It’s easy to understand Plaschke’s reasoning, but when your getting a player that can play both sides of the court and shoot over 40% behind the arc for 18 million for three years, it’s really hard to complain at all. What are your thoughts, Lakers Nation? Sound-off!

bffL.A. Times: Less than three weeks after the parade, the NBA champion Lakers have already met the biggest threat to their throne.


What are they thinking? What are they doing?

They just won a title that would not have been possible without the strong defense and stunning shooting of a 24-year-old kid with a limitless ceiling.

Yet they send the kid packing for an aging nut whose greatest hits have occurred on the heads of fans.

They just won a title with a locker room bathed in the soothing light of unselfishness, teamwork and a quiet temerity.

Yet they cut the power and added the darkest of moods, a guy who has made a career out of hoarding the ball, the attention, and the anger.

Tell me again, why did they get rid of Trevor Ariza for Ron Artest?

Explain to me, please, why they wouldn’t even negotiate further with Trevor Ariza before quickly agreeing to sign Ron Artest?

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  • cjm

    this guy is useless and can safely be ignored. D-Mac was thrashing him on the radio yesterday, and the guy sounded like a fat kid with his pants around his ankles.

  • bostonSUCKS88

    Plaschke is a tool!

  • Fantastic5LAL

    He made the wrong move with his diet.

  • roro

    He doesn’t know it won’t work. Look if the Lakers couldnt get Ariza because he wanted more money than getting Ron Artest is a great acquisition that could guard great players like lebron or manu.

  • pdp

    Plaschke mentions Malone and Payton…in that season we did great and made it to the finals…one thing he failed to mention was that Malone got hurt! I think our backup in 04 was Medvedenko or something like that….true he could disrupt the chemistry (Artest) but I think the team will be able to make the necessary adjustments. Roles need to be clearly defined…thats it.

  • LakersFirst

    Plaschke is wrong. Getting Artest is a no-brainer, especially for the MLE, which I thought Artest would NEVER take (glad I was wrong).

    Ariza’s agent f*cked up. He thought the Lakers didn’t have a Plan B and thought he could get Ariza a larger contract than he’s worth, but Jerry Buss played his poker hand well, and busted out the Ron Artest card. Now Ariza is going to Houston, now a team rebuilding for basically the same money that the Lakers could have given him.

    Nothing against Ariza, he is a good role player, but he is not a Ron Artest

  • xfellerx


  • KOBE_24


  • Sean All Ivy

    Is this article serious? I think this is a great move for the Lake Show. There are legitimate arguements to be made against this move I suppose, none of which are argued by Plaschke (no surprise). The team broke up after the 2004 season because it was the very height of the Kobe/ Shaq drama, not because of the addition of Payton and Malone. Plaschke throws his ego trip behind a bunch of straw man arguments and thinks he makes a valid point. What a joke he is. There is no wonder ESPN hired J.A. Adande over Plaschke with this kind of journalism. He has been on Around the Horn so much he has caught Jay Mariotti/ Woody Paige desease and just says ludacris statements to get attenion. This is the same guy who says that the Dodgers don’t need Manny to win a Pennant. This is the same guy who condemned Fisher for his check of Louis Scola in the 2nd round. Fisher gave us a back bone that series. He gave a an emotional moment to stand behinf as a team and a fan base to show that we were willing to punch back. Plaschke, you are terrible at what you do. LAKERS 2010 champs!

  • remy

    this guy failed to acknowledge…

    malone and payton were at the end of their career
    malone was hurt
    payton couldn’t hit the threes or play well in the triangle
    payton couldn’t guard the quicker guards
    shaq and kobe were acting like a bunch of babies with their egos

    artest is not close to the end of his career; he’s 1 yr younger than bryant
    artest is not as fragile when it comes to injury like malone was
    artest can hit 3s better than payton
    artest can guard the likes of carmelo, lebron (at least slow him down), vince carter, paul pierce, etc
    kobe is not with shaq and doesn’t have that selfish ego of his to do everything by himself

  • Mitch4Pres

    plaschke needs to calm the f down

  • pdp

    With the signing of Artest do you guys think it affects the status the Lakers signing Odom? What do you guys think?

