Scottie Pippen got into an in depth thinking of the Kobe vs. Jordan debate. Scottie, who played with Jordan during his career, had this to say about the two players…

pippenHoopsworld: “Well I think you’re looking at two great players and it’s hard to really compare them,” started Scottie on KLAC in Los Angeles. “They played in two different eras, they have very similar styles. I don’t know if Kobe has mimicked Michael’s style or if he has his own style. But there are a lot of similarities there – the way they play, the way they approach the game, the ability to close games at the end. It’s never going to be a situation where you can compare who’s better – Kobe or Michael. Kobe is the greatest player in his time and Michael was the greatest player in his time.”

After some prodding, Pippen finally chose a side.

“To say who’s the greatest player of all time – you may have to give that to Michael right now because of what he was able to accomplish in the game as an individual, from a team standpoint,” revealed Pippen. “He was at the top in every aspect of the game – offensively as well as defensively. Has Kobe met that yet? No. Will he? Maybe not. But does that make him less of a player than Michael was? No it does not. I think he’s the best player in the league right now in my eyes still. I know LeBron has shown great signs of being great and he’s definitely a better all around player than Kobe, but I think Kobe is definitely the greatest player in this generation.”

  • schnide

    where is that pic from? scottie in laker gear?

  • Day

    They changed the pic !

  • barcalakerfan4life

    pippen couldnt win crap without jordan but still people didnt critize him for that but instead they critize kobe for not winning a title without shaq what a bunch wussies!

  • Doc_aka_UNBorn

    Maybe I’m slow but “. . . . I know LeBron has shown great signs of being great and he’s definitely a better all around player than Kobe, but I think Kobe is definitely the greatest player in this generation.” Didn’t he say LeBron was Better then Kobe, then finished with Kobe being the best in the this generation? That right there tells me we can’t put too much in what Pippen is talking about. LeBron isn’t an “all round” better player because Kobe taught him defense for one, and he also has more offensive weaponry that LeBron, but. . . .hell, you get my point. Makes no sense no matter how you slice it.

  • Robert

    The fact that Pippen is even comparing Kobe to MJ is a big step! I think he’s one (of many) that still would like to see how Kobe finishes his career, but he didn’t say ‘unequivocally, it’s MJ’. Instead, he considered both in the equation.

    What we also need to consider is that Kobe isn’t really ‘declining’ – he’s still going strong, and has many years to go. He is past MJ in durability at this point in both careers, so the future looks bright.

    Kobe still wants to orchestrate being the ‘best ever’. Do we think that his 30/8/8 in the Finals was lucky, or an accident? Kobe can really pick and choose what he wants to do, including getting a couple more rings (by any means necessary).

  • Don

    Wow, this is a big change from the Portland Trailblazer years of Scottie Pippen. I remember he had some harsh things to say about young Kobe during those times.”I played with Michael, and he’s (Kobe) definitely no Michael…”was what I remember he was quoted when asked about the comparisons between Kobe and Michael Jordan. But even then, Kobe gave props to Pippen and declined any negative comments back towards him. I think alot of Kobe haters are Michael Jordan fans and they will defend their Airness to the end,…then came along a kid name Kobe that is starting to come along and be the next closest thing to the greatest player of all time. Kobe did mimicked the great ones, we all do. I remembered an anouncer called him a “copycat” during his first all-star. But now he’s got his own repetiore to fit his style of play. MJ is the greatest, now Kobe is making his own legacy. The best of all time doesn’t mean much to me, but we are witnessing greatness and should enjoy the ride.

  • SliqRiq

    The comparisons will never end but I’ve seen them both and Kobe’s not done yet but when its all said and done Kobe will be the Greatest of all time.

    I will say this though the players of today are much bigger, stronger and more athletic than they were when MJ played and Kobe has to deal with that on a nightly basis and is still able to do what he does. MJ had the athleticism over everyone he played against, he never had to go up against guys bigger, stronger and just as athletic as he was like the way Kobe does now put that in perspective with the zone defense they’re allowed to play now, I really dont think its a debate Kobe is simply better period.

    Kobe is just a freak of nature as was MJ only Kobe is better!!!!!!

    • pojo

      Your a jackass! Jordan dealt with Magic and Byrd.

  • mr.laker19

    Much respect to Scottie Pippen, I agree with most of what he said, still think Kobe is the best player ever though, sorry.

  • WifelovesLuke

    As a fan of the NBA, I just consider myself blessed to have been able to watch both of them. Will Lebron take on that mantle at some point? It’s possible, but for me it’s about winning. I thought guys like Malone, Barkley, Dominique were all wonderful players but none of them won a championship in this league. G.O.A.T. to me can only be in the conversation based on trophies so until Lebron gets a few of them, he can’t be in that guy. Not the King yet!

  • lakers2009champions

    Yes he is correct

    Kobe Bryant is the best player in the NBA.

