Pietrus will NOT be suspended for his hard foul on Pau Gasol in the closing minutes. I agree, this is the Finals, let ‘em battle.

dirtyESPN: The NBA on Friday quickly completed its review of Mickael Pietrus’ two-handed shove into Pau Gasol’s back in the final seconds of Game 4 of the NBA Finals and ruled that no further action will be taken against the Orlando Magic swingman.

A next-day video review of the play was automatic because Pietrus’ shove was deemed a flagrant foul, with league rules mandating that all flagrants are subject to review for possible fine, suspension or reclassification.

  • sK

    doesnt matter. We still take it in Orlando.

    Also FYI Laker fans this isnt the first time Fisher has drained clutch 3 to take a game to overtime,….. remember this…..

  • cjm

    the nba should print its rule book on toilet paper. the wwf takes its rules more seriously than the nba. does stern just let a chicken walk around, and then make his decisions based on where the chicken poops?

  • http://www.visionofthefans.com Chris Manning

    sK – I have ALWAYS stood by Fisher.

    What Fisher does well won us this game, on the biggest stage in basketball. And wow his first pullup was gutsy.

    I loved it.

  • lakerfan81

    I don’t think he should have been suspended since its the finals and it was not a punch to the face, but he definitely should have been fined.

  • Lakers_the_Truth

    it doesn’t really matter, but the NBA is so all over the place with these rules that it doesn’t get respect from anyone anymore.
    Also the refs trying to help team is sick.

    Stu Jackson and David Stern should just retire and let new blood run the NBA.

  • http://andycosialindustries.com fido

    A 2-handed punch/shove in the back of someone jumping doesn’t warrant a suspension, but tiny elbows being thrown by Howard or others does? The NBA really has to straighten this flagrant/suspension foul mess up this summer before they disenfranchise more casual fans.

  • LakersFirst

    He should have been suspended. In a regular season game, that would’ve been a flagrant 2, automatic ejection and one game suspension. It’s called consistency. If that’s a suspension in a regular season game, then it’s a suspension in the finals, PERIOD!

    However, I want Orlando at full strength when the Lakers play them. NO EXCUSES!!!

  • http://www.visionofthefans.com Chris Manning

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    Completely agree.

  • sketch

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    If Amare and Diaw got suspended for simply leaving their bench then that fcukin Pietrus should be suspended for his flagrant, cowardly act that he pulled on Pau!

    I understand that the league would like to have the teams as evenly matched as possible for all of the finals games, but not suspending Pietrus is about as ridiculous as Stern’s 1st ruling about not fining LeHype for skipping the press conference!

    The League’s got 2 days to reverse their stupid decision, but probably won’t because Stern and Stu are fcukin money grubbing idiots who will blow anyone for an extra buck!

    What Pietrus was as low a move as I’ve seen anyone do! A double closed fist into the back of a player in the air dunking the ball… if Pau didn’t hang on the rim then he could’ve gotten seriously injured! I thought that the League was trying to CLEAN up it’s image? What happened to the NO TOLERANCE rule? They’ll hand out techs left and right for looking at one another cross eyed to prevent anyone from getting into any physical altercation but once the players do then they just throw their hands up and say… boys will be boys? RIDICULOUS, simply RIDICULOUS!!!

    Stern and Stu have the spine of a jellyfish! And they’ve got the intelligence of a fcukin amoeba! Seriously, these two are like Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in ‘DUMB AND DUMBER’! This is why the NBA still plays second fiddle to the NFL! The NFL is consistent and they have their rules and follows them! Their refs and judges do a great job calling the game unlike the NBA! The NBA and their refs are like the wild wild west… making $h!t up as they go! Their rules are just a suggestion! What a FCUKIN JOKE!

    GO KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!! GO PAU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • west213

    that punk double punched gasol as hard as he could. gasol never gets mad but damn he was mad yesterday. suspend that biatch.

  • Big Dick Nick

    If you read Gasol lips after he got punched in the back he said “You fucin french B Itch, I’ll bend you over like you a blonde psycho in Denver”…

  • iamthetie

    Of course he doesn’t get suspended, Gasol wasn’t seriously injured by the HAMMER PUNCH to the back.

    But if he injures him then all of a sudden he should be suspended. The Flagrant and technical rules are a joke. David Stern has been trying to clean up the NBA’s image for so long he’s actually ruining the product. Let’s wind this rulebook back to the 80’s so we stop being so subjective about every call.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Calm down guys. The NBA is getting it’s highest ratings right now and is thriving. Was this a hard foul? Yep! Was it intentional? Yep! Did they call a flagrant 1 on the spot? Yep! We got two FT’s and the ball and won a huge game 4 on the road. Move on!!!! It’s about the destination so enjoy the journey. Man, I didn’t know I could be so deep. lol


    [Comment ID #75783 Will Be Quoted Here]

    NOPE! Not good enough! Like sketch said, if Amare and Diaw got suspended for simply getting off of their bench then how much more deserving is a double closed fist in the back of a guy in the air? Stern and Stu Jackson was trying to say that they didn’t want to suspend Amare and Diaw, but the rules were the rules then they should be consistent and suspend this Frenchie coward as well!