  • lakerferlife7

    how many teams do u think would have jumped at the chance to get a player like artest for the midlevel…he cept his head in houston…wit phill and kobe he will keep his head in la

  • Sean All Ivy

    I heard that because we onlt spent the MLE on Ron that we will def resign Odom, especially since the market for PFs in almost non existent

  • Khad

    C’mon PLaske you know better than this article. The Lakers offered him a deal, his agent played hardball and screwed his client. I love Ariza, he’s an amazing player and always thought he should be starting over all our other SF but he not worth 7-8 million I’m sorry, not in this economy. The Lakers did what they should have done…

  • purplegoldvein

    plashke your one of my favorite writers and i root for you and J to the A Adande on around the horn, but seems like your just trying to poop on the party. if phil jackson could handle RODMAN, what makes you think ARTEST is so bad? he must have had a crush on trevor and his heart is broken.

  • ceballos_neverforget

    I agree with Platshke’s statement, but not his defense of it. What would be a great point to bring up is the fact that Artest isn’t a percentage shooter. He’s a volume shooter. the problem with him being on the lakers is that we already have a volume shooter, and his name is Kobe Bryant!

  • magicfan4lifesuckers!!!lulz

    what this trouble in laker land already!!!!!

  • thabloody5th

    [Comment ID #78513 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agree. Artest shot 40% last season which means he needs a large amount of shots to be really affective on the offensive end. He is a volume shooter. Personally I believe that ariza was a great fit for this team but hopefully things work out with artest. It is definitely a risky move

  • What Will Be

    Artest won’t hold the ball longer or whatever the hell you are trying to say. I know you don’t care for PJ, but he is the greatest NBA coach of all time, and Artest has never had that, trust me PJ will give him a role, and hold him to it, and know how to use him, etc. Artest is no longer THE guy, and will be a great role player in the Triangle, Plaschke you just don’t understand the game… Artest will bring a new swagger to the Lakers, that’s been lacking…

  • EL10

    Bill Plaschke is a douche. He’s the same guy who argued on Around The Horn in 2007 that Lakers would never have a successful season until we traded Kobe Bryant. J.A. Adande and Jay Mariotti both argued against him saying the Lakers should never trade Kobe BRyant. Don’t believe me? He even wrote several articles on our urgency and necessity to trade Kobe Bryant.,1,1088817.column

    Bill Plascke is deep down an East Coast fan who likes to take subtle shots at the Lakers. Artest is hands down an upgrade over Ariza.

  • Javier

    This is another rape for the Lakers, we give up nothing for Artest as well as we did to get Gasol. I love Mitch the dude is a genius!

  • artest

    lol dont even get me started wit dis plahsce guy…lol hes so retarded

  • Myself

    I understand where Plaschke is coming from, but as one comment that was posted here said, David Lee thought the Lakers were bluffing with not offering Ariza anymore money and never thought that Artest would go for the MLE. When that happened, Ariza had no choice but to take the Rockets offer. Ariza should get rid of that dumb ass agent, because if he wouldn’t have listened to that idiot he would still be a Laker.

  • PauKobeBynumOdomDynasty

    i want ariza back. Im ok with this signing, but ariza had somehting special.

  • Great-LakeShow

    Oh Bill u made every stereotypical point you could have possibly made! Seriously I hope Tony gives you the MUTE on Around The Horn! Bottomline, Artest wants to win a CHAMPIONSHIP and he has toned down his antics alot since “The Brawl”. And Ron was a big part in Houston’s success last season SON! he did not take a paycut just to come to LA and have fun, he took a paycut to win the Champion SHIP RANG and have fun doin it in the process. Ron has always brought it on the hoop court and that added toughness will be good for our Lakers because dem boi’s on the east gon be back next year lookin for blood. U watch Bill, and I don’t wanna hear a F*ckn word out your mouth when the Lakers are smacking these pretenders around next season on there way 2 #16. I’m out #1 Laker fan from the mitten holla at cha boi!
    p.s. I can’t wait to watch Kobe and Ronnie eatin these ni@@az alive on D ooo weeee!
    p.s.s Don’t ever compare the 04 Lakers to these Lakers ever again in LIFE cuz!

