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Last week’s POW:  Wes Johnson

Last week is in the books and Laker fans now move onto the next week in this season.  Kobe Bryant returned last night and needless to say he was a bit rusty.  If he had played quite well I would have chosen him as player of the week but he wasn’t quite up to par.  Only two games made up the Lakers’ week and that was against Sacramento and Toronto.  This week we had one person play better than the rest throughout the two games: Jodie Meeks.

Jodie Meeks

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Jodie Meeks played well this week because of his strong shooting performance, he shot 56% from the field, had 16.5 ppg, 2 apg, 2.5 rpg over the last two games.  Meeks made some clutch 3-pointers in the game against Sacramento, and continued his hot shooting performance against Toronto albeit in a loss.

Meeks has always been a high caliber shooter and when the Lakers can get him into space to shoot he can be deadly.  I liked seeing him hit some threes this past week that really ignited the Lakers to rally and win the game, in the case of Sacramento at least.

His scoring definitely helped in the win over Sacramento as he started and played some solid efficient minutes in that game.

Hopefully the Lakers can utilize Meeks properly with Kobe Bryant back in the starting lineup.  Then he can continue to deliver clutch threes for the lakers when the games get close.