GetGarnett.comHOOPSWORLD.COM: In early May of 2007 three friends got together with a single, simple purpose . . . bringing Kevin Garnett to the Los Angeles Lakers. Of course none of the trio were in position to directly impact the Minnesota Timberwolves or Lakers, so they set out to do the next best thing: blogging.

Thus was born

The site immediately garnered a following, receiving over 10 million hits to date.

Whether or not they’ve made an impact in the “real world” is hard to gauge but recent reports indicate the Lakers are in fact working on a deal to get Garnett . . . and the Wolves may actually be willing to play ball.

“ represents the spirit and a dream for better days for Lakers fans,” says 20-year old Chris Manning (LD2k). “GetGarnett represents the passion that Lakers fans will always dream. That’s the beautiful thing about the site, the fans check in every day for news, reports, and our takes. We are fans too and even if Garnett is traded elsewhere, someone has to carry around the torch.”

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  • lakersforlife77

    i bet u guys didn’t think this site would get half of the buzz it’s getting now and now look where this site is at…..u r getting server overloads lol. Love the site keep up the good work guys

  • I Luv My Lakers

    First of all let me just say THANK YOU! I am hooked on this site and it is the first thing I look at when I get up in the morning. It is so exciting to have a place on the internet to go to where the fans and inventors of the site have the same passion as I do to see my beloved Lakers succeed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…….GOOOOOOOOOOO LAKERS!!!

  • hellbydante

    It has been a real roller coaster ride every time i visit this site.. i think this is the only place i can really read every single up to date laker related news! I really hope your efforts will not be wasted since it is this site which carries the voice of all the laker fans who really want this trade for KG to go down! Thanks guys!

  • Lakers Dynasty

    Thank You!

  • lakers

    Thank You for everything

  • lakerfan81

    I have to say that I like Garnett in a lakers Jersey it suits him.

  • LakerKev

    Great site!!!!….hey i just heard on espn radio that Garnett and Kobe have talked this morning.