The media frenzy continues. Although I have to say you’d have to be pretty insane to trade away two hall of famers within five years, “sources” say Kobe still wants out. Jeanie comes on her blog and clearly states that the Lakers would not trade Kobe Bryant, but Hoopsworld’s Eric Pincus reveals the following about a meeting between Dr. Buss & Bryant which occured earlier today.

Hoopsworld: The summer saga of Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers continued Friday as Bryant met with team owner Jerry Buss in Barcelona, Spain.

While the details of the conversation are between the two, the bottom line is that Bryant has not backed off of his trade demand.

At what point does the Buss family simply grant him his wish, regardless of the fan backlash?

Remember they did trade Shaquille O’Neal.

  • KingKobe

    Kobe doesn’t have a choice yet. If he’s not traded he’s got to play for us. Would he really tank a season ala Vince Carter? Would he hold out? I doubt it. Shut up and play Kobe.

    Although personally, if this keeps up and he keeps whining, I say do it. Trade him. If he really, really doesn’t want to be here why would any Laker fan want him here?

  • One35

    Funny how only Emplay has the story on this supposed meeting and hes one of the least people we should trust.

  • punkjones

    Perhaps they’re talking about how to get two of Memphis’ guys into the Laker fold: Pau Gasol and Jerry West. Sure would be nice to have them both. Kobe with Gasol is the stuff! I like that team already. That’s something to get excited about. Possibly even better than JO. I really see their games complimenting one another, as well as their fiery competitive spirit. Gasol’s got attitude. Dude wants to win and he’s hard. Not a soft Euro.

  • badboy

    Kobe come to da kincks pleaseeeeeeeeeee .

  • Roger

    kobe dawm it your pissing me off we laker fans protect your rept way to much for you to be doing this to us all you need is our fan support and phil jackson if phil says everything gonna be alrite then its true so kobe please stay with us and stop bitching

  • Rpoc

    [quote comment=”1601″]Funny how only Emplay has the story on this supposed meeting and hes one of the least people we should trust.[/quote]
    L.A. Times got the story too dude.

    If the Lakers get him help and he still cries, then whatever Kobe. Don’t say you love the Lakers or any other politically correct statement if you demand a trade that the Lakers know will never get fair value.
    [quote comment=”1604″]Kobe come to da kincks pleaseeeeeeeeeee .[/quote]
    Screw that shit. Knicks are in mediocrity because of their FO’s dumbarse decisions so they can stay that way.