  • kobe8

    We’re fine. We have Phil Jac, Fisher or even Kobe to keep Artest in line. Having said that, can we trade Sasha or Luke Walton for Trevor Ariza??? I still want Trev in a Laker uniform. I like the way he plays a lot.

  • lainok

    It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, even though I will miss trev I am happy about one thing…


    his friend got stabbed in the heart with a table leg on the court!
    he died. HE DIED!


  • Troy

    Bill P of the LA Times and Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe are Blowhards..

  • RJ

    Plaschke is dumb and doesnt knlow what ron can bring to the court defensively and offensively

  • sam the man

    Mr. Plaschke:
    I admire you greatly but you’re a bit wrong this time. Ron Ron is a great fit for the Lakers. First its a good financial decision, 2nd it sends a clear message to other teams that the Lakers are not so soft. Especially those “NUG-THUGS” of Denver who beleive in sharia law: that they can win by beheading Kobe . Do you get the picture sir? I do. We all feel badly we couldn’t keep Ariza but I believe the blame is on both sides. Nobody tried hard enough to stay or sign. The element of patience was missing. Then I dont blame the Lakers who had to act fast. As you well know the window of opportunity closes real fast in hot trade battles. In a blink of an eye free agents can be raptured up by other teams. When you snooze you lose. It is what it is. In the world of losses & gains I think the Lakers came on top yet again. Just notice the shock waves it sent all over the internet that said, ” unfortunately with Ron Ron Lakers are bound to repeat as champions.” How sad for the Laker haters. Do you know, right now the king is shaking, right now the superman is not feeling not so super, right now KG is hurting, right now Carmelo is not so mellow, blah, blah, blah. Yes only because of this move by the Lakers. Shamwah! a great move! are u getting this camera guy? behold a big squeeze & a twist by a smart GM, Mitch Kupchek! the greatest pitchman! Halleluja, praise the Lord! Amen.

  • chenna

    everyone can just ignore this idiot. great article in terms of english composition but thats it. GO LAKERS!!!!

  • LakersNewDynasty08

    guyss…hes rightt, fck artest that bummmm! i wantttttt arizaaaa backkkkk :'(

  • Lakers 24 7

    Lakers never sent Ariza packing. Ariza’s agent sent Ariza packing.

  • ilikebasketball

    Plaschke is a douche.
    never liked him.
    i am a bit skeptical.
    but i didnt even bother reading the article.
    he is a douche bag.

  • Bizzle

    Ariza’s agent screwed him over, blame him! But I like Artest on the Lakers because we have a team that demands respect with Coach Phil and Kobe. Artest will know his role, I mean, he took the MLE to come to LA to do one thing, win a ring!

  • LakersNewDynasty08

    wow guys stop being jackass’s…this guy was a huggggeeeeeee part to our championship…sure he made the wrong decision and went to houston for the same amount of moneyy but come onnnn really pissed about losing him and picking up artest, ariza was a nice young talented player and we gave him away for a 30 year old bum that has the most overrated offense in the league? did i mention hes selfish..i dont want his ego ruining kobes mentality here and lakers fans…cuss him out as much as u want, but me as a HUGE laker fan as well am gonna give him the benefit of the doubt…ill be laughing when this guy is putting numbers like 20 5 and 5 in houston
    Best of Luck Trev…always loved ya! now go do your thang in houston ma man ill be cheering you on!

  • Vintij

    What an idiot. He literally says “artest is a better player”…, I thought better players give you chances to win titles? Sasha is a good fit for our team too, but you dont see us relying on him to win a freaking title do you? Besides how can you say the tough guy from queens is not a good fit if he has NEVER played for us dummy! His best friend is kobe, his childhood high school teamate is Odom, he loves LA and has loved it for some time….wants a title bad enough to take a pay cut….please tell me where the “dont fit” works in this scenario? How can you compare Arizas 8pts 2 stls a game to artests 17 pts 5rbs 2stls and 40% three point shooting!?!?!?!? Its like saying trading Farmar for Nash is a bad move. An unproven kid with potential versus a proven all star….hmmmm, I think ill go with the proven all star here thank you plaschke. And dont say “aging” like you dont know that Kobe bryant is 30 years old and holdind up a finals MVP trophy with a performance that rivals jorands.

  • Vintij

    Not to even mention how crazy artest is about Phil, who by the way, has dealt with personalitys alot worse than his (Rodman ring a bell?) Please dont tell me that we got artest for scoring, no we didnt…whoever says that is stupid. We got him for one reason only, DEFENSE!!!!!!! Thats what we needed, toughness and defense….the fact that he can score and hit 3s is just a bonus. Trust me….from 1991 up to 2002, phil jackson won 9 championships in 12 years!!!!! 9 out of 12!!!! People work their lives to win just one, and he went 12 years winning 9 titles and only missing out on 3!!!!! That is just god like if you ask me. Now tell me why phil should worry for a second about Arests attitude?!?!?!

  • Stephen

    I too will definitely miss Trevor he was a great guy and obviously a great player. Best of luck to you Trev! But dude its gonna be scary how good our perimeter defense is gonna be with Artest and Kob! As long as Artest stays the course and does what he is supposed to do we will be fine. Now lets go resign LO and Shannon. Oh and another guy no one should listen to is Ric Bucher. dude is full of SH$T. He’s the same one that said Kobe was gonna 100 percent be traded back in ’07….. My a$$!!!!!

  • Wilt

    Plaschke has as much as a brain as he has hair.


    Who the hell pays any REAL heed to what this notorious, radically based, angry little old extremist, has to say or spew? …Any takers?

  • rissa missa

    coming from the same guy that said Kobe was out of here for sure a couple years ago. WHATEVER! >.<

  • Dragon

    How can it be a wrong move I mean sure the guy was a nutcase but when it comes to playing basketball I see him playing pretty hard. The only thing we can hope is he won’t create drama thats what he probably is good at doing.

  • The Spector

    shut up plaschke! artest is CLEARLY a better player. he can post up. he’s a lockdown defender. and provides that much needed defensive toughness. it sucks that trevor’s gone but he was a ROLE player! for cryin out loud we get a defensive player of the year in return for that loss. people act like tevor was gonna be an all star or somethin. lets see how many “open” 3’s he knocks down in houston. he wont get those looks cuz he doesnt have kobe, pau or lamar drawing the defense. trevor’s success was a product of great players around him, timely shooting, and excellent team defense. he’s more of a passing lane thief, not an on the ball defender like artest. bottom line is THE LAKERS ARE STACKED! and dont compare this to the malone/payton signing cuz those two were over the hill and lookin for a free ride to a ring. artest is still in his prime. kobe has a 3-4 year window to win as many rings as he can and mitch clearly put him in position to do so. dynasty baby.



  • Robert

    All I can say is, Plaschke Schmaschke. He’s just a sports writer, w/Lakers sour grapes (like all East Coast ESPN Laker haters). Now, Wilbon, on the other hand, was claiming that if Artest went to Cleveland, they would have been a lock up for the Championship. That’s something I believe. And now that Artest is with L.A., the same is true for our great team.

    On the other hand, it was sad losing Ariza. Maybe Plasch was upset about that. He was right about Ariza’s agent messing up, but maybe the agent didn’t know about the Buss/Artest deal ahead of time. Oh well, that’s the screwy business of poker, I mean basketball.