  • Raymond

    whyat i wanna read is that Laker fans slutes Shaq of the big thing in that city, GREAT BLACK SHAQ gves 3 championship to the Lakers, he’s very dominant thaa time, it is because of Shaq not Kobe remember that, seems u forget he’s done with Lakers, why are u critizing Shaq? I’m a Laker fan an I’M VERY THANKFULL TO MR. O’NEAL, he done more than Kobe for Lakers an giving the city as champ, kobe has done it 1, while Shaq did 3!

  • MJKicksKobe

    Michael’s defense was better (significantly). Kobe never won the Defensive Player of the Year. Jordan averaged 2.35 steals per game for his career…I don’t think Kobe even did that in one season.

    Everyone makes a big deal out of Kobe getting 32/8/8 for the NBA Finals. Jordan got 32/8/8 for a whole season. Everyone makes a big deal of Kobe averaging 32ppg for the NBA Finals. Jordan averaged 33.5ppg for his 6 NBA Finals appearances.

    Beyond that, Kobe is a great player who exerts his will over a game, but not to the same degree Jordan did. PP outplayed Kobe last year in the Finals. If Paul Pierce challenged Jordan like he did Kobe in the Finals, he may have outplayed him for one game, after that he wouldn’t sleep well the rest of the Finals because Jordan would be his worst nightmare.

    Kobe is great. Jordan is greater. No question.



    • pojo

      You are dopey kid who never saw MJ play so go fuck yourself you jackass!!

  • 1sexyflip

    Kobe is the closes player to Mike after all the comparisons made with other players. MJ clearly is better than Kobe. Try putting Kobe up against the bangers in Jordan’s time. I don’t think he’d be as strong as Mike was facing Zo, Mutombo, Ewing, Laimbeer, McHale, etc.. Kobe would get punished. He already has a hard enough time facing the likes of Artest and Carmelo, whom MJ will eat up even at his age now. Sure Kobe is more athletic than Mike was and probably is a better shooter but if you played Mike and Kobe against each other in their prime, MJ will eat Kobe up. Don’t get me wrong, it’ll be a close match-up but I think MJ has a better basketball IQ and instincts and more will. I think that beats athleticism just as he has proven against Iverson, Grant Hill, Stackhouse, etc. Don’t forget that MJ prevented several hall of famers from winning a championship in their prime. Comparisons will never stop and everyone has their opinions. As you can tell, mine is clearly MJ.


    I love MJ but kobe is the best hand down man down.MJ couldn’t beat BIRD,MAGIC in they prime how could he come close to beating kobe in his prime.You heard the fan MVP KOBE!

    • pojo

      You are another LA turd!!! Kobe is great but look at the stats and MJ would dominate now and would have kept Kobe from his titles had he played in this decade. You’re a turd and you need to watch some old MJ footage!

    • J.Jones

      Mj beat magic in his prime. Where have you been? He beat the best of his time. He could beat the best of any time.

      • Kaleb

        No, Magic’s prime had passed for sure

  • snake

    Jordan over Kobe. Nobody has showed the transcending power that Jordan showed during careers 1 & 2. Nobody could stop him, even when there were 2 and three hapless defenders collapsing on him. True Jordan never won one without Pip, but Kobe was the second best player to Shaq when they won those 3 rings. Kobe is starting to wear down or maybe never did attain genuine airness after all. One very good defender usually slows Kobe down these days, which never happened with Jordan (versions 1 and 2).


    If kobe was second to so call SHAQ. Why when they spilt up kobe shows to the final twice and SHAQ did it one time and that was with D-WADE BABY.

    • gio

      sigh, kobe and his team was nowhere to be found after SHAQ left the lakers……then shaq won another championship with the HEAT, beating kobe in the race for championship.kobe had to wait for PAU GASOL before wining back-to-back championships.noteworthy to say is that kobe and the lakers folded to the celtics even with PAU before the 2 championship.on the other hand, kobe, like SHAQ, cant  win championship without GOOD HELP (GASOL). i agree that kobe is the best player in league right now.but MJ is the greatest basketball player of all time.if you compare all stats of kobe vs. MJ…..MJ is greatly ahead, its a no contest! THE ONLY REASON Y KOBE IS BEING COMPARED TO MJ IS BECAUSE KOBE COPIED MJ’s MOVES, AND HE DOES IT SO DAMN GOOD MAKING HIM THE CLOSEST PLAYER TO REACH MJ’s level, peace

  • sopa79

    Kobe has had an amazing HOF career but he has also played for the most part of his career with a very solid front court. Early in his career it was Elden Campbell and Shaq,then Horry and Shaq, now Gasol and Bynum. MJ had Grant and CArtwright then Longley and ROdman yes they got their rebounds but none of those guys were able to put up points like the bigs that Kobe has played with.


