Hoopsworld’s Eric Pincus chimes in with the latest Kidd/L.A. rumors as well as provides us with new tidbits about it…

Hoopsworld: Lots of rumors involving the Los Angeles Lakers have been bouncing around recently, specifically in regards to Jason Kidd and Jermaine O’Neal. What’s interesting is that both players make the same $19,278,000 salary this season.

The Lakers are currently on an upswing behind the play of developing center Andrew Bynum. While the New Jersey Nets and Indiana Pacers wouldn’t make a deal in earlier talks without the inclusion of Bynum, it’s become apparent he is simply untouchable.

In Jersey, Kidd would love to make a move to play alongside a player like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James or Carmelo Anthony. Facing a mediocre product, declining attendance and an unhappy superstar, the Nets are open to making a change.

Similarly a source says the Pacers aren’t averse to moving Jermaine O’Neal for similar reasons (though O’Neal has been more of a good solider).

While both teams want value in return, financial relief is a considerable factor.

The problem the Lakers have is coming up with enough expiring contracts to trigger a deal. At this point that may not be possible with either New Jersey or Indiana without a third team’s participation.

Considering how well the Lakers are playing, they’re not willing to do a 5-1 swap, crippling their depth to take on an overpaid star. Even if they decided to package sparkplug point guard Jordan Farmar with the expiring deal of Kwame Brown, the Lakers simply don’t have enough short contracts to make up the gap.

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  • magicbalala245

    sadly but true……. J Kidd in a lakers uniform not gonna happen either is JO cause if the rivalry long time ago…. Plys like Pincus stated who wants to hook up KB and J Kidd on the same team

  • Michael_23

    J. Kidd while be gone in N.J. next summer when he opts out. He might like LA but he might join the ban wagon in Boston for MLE for the sake of an easy championship with an asterisk (*) next to his name because he played with 3 other All-Stars.

  • pjt

    Hey here is a trade for you….Sash, Rad, and a number 1 pick to the sonics for Chris Wilcox…if only…

  • lakersfan17

    We will only get Kidd or O’neal if they push for a Laker trade, but it ain’t going to happen, Bird and Thorn are greedy bastards.



  • xxlakerxboixx

    Have anyone seen Sun Yue Play before?…is he good or bad?

  • Tim

    i saw him play when i went to an ABA game (vs San Jose skyrockets, yeah i live in SJ) i guess hes ok, he notched a near Quad-double while playing in the ABA, 12 points, 11 rebounds, 13 assists, 8 blocks

  • Tim

    oh and btw, i think we can send out Lamar for a good PF (Randolph, Brand, ONeal, etc) and trade some people for Artest

  • http://JHLaker JHLaker

    I don’t want Kidd for are whole team…To me his not worth that…Lets wait and see what happenes this summer if thangs progress then I can see some Bignames heading to LA…Along with Drew devlopment..

  • Tim

    i expect a lot of free agents to come to LA

  • http://www.thelakersnation.com Fred A.

    The way things are shanking up in LA. I would try to get Villuneva for Mihm or do nothing at all. Tonight we are killing the Jazz and KOBE is in “crush-mode” right now. This is the only trade I see right now.

  • http://hhb PHANT0M

    DamMMM jazz getting sodomized…

  • http://JHLaker JHLaker

    We murdered the JAZZ…Kobe is playing flawless basket ball 6-9 3point and 11-18 field goals…I mean damn the dud is doing everything he needs to be doing…The only thing that pisses me off is if we would have won against Golden state and Cleveland which both games we dominated in except the last quarter we would have 12 Wins in a row…But i guess we can’t win them all.

  • http://hhb PHANT0M

    We only won by 14..
    Dang ..
    eh a wins a win.
    but our bench really looked lethargic at the end.

  • drake hunter

    I for one wouldn’t mind getting Kidd, but i would prefer Artest. Everyone thinks Kidd is to old and overrated. that may be true but a few good things Kidd brings to the table
    1. If kidd is our starter fisher is our backup which means a full game of veteran pg leadership( having a heady floor general leads to success in the nba
    2. Kidd can help mentor crit for the next two years, imagine crit with all his skills plus the tutoring of kidd and fisher, that my friend will be priceless. so in reality we get Kidd for 2 years and a more developed crit sooner then expected.
    3. Another veteran player that can help keep Kobe from exploding and possibly staying with our franchise longer then 2 more years. Look at what fishers presence has done thus far.
    4. Defense, we get burned way to much by speedy pg, Kidd may not have a great jumpshot but he’s a definate upgrade in our post game. he can dominate in the post which can really be effective for our team especially bynum who can get a lot of put backs.
    5. Lastly he can help us draw more nba vets who might want to contend, after acquiring kidd we still will have a lot of players we can deal…. think about

  • Shaq786

    kwame, mihm, V.RAD….. for big ben, noah and a pick…. GET IT DONE!!!

  • http://frankthetank.files.wordpress.com/2007/06/kobe-bryant-bulls.jpg JoJo

    Shaq786 your a dumbass! The Lakers will bust in the playoffs. The Bulls would never take your garbage.

  • Tim

    Shaq786…id rather have Kwame, mihm, and V rad than wallace, noah, and a draft pick, id rather get Noah alone

  • Rpoc

    [Comment ID #20814 Will Be Quoted Here]
    It’s ok my fellow trulls fan, just let it all out. Tell us how you really feel.

  • Rpoc

    Btw, if Noah practices flopping enough he’s the next Varejao. Waste of a lottery pick still.

  • ricky


    you actually think zach randolph is a good forward compared to lamar odom? wow, thats a terrible comparison. i understand that offensively he is better, but in other aspects, he cannot even compare to lamar. randolph is slow, a mediocre defender, and a not so smart basketball player. by the way, he has a very bad attitude that wont help team chemistry. lamar is capable of running the offense, a good rebounder, a decent defender, a good passer, and he can do all the intagibles that randolph cannot.

    im sure many others will agree with me on that comparison. odom is better to have than randolph.

  • LAKing

    Who gives a shit? I wouldn’t want to trade for him anyways. I don’t want to give up any of our young players and disturb our team chemistry. We’re better off, most likely, he’ll stay with the Nets until he’s a free agent next summer and then he’ll sign with another team. If he decides to come to the Lakers then, he’ll have to take a small paycut.

  • Shaq786

    kwame, v.rad, and mihm… are extras for us… we need defense and health


    u guys are makin it seem like i jus suggested trading kobe for ben wallace…. if u dont think its good tell me WHY… not be a internet hard ass… who stay behind you screen talkin smack


  • RitchQB

    Conventional wisdom would say that the Lakers would be crazy to trade for either J-Kidd or Jermaine, especially given how great the team has been playing. No way we give up AB now and for what, a past-his-prime point guard and an injury prone 4? Still, it would be intriguing if the Lakers could pull it off without giving up too much. I would give up Jordan and Kwame for Jermaine, but no way would I do the same for Kidd. At least Jermaine would give us another front line guy to go up against the Spurs, Mavs, Jazz, etc.