Detroit seems to be the front runners in getting Trevor Ariza.

L.A. Times: The Detroit Pistons will be more than $20 million under the salary cap and are expected to be aggressive in free-agency spending. Atlanta, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Toronto and Portland are also far enough under the cap to sign Lamar Odom or Trevor Ariza, though they are not expected to be as active as Detroit.

  • Eric

    Oh hellz no.

    LO and Ariza are staying in LA!

  • Nabil

    No surprise here. How is this news? Everyone already new detroit would have lots of $ to spend this summer. As many have said, it’s one thing to SAY you want to stay, but its very rare indeed to actually turn down MILLIONS of dollars. Would you? Maybe if you were in Lamar’s position financially, but what about Ariza? I mean, he hasn’t really been paid yet. Hopefully, the lakers can hook him up good enough to stay.

  • soysauce24

    Screw them man, come on resign Lamar and Ariza n i say release morrison and vujacic to resign them, by releasing i mean kick em out of the team if possible for money :)

  • earl

    This article is very true the Pistons have lots of money to spend but they will not be going after Ariza or Odom right away there focus and attention and this is according to Chris Broussard, “The Pistons are going after Carlos Boozer and Hedo Turkolou very heavily and will probably get both” so i still expect Trevor and Lamar to be back with the Lakers don’t worry Mitch and Dr. Buss won’t let them leave the Lakers

  • Sean All Ivy

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    We would still have to pay them.

  • lainok

    apparently the pistons are the only ones in the city of Detroit that have any money left. LO and the Riza will never go to that god forsaken city.

  • BringDFishBack

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    Not news at all. This article basically says Detroit has cap space, along with the rest of the teams, but Detroit is most likely going to be more active in the market than the rest of the teams. Lamar Odom and Trevor Ariza are free agents. Everyone has known this since Detriot traded for Iverson at the beginning of the season!

    Somehow they came out with Detroit is the front runner to get Ariza, though, which may be true but there are absolutely no facts to back it up. There’s more proof to say they are out of the running for Ariza (in the fact that they already have a long, skinny, defensive minded SF in Prince) than there is to say they’re the front runners.

  • pr0mega

    Earl is an idiot

  • LakersFirst

    Detroit already has a small forward in Tayshaun Prince, who is set to make $10m next season and $11m the following season. Would Ariza really want to go to Detroit, a team that probably won’t compete for a championship and come off the bench?

    As for LO, much like everyone has said, Detroit will probably go after Boozer for their power forward spot. If Detroit gets Boozer, will LO really want to come off the bench for Detroit????

    Yes Detroit has money but I see them going after Boozer, Turokoglu and Ben Gordon.

  • fabz24lakers

    this COULD be bad news!!!!

  • David

    Have you guys been to Detroit? No offense, but that place is a dump. Moving from LA to Detroit is like moving from U.S. to a 3rd world country.

  • babak

    like mnetion earlier, detroit already has a small forwad in Tayshaun Prince, why would they spend lots of money on another small forward who would come off the bench, doesn’t make sense. Detroit is in need of a player who they can go to at the end of games and score for them, no offesne to Trevor Ariza but hes not the guy they are looking for.. The only way i can see them signing Ariza is if they have extra money at the end of the whole free agency to pick up another player… But i doubt it.. Hedo and Boozer are most likely going to get paid….

  • goodsiriusrtp

    If either one signs with another club, it’s about money not the glory. If they sell their souls for more doe, then it’s good riddance. Their head wasn’t in the right place, and their mindset does not exemplify the minds of the winners that are Kobe, Pau, Derek and the most of the entire Laker’s team. I suspect both will leave for the money.

  • BringDFishBack

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    Dude what are you talking about? The NBA is a business first and foremost. If either of them leave for more money, congratulations. You did a fantastic job for the Lakers and I’m glad you were able to improve your life based off of it. Ariza would be stupid to turn down a much larger offer from another team. If the offers are only slightly different, then I can understand wanting to stay here and win. Odom, on the other hand, I wouldn’t consider stupid for turning it down, because he has already made a nice living and is getting near the end of his career so winning is more important for a guy like him. Is it the most important? Well that depends on the person himself, but if he did leave for the money I can’t blame him, he’s making a living. This is his job.

    You further proved you don’t know what you’re talking about with your “mindset does not exemplify the minds of the winners that are Kobe, Pau, Derek, and most of the entire Lakers’ team.” Kobe was going to take the highest offer when he was the free agent, just happened to be the Lakers. Pau stayed in Memphis because that’s where he could get the most money. Derek left LA for more money. Sasha stayed in LA because that’s where he could get paid the most. Bynum wanted a huge contract despite not playing to that level yet. This is a business above all else.



  • willow

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    I suspect you would do the same thing if you were offered millions more and a chance to take care of your family for the rest of their lives. They already have their rings. Lots of Hall of Famers don’t have one. Ariza is young and in the prime of his career. This is the time for him to cash in. I wouldn’t hate him for taking the money. I would just say thanks for the time you played for us.

    As for LO, he’s already made his millions. He’s more than likely to say yes to a lesser contract. I just hope that they will BOTH STAY. That’s from the heart but in my mind, I think only one of them stays and that would be LO.

  • mastarockafella

    It will be all up to the FO. As fans, we can only hope to have them both again in our team. If one of them would leave us for higher pay, then we could only wish them good luck and thank them for their contribution. I remember when Ron Turiaf left the Lakers, I did want him to stay with us, but I understand his needs.

  • Steve

    Always an Odom/Ariza fan no matter where they go. They won us a championship, there’s nothing left to accomplish.

  • lakersfever

    now it looks like ariza is going to houston and artest is coming to la for the mid level. I figured ariza would probably leave because the lakers did not have much in the back pocket to resign him with, although they are going to dish out nearly the same amount for artest. I’ve heard conflicting things stating ariza was not content with the mid level then I heard that the Lakers never made him an offer at all. Its always hard to loose a player that had a great role in the teams championship run but after 1 good season you would think the mid level would not be scoffed at on his part. another year or two with the lakers would have probably payed off more for him in the long run even if he had stayed at 3 million or so.however I think the lakers had no intentions to keep ariza knowing that artest was a free agent, considering how long they have wanted to sign him and the moves that other teams are making around the league. Ariza must be a little unhappy to say the least, leaving a championship team to go to houston (a team that now appears to be gearing up to restructure with their Yao ming problems) for nearly the same money. I hate to see Trevor go and hopefully he will return some day but for now I think that when you can get an enforcer like Artest who can creat his own shot, is a better on ball defender, a 40% shooter from the 3 point line and a physical beast for the mid level you have to take it. Artest said he’d play in LA for nothing, now that I’d love to see. Ron should now be able to avoid Kobe’s elbows depending on how rough those practice sessions get and hopefully he wont break any of Kobe’s ribs like he did to MJ so long ago. I just hope that Ron can find his game in the triangle offense and force less than we’re all use to seeing. He shouldn’t have a problem making some of the open shots he is going to get off Kobe’s double teams.