Despite some struggles, Phil continues to inform us why Fish is so valuable to this Lakers squad; and I agree.

Daily News: Derek Fisher hasn’t played big minutes this season, which is just as Lakers coach Phil Jackson planned. Fisher has averaged 27 minutes per game through the season’s first 40 contests, which actually might be a little more than Jackson wanted.

Fisher’s minutes and his scoring are down slightly from last season, but Jackson has made it clear the veteran point guard remains an important part of the Lakers’ makeup. Fisher is averaging 7.0 points, down from 9.9 points in 29.8 minutes in 2008-09.

Jackson said he has no plans to remove Fisher from key situations, however.

“Obviously, we play really well when he’s on the floor, because he’s got a knowledge of how we want to play at critical times, getting off the gun, starting

He scored only four points on 2-for-5 shooting, but had eight rebounds and six assists in less than 20 minutes.

He also played strong defense against Baron Davis, his Clippers counterpart. He goaded Davis into a flagrant-1 foul when he and Pau Gasol trapped Davis along the sideline. Davis swung one elbow at Fisher and then struck Gasol.

Jackson later praised Fisher for his rebounding.

“The game ball went to Fisher, to be honest with you,” Jackson said.

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  • http://57.amklac robert eats matard

    Fishers youth and quickness will be important when passing the ball to kobe…

  • Robert

    Of course Fish is still important. He may not be a big ‘regular’ play maker, but his presence is important for the ‘core’ of the team. Also, he has provided so many clutch moments, that he is critical for those times (I’m sure that will come up again in the playoffs). Fish is singly responsible for at least 2 Lakers Championships, and many key games. He doesn’t need to be ‘stellar’ now, and for sure, will step up in the playoffs.
    Also, he’s important for team unity. He provides ‘off court’ leadership, and remember that he has 4 rings (that are well earned). It is clear that he could easily be a coach after he retires from the Lakers. It is valuable to have an ‘on court’ coach.
    Anyway, trust Phil – he knows all this, and more that we don’t know. As long as Fish stays in good shape, he is a key component in the great Lakers Championship machine.

  • joshLA

    will we say this is 3 years as well? DOes that mean we should NEVER replace the guy? it seems like that is wut people are indirectly stating. Fact of the matter is were going to need a new pg eventually and as hard as it may be well eventually lose that “on the court coach and clutch guy”. just saying…