped in great to help control the point guards we didn’t have him those 2 games. As far as howard is concerned it doesn’t scare me as much as the threes do. Lakers honestly suck at defending he three and rotating out to it! But I still see lakers in 6!

  • kevin 0

    wow i think this might help the lakers, the guy hasnt play for a long time the magic will try to get him feel comfortable on the court and that will hurt them, BUT he can be the missin part to beat the lakers van gundy will probably play him as a back up and
    even if he scores 5 points thats still a plus 4 hte magic
    so im not worried but I’m really concerned


    You guys are all saying that the Lakers will have trouble guarding the Magic when its the other way around. LeBron was unstoppable and averaged 40 points a game. I personally think kobe could average 50 a game if he wanted to but the point is for everyone else to get involved. But If the first idea isn’t working, he’ll start draining the threes.

  • Sopi

    i say lakers champ 4-1

  • LakersFirst

    Good. I want him to play the Lakers. I’d like that Orlando squad at 100% (no excuses). The Lakers should want to play that entire Orlando squad.

  • 123kid

    he hasnt played in full contact basketball in how many freakin months to some of you folks! you think the magic are goin to risk him playing and possibly really ending his career. I DONT THINK SO! secondly, why would they wanna mess up the chemistry they have now. they’ve gone to the nba finals without him, so if it aint broke dont fix it. lakers are a full on threat now! who cares if he comes back. we have faced some of the best point guards in the western conference that are far more better than jameer nelson. even if he does come back, hez not goin to be 100% and plus you honestly think hez just gonna attack and attack the rim and try and draw contact. those are already warning signs and risk to gettin reinjured.

  • gus26

    personally i think if andrew watches how perkins (from boston) played howard we will be fine… drew and DJ have to come ready to bang and be extra physical with howard.. if they foul him and he has to shoot free throws he’s a horrible free throw shooter so its still win.. so long as they are not giving up 3 point plays.. one big thing we have to realize is that howard is 6’11 and DJ and Bynum are 7’1 thats a big difference..

    i know your gonna come back with Z is 7’3 or whatever but no one on our team is as slow as he is.. i don’t even think yao ming is as slow as he is..

  • Michael_23

    It’ll probably be like Trevor Ariza last year when he was inserted to the finals series but wasn’t that effective. How do you play 2 good point guards in 48 mins?

    I would like to see DJ Mbenga play in series against Superman. Superman doesn’t pump fake and doesn’t have a good of a post up game like Shaq does. Mbenga would surely welcome the challenge. Even if Howard wants to power dunk it Mbenga will foul em and Howard isn’t a great free throw shooter.

  • iamthetie

    Recovering from a torn labrum is tough enough. Coming back and playing in the Finals is even tougher. You’ll only see him if Orlando finds itself down 0-2 or something and have no answers for LA. Until then, they shouldn’t hit the panic button

  • Lakers 24 7

    Bring his ass in.

  • Laker8Nate24

    good, i dont wanna hear no excuses when we win this n a “easy” 6

  • ALthelakerfanyoushouldmeet

    No Way Lakers are giving up these first two games in LA they lose one in Orlando either game 3 or 4 and celebrate in Orlando I don’t see this team being so close not wanting to close the door. They proved a lot in game 6 in the WCC and I expect that momentum to carry over in this series. DJ Mbenga will make a definite positive influence in this series.

  • SomeonreadthistoLAkers

    NO worries guys, we all know that Fisher fights through screen very hard and i dont think Nelson’s shoulder can take that kind of defense aahahah

  • YellowPurpleFever

    Stubby Stan tries to tinker with the ZEN’s master game plan with this Jameer crap! They are a different team and so are WE.
    Bring him on! That was when he beat up Fish( 13 years veteran)
    Stan is not very smart! He forgot about Mr. Brown, just like when he lets Mr. Ariza go and did not think Ariza had potential to be great. Did I mention that Stan screams like a “little girl”
    Game plan:
    Stop the 3pts shot and spread the floor with helping defense.
    Foul HARD on “pencil-head” Howard AND take the charge.
    Ariza to stick on Turk like glue
    Candyman bring that burst to Lewis
    Kobe play like he plays on game 6 at Denver. Its over baby!!!
    Lakers in 5 maybe 6 if Stern has 2 cents