    And you’re right, the ratings are high and therefore they need to protect the product that they have and try as hard as hell in maintaining their image! Right now they look like a banana republic just making up &h!t as they go along! Be consistent! Otherwise, they should go back and take the chip away from the Spurs and give it to the Suns and apologize to that team for the rape and pillage job that they pulled over them in Phoenix!

    FCUK STERN AND STU JACKSON!!!!!!! Your NBA product as a whole sucks because of your inability to follow and enforce your own rules! Deport that fother mucker froggy!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    Stu Jackson blows. He stunk as a coach and he’s stunk in his head office job.

    The NBA needs to follow the NFL’s lead on this and put Jackson’s replacement on NBA TV weekly (a la Mike Perrera, NFL VP of Officiating) and have them explain calls and, like Mike does, on occasion say “We blew it”.

    That’s why the NFL rules and the NBA drools, wishing it could pull the bank that the NFL does.

  • sketch

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    Well said and exactly my points!

  • ClipperRon

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  • LakersOwnTheWest

    thats BS! he should been suspended! cause the UFC doesnt even allow blows to the back and this guy double puches into Paus back while hes in the air unsuspecting…totally uncalled for, lucky Pau didnt accidently get spine damage or worse paralized

  • lilkobe24_game_is_more_like_lilcobykarl11

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    Well, remember Pau’s soft right? So, he’s basically got no spine… he’s like a Sponge Bob Squarepants! Hahaha!

    Nah, on the real though, that fcuker Pedro should have gotten his frenchy @&& deported with that bull&h!t move!

  • as1084

    that should be a suspension! the real question here is if that fag got was trying to hurt pau. the answer is yes! that warrants a suspension, which is the act to intentionally try to injure a player. A push to the back with both hands doesnt warrant a suspension, but the fact that he had his hands in a fist proves he was trying to hurt pau. that fag got figured losing pau to injury is a bigger hit to the lakers than the magic losing the fag got for 1 game.

  • as1084

    Pietrus will NOT be suspended for his hard foul on Pau Gasol in the closing minutes. I agree, this is the Finals, let ‘em battle.

    and to chris manning:

    since when is cheap shotting a player the same as “letting ‘em battle???!!”

  • http://lakers.com lakers916

    i hate the micheal pietris ugly ass foo wit a huge nose….he better be FINED!!!..dirty player trying to hurt gasol on purpose

  • Nabil

    Yeah, that was no doubt INTENT TO INJURE. And no doubt he had a “wind up action” before the hit. And nothing close to a play on the ball.

    League office has no spine at all. Luckily, Pau is okay.

  • dracul

    This game was a fu-king travesty. If the Magic had won, everyone would have said “oh, look how ‘agressive’ the Magic were! They got to shoot 17 more free throws. The Lakers are soft, they don’t drive to the rim blah blah boolshit!”

    This is the exact same as the fix job the refs pulled on the Lakers in game 2 of the Finals last year, when we shot 15 free to 40 by the Sukdiks.

    And this thing with not suspending Pietrus for using a double fisted Hulk-smash is just a continuation. It wouldn’t surprise me if they ‘discovered’ some foul that was never called and suspend like Bynum and Gasol for the next game, just to give the poor Orlando Magic a chance.

    I mean fuk, why doesn’t Stern just give the Magic 15 extra points to start the game.


  • Nabil

    After watching the replay a few times, Pietrus appears to open at least one of his hands at the very last moment before contact, turning it more into a hard slap/shove then a punch action. Perhaps this is what saved him from suspension. Although I must say, if you watch in slow motion, Pau’s back gets bend back very hard due to the contact during the dunk. Might have f’d up his back pretty good on that one.

    Tthe league isn’t protecting players by at least giving Pietrus a nasty fine (although I think a fine plus suspension in the finals would put everyone on high alert not to be doing stuff like that, and help protect future players). So, I think it’s up to the Lakers to stand up and protect themselves from future abuse. Pau did the right thing in the moment, which was to stand up for himself without getting himself suspended. But what happens in baseball here? That’s right: you send a message by beaning someone, preferably the offender himself. And let’s not even get into hockey.

    I’m saying this is DJ Mbenga’s duty. Phil should put him in once Pietrus goes to the scorers table. And the first time Pietrus leaves his feat for a rebound, DJ should do EXACTLTY to him what he did to Pau. Then, of course, he will be ejected, suspended, and maybe fined, and the world can see just how f’d up and inconsistent the officiