It seems a lot of people are talking about the potential of breaking the Bulls’ NBA record 72-win season. While I usually brush it off, Pippen had some interesting comments to make about our current Lakers team.

05.1997.bulls.jordan.pippenSports Illustraded: The Chicago Bulls’ NBA-record 72-win season is a seemingly unapproachable mark. Since the Bulls accomplished the feat in 1995-96, only three teams have reached 67 wins and only one, the ’96-97 Bulls, has cracked 69.

There is one member of that record-setting Bulls team, however, who believes there is a team equipped to make a run at it this season.

“The Lakers have a chance,” Scottie Pippen said. “They have the luxury of a young center like [Andrew] Bynum, a young power like [Pau] Gasol and even Josh Powell is a guy who deserves minutes. They have a lot of depth. If anybody can challenge [the record], it’s them.”

The parallels between the two teams are eerily similar. Like Pippen’s Bulls, the Lakers have a dominant superstar (Kobe Bryant), a dynamic No. 2 (Gasol) and a bevy of talented role players (Lamar Odom, Bynum, Derek Fisher). They have the same serene, rarely rattled coach who prides himself on his ability to handle oversized egos. And like Chicago, L.A. also has an intriguing wild card, a talented-but-troubled star capable of making or breaking its season. For the Bulls, it was Dennis Rodman; for the Lakers, it’s Ron Artest.

“Ron is an infant compared to Dennis,” Pippen said with a laugh. “Dennis was off the charts.”

According to Pippen, one of the keys to the Bulls’ success with Rodman –which included three championships in Rodman’s three seasons with the team — was not to focus on preventing the distractions. It was dealing with them when they occurred.

“Dennis skipped practices, he was late for practices [and] he showed up late for games,” Pippen said. “But was that a distraction? No, that happens in the game every day. Even though Dennis was still trying to be Dennis with us and self-promote, he was never really a distraction.”

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  • brilliantn

    i do think they have a chance to do it, but i dont want them going for it. i want to see a fresh Lakers team going into playoffs. 72 wins might be too much of a wasted effort. esp kobe being @ 31. if they can do that with kobe and pau playing 28-32 minutes a game.. go for it ^_^

    • WifelovesLuke

      Completely agree. Position yourself to be a top seed in the West but Health has to be a primary concern. Kudos, young man! lol

  • http://LakersNation Marwan

    Honestly the record isnt there to be broken during the season, it is there so someone can have the top record and have homecourt during the playoffs. If teams were 7 games behind Lakers then whats the point of going for it.

    But personally, if it will help the Lakers win the championship ring this year, then go for it, if it doesnt… then I dont know

  • Michael_23

    It’s just about coming into the playoffs healthy and winning the championship. I think that’s what matters the most.

  • Short Dog

    Lakers are going for 82-0 not 72-10. They can do it. After that they will go for 16-0. Who cares if kobe is 31. He is still the best player in the WORLD.

    • WifelovesLuke

      We all love the Lakeshow, big man, but let’s put down the pipe! lol

      • Short Dog

        You are all up my nuts like your wife on lukes. Excuse me for cheering my team and being faithful to my lakeShow. That pipe you are refering too-can go up your ass. It’s Lakers all dam day. Jordan sucks and so do the celtics. Smoke that. LAKERS 2010 UNDEFEATED Biiiiiitch.


    Dont forget about the CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • NBAmazingkb24

      why are the green fans here?
      are we that of a threat to you guys or something?
      Go visit Orlando site or something

      • Short Dog

        She’s a little biitch that changes her name every time she comes in here. Celtics aint shit. You know it.
        Its Lakers all day everyday. Biiiiiiitch.

  • Short Dog

    The celtics are just a 500 team. That’s in the weak Eastern conference.

  • NBAmazingkb24

    All we need is homecourt advantage during the playoffs
    thats all we need
    even if we dont have HC advantage
    Lakers are one of the best road winning team anyway
    Yes, 72-10 we can break that record, but we dont need to do that to win another championship
    It will be nice to see though :)

  • Short Dog

    I hope the Lakers break the all the bulls records. Just like we keep punking the celtics. I also want Kobe to pass michelle jordans 6 rings. LAKERS ALL THE WAY

    • WifelovesLuke

      Michelle Jordan? I think you meant Michael. And punking the celtics? The last time we faced them in the playoffs, we got punked.

      We want a shot at redemption. Avenge that 39 point loss. Yep, I remember that loss like it was yesterday.

      Give me a healthy Laker team against a healthy celtics team so we can throw down.

      • Short Dog

        Sorry for disrespecting your idol. Jordan gets no love from me. Never will since I’m a Laker only fan. It’s all about Kobe if you ask me. Plus we did punk your celtic team last year. So before you reply to me check what you say.

  • lakerman1

    Its not about how many battles you win or / lose but who wins the war. The regular season wins only count for making the Playoffs not for winning the Championship. We need to concentrate on staying healhthy and then we will be Strong enough to win it all again. And this nonsense about Ron will be put to rest when he is pouring champagne on Lamar & Kobes heads.

  • Robert

    I won’t mind if the Lakers win 72+ games this year, as long as they don’t work too hard to do that. The Celtics are already playing hard, and that is sure to wear out the old fogies well before playoff time. I wouldn’t want that to happen to the Lakers this year.
    Remember that Kobe was pretty ‘spent’ by the Finals – we need him and everyone to have plenty of juice for the playoffs.

  • Terrance L. Reese

    This is off the article. But I wanted to suggest another nickname for Shannon Brown ( The Baptizer)