Some tidbits on tonight’s matchup from the rumor column from Hoopsworld’s own, Eric Pincus…

Hoopsworld: The big quote from Kobe Bryant this summer was “Get your Bulls jerseys, fellas,” from the surreptitiously taken video outside an Orange County deli.

The Los Angeles Lakers visit the Bulls tonight and for a moment back in October it really looked like Bryant could be traded to Chicago.

While Bryant still won’t out and out say his trade demand is rescinded, he’s got a lot of positive to say now that the Los Angeles Lakers have gotten through a quarter of the season playing very solid basketball.

“We’re a much better team right now than we were last year. I don’t even think it’s close,” said Bryant. “We’re much better defensively. We’re better offensively. Our chemistry is much better. I think we’re a year older and a year smarter . . . healthier.”

The Bulls have gotten off to their customary slow start, but Lakers Coach Phil Jackson says he expects them to pick up momentum as the season progresses.

Luol Deng, the key component who would have come to Los Angeles for Bryant has struggled with back pain this season. The Bulls have had to deal with the hometown crowd chanting Bryant’s name during the team’s poor stretch to start the season. It’ll be interesting to see how they react to seeing Bryant in town still wearing the Laker jersey.

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    Jojo! How did ya like Sasha “the machine” Vujacic lighting up your touted “defensive-minded” team? That’s shameful. Kobe didn’t even fraking score in that final stretch. You got owned by the group who you said was like the Knicks…. again…. at home!

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