    MJ wouldn’t be good without the ref. Kobe does his work on his on. If you look at the shot Kobe take he almost get foul every play.


      hahaha that’s funny. anyone who says kobe is better then jordan plain and simple does not no basketball. has no knowledge of the game. its one thing to watch basketball its another to know it. and for someone to say mj would suck without refs just proves my point. yeah everyones entitled to an opinion but that doesn’t make it right. Kobe is a GREAT player, probably #1 player in the 2000-2010 era but Jordan is the greatest of all time. period. and if u disagree then u didn’t watch jordans games and all u know is kobe. only reason he even gets compared to mj is cause he pathed his game after him. how can he be better at mjs game then mj. MICHAEL JORDAN IS G.O.A.T.

    • pojo

      Fuck you you fucking jackass turd fucker!!

  • Jdubb28

    Michael jordans team was nothing, and i mean nothing like kobes teams ever were!!!!!!!!……. kobe is nothing like michael jordan, not as exciting, and has just won his first ring with him being the leader of his team, because remember shaq was number 1, and kobe was 2, when they were winning rings , shaq was the mvp for all 3 of those rings, mike was mvp for all 6, and if mike wouldnt have retired for the 94 season, mike would have won 8 rings in a row… MEANING—drexler and hakeem would not have won a ring either… micheal jordan made some greats never get a ring, thats why malone and payton were chasing rings at the end of their careers….and like I said shaq and kobe’s teams were alot better… kobe is a good player, and when its all said and done, Michael jordan will most likely be the best to ever play, with lebron right behind him, and maybe kobe behind him, because at this point, shaq has one of the most dominating careers behind michael jordan, and in the end it still can be 1.mike, 2. Lebron, 3. Shaq , 4 Kobe

  • Al A

    81 points is a hell of a statement

  • Kid Kaos 310

    I think Pippen is still upset that he lost to Kobe in the conference finals (Lakers vs Trail Blazers)

  • fro


    “pippen couldnt win crap without jordan but still people didnt critize him for that but instead they critize kobe for not winning a title without shaq what a bunch wussies!”

    Exactly my point.. Pippen and Kobe were the side kicks and
    Jordan and Shaq were the top dogs on their respective teams.

  • fro

    @ Kid Kaos 310

    “I think Pippen is still upset that he lost to Kobe in the conference finals (Lakers vs Trail Blazers)”

    Did you even read the article dude?
    How the hell is he upset when he clearly said he is the greatest player of his generation, greater than LeBron.

    Did you expect him to say Kobe is greater than MJ?
    That is ridiculous..MJ’s post moves and back to the basket fadeaways are much more deadlier than Kobes..

  • #24

    I’ll say it myself. Michael Jordan is a much better baketball player than me. He is the best. Why?

    I only have 4 championships. 3 with Shaq in the middle.
    I will admit that I need a big man in the middle to win a championship. MJ had to beat great teams. The Celtics, Pistons, Knicks, Lakers, Blazers, Suns, and Utah Jazz to name a few. Did I meantion as well as Hall of Fame players.
    I am not even close to achieving as many accolades as MJ.

    Aswas previously mentioned:

    Jordan won an NCAA championship
    Regular Season MVP 1988, 91, 92, 96, 98
    Finals MVP 1991, 92, 93, 96, 97, 98
    Rookie of the Year 1985
    All-NBA First Team 1987, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 96, 97, 98
    Defensive Player of the Year 1988
    All-NBA Defensive First Team 1988, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 97, 98
    NBA All-Star 1985, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 96, 97, 98
    All-Star Game MVP 1988, 96, 98
    Slam Dunk champion 1987, 88

    I am not much of a team player. I barely pass. I have fewer double-double/triple doubles. MJ even had one in an All-Star game.

    My sneakers, except for maybe the latest one with Nike, are terrible. MJ’s are still being collected to this day.
    I don’t play good defense.
    I will never get the respect that MJ had.
    3 peat twice? HA.
    People think I am a better shooter. I don’t think so. But if so. I’ve learned from the best. (MJ)
    I take poor shots. I get lucky. But sometimes, I don’t.
    I admit that my pinky wasn’t as bad as it was a few seasons ago, nor is my index finger really broken now.
    I’ve never played with the flu. Nor will I ever win with a runny nose. I will never win 72 games.

    I will never lead the league in scoring and win defensive player of the year in the same season.



    never be

    Michael Jordan.

    Thanks for the support.

    • pojo

      Great stuff!! Soooo true!

  • Reality

    dont make me throw up on your face

  • The Heat

    Kobe have to Say I want To be like mIke jajajajaja Kobe you remember that song I Know you Do you Know you are Taking The best Styke on The NBA Don THink You are better Than Lebron James jajajajaja ….. Lebron is better Than You Kobe Lebron Have he’s on Style you have Michael Jordan Style … Copy Cat

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  • gio

    REACH MJ’s level, peace