  • mastarockafella

    Plaschke article is a no brainer. He talks about Artest wouldn’t change. Every man is capable of reinvent themselves. Ron got what he was wishing for – a great city, a championship team, a coach full of accomplishments, playing with his friend and he respects Kobe a lot and not to mention balling with his HS buddy, Lamar. I think no player would ruin his only opportunity to win a ship. I’m sure Ron would behave himself here because this is his dream team, this is what he wants and this is his destiny.

  • Kimberly

    I am sooooo….sad that Ariza will not be returing he was my second favorite Laker but I also felt as if both sides screwed up. LA made Ariza feel like all his work went unnoticed and they didn’t appreciate him but Ariza needs to realize that he was able to have the kind of effect on the game becuase Kobe and Pau made him better so he should have taken that MLE instead of playing hardball like he was Turk or someone. I am excited about Artest coming to LA. I think the fact that he took the MLE means that he wants to win and he will do anyting to accomplish that. He knows this is Kobe’s team.

  • Thomas

    This dude has no idea what he is talking about. He wants the Lakers to fail and is putting himself into a position early on to be the one who can say “I told you so” if this blows up; it won’t so don’t worry. He references 2004 and says that next season will be a repeat of it, but what he fails to realize is that Kobe wont be going through a sexual assult trial, the Lakers are younger and more talented and the two “old” free agents were in their late 30s and early 40s…Artest is in his early 30s. Plus one of the guys we brought in (Karl Malone) messed up his knee in December of that year and was unable to do the job Los Angeles brought him in to do. The 2004 Lakers and the 2010 Lakers will be two opposing teams on opposite sides of the spectrum, starting with a championship and trinkling down from there. Artest will be for Kobe what Rodman was for MJ…Lakers 2010 Champs!!!

  • lakers101


  • Jayswun57

    Plaschke ANNOYS THE HELL OUTTA ME!!! I can’t stand him on AM 570… Is he just trying to be funny (coz he obviously fails at it) or is he seriously an idiot? Tries to be a smartass too. Plaschke, get a new day job. Your opinions mean squat!

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  • wilzuvsteel

    LakerNation knows to seperate the wheat from the chaff. BP is another local hater that works in support of our opposition. The Lakers are champions in spite of him. The Lakers won before him, during, and will win after his career is all said and done. But BP will not be missed, taken seriously, or given any respect because he is a hater of the greatest team in the NBA. Until he gets his heart aligned with the LakerNation or leaves and supports the town he lives or writes for,he will never know why or is self deceived in believing his opinions and journalism mean anything. How can a local writer not have credibility writing for the NBA World Champion Los Angeles Lakers?
    Ariza was given a chance to continue and improve his game with the best team, coach, and organization in the NBA. Why would he think that he needed to go to Houston to find that? His agent is the epitome of what’s wrong with sports today. Nobody in Houston is going to support him like they did in LA. He is officially the enemy when he agreed to sign with another team. Now it is our turn to impose our will on the league again. I just hope all the other teams including ours stay healthy because we are going to be an exciting team next year defending the title.



  • chris ekstedt

    yeah. i like shannon a lot. a good solid player who i think can slow down deron williams and chris paul.

  • willow

    Plaschke’s an idiot! Yes he can be objective since he’s supposed to be a member of the media and not show any allegiance to any of the local sports franchises (i.e. Vic ‘the Brick’ Jacobs) but this time he’s just wrong. Ron Artest brings that toughness that’s been lacking the Lakers for a few years now. I know they won the championship coz they got tougher…but only because they knew what was at stake.

    Artest can bring that toughness day in and day out…not because you ‘have’ to. He may come with some baggage but our leader and floor general KB24 is not gonna have any of that. He respects the hell out of Kobe and will accept his role wholeheartedly just like he did in Houston. He wouldn’t have signed for chump change if he didn’t already expect what was gonna be asked of him.

    Believe me when I say that days of Lakers glory are gonna continue on and there are gonna be hard fought battles…we have gladiators that can lay it all out on the floor and in the end we’ll come out victorious once more. 2010-2013 NBA CHAMPS LOS ANGELES LAKERS!!!!

  • not6not7not8not9

    Look at us now. back to back