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HOOPSWORLD.COM: August is traditionally the vacation month for the NBA and news surrounding the Los Angeles Lakers has been notably quiet. Other than the recent signing of a camp invite (Larry Turner), there really hasn’t been much to write about.

The Lakers have tried to upgrade the team but Plan A died hard when Kevin Garnett was traded to the Boston Celtics.

Plan B stalled when the Indiana Pacers refused to back off their demand that both Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum be sent for Jermaine O’Neal. The Lakers are equally steadfast and no deal appears possible.

Plan C might be considered a trade with the Sacramento Kings for Ron Artest. That seemed to lose life once the Kings managed to sign free agent Mikki Moore. They’ve yet to find a suitable package for either Mike Bibby or Artest. Until they have fully committed to the rebuilding process, there’s no reason to tear apart the team incrementally.

Jumping down to Plan Z for a moment . . . trading Kobe Bryant appears to be the last choice after nearly an entire alphabet of “letting them gel.”

With the top three choices apparently off the table, Plan D would be the focus.

Plan D is some off-the-radar deal that lands the Lakers some unexpected help.

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  • yeti

    Hey guys Im not a pro but will this work???? can give bucks or ind trade picks too fish/critt
    c.webb(sign him)/mihn/turner


    waht is plan d wait for bynum to become a star in 8 years??

  • magicbalala245

    man plan d betta work get it done mitch kupcake and by the way

  • kobe24mvp

    eff plan D wait on plan B or at least C,plan B will work b4 T.C.(38days)or at worst b4 trade deadline when indiana fails for the first month or 2.and mitch is back from vacation today so he has a big 5 weeks to show us something,i think coby and turner are making the team and this is a plot/set up for the Jo trade i bet.we need to be patient,if not team we have is solid.

  • lakerfan81

    I honestly do not understand this trade. I think that Brown’s expiring contract can yield a lot more than Yi and Simmons. Simmons? Come on. Bad trade. too much to give up for Yi and Simmons. Simmons? Still do not get that one.

  • fatty


    Its just a rumor but……if you want to get Yi, you will have to take on a bad Kwame like contract. Not expiring, but somone who is over paid like Simmons. Simmons is a fine player, but over paid.

    Simons can help now, while Yi is a project. This deal might make sense if the door is closed with Indy. Am I excited about it? No. But it would improve the Lakers, while giving us some more flexibility for future trades.

    Nobody wants Kwame. Can you believe that? That’s the problem we have. You would think his expiring could get us something? But I guess these other GM’s have seen the same game films we have. Worse case for us is really not that bad, another year of Kwame.

  • fatty

    Posey to the Nets?

    According to his agent they are close. If Posey goes, this would make the Nets better than the Celts, in my prejudicial opinion.

  • rpouncy14

    What’s plan D?

  • foxxy


  • LALakers1

    Lakers & Milwaukke Team Trade Idea:

    Lakers Incoming: Yi Jianlian, Bobby Simmons & Charlie Bell.

    Milwaukee’s Incoming: Kwame Brown 9Mill Exp, Jordan Farmar,Maurice Evans & Sasha Vujacic. Throw in 1st round pick if needed to sweeten the deal.

    Trade Machine

    Source Link: [url][/url]

    Team Reasons For Trade:

    Milwaukee’s 1st: Kwame Brown 1 year 9,000,000 (Expiring Contract) For Bobby Simmons 3 Years $9,280,000 Contract.

    Milwaukee’s 2nd: Get to Trade Ji Jianlian for Jordan Farmar And a 1st round pick (If needed only.)

    Milwaukee’s 3rd: Sign & Trade Charlie Bell & get Maurice Evans and Sasha.

    C.Bell’s 2007 Salary: $744,551


    2007 S&T To Lakers For $1,881,511.

    “But the Bucks are in a strong position regarding Bell and the Celtics. As a restricted free agent, the Bucks can match any offer Bell signs. What makes this especially tough for Boston is that should Bell sign an offer sheet he counts against their cap until the Bucks decide whether or not to match — meaning that for two weeks the Celtics would not be able to offer that money to anyone else. My guess is that Bell eventually resigns with Milwaukee for a very Bucks-friendly number (say $1.5 mil) because nobody else is going to tie up much of their own midlevel money on him.”

    Source Link: [url][/url]

    LAKERS New Line Up


    Kobe/C.Bell/Yi Li

    Then Try To Sign C. Webber.

    Chris Webber 2007 Salary: $407,313

    Lakers offer 1 Mill, 2007 Salary: $1,000,000

    Sign C. Webber For $1,000,000.
    (Double his salary)


    Source Link: [url][/url]

    LAKERS New Line Up


    Simmons/Yi Jianlian/Turiaf/Cook


    Any thoughts or Suggestion.

    Thanks Peace Miguel

  • Ed

    Good news guys, is reporting that Chris Mihm is 100% healthy and is ready for training camp. Personally, I think Mihm is the best Center that we have, and he is the 5th best CENTER in the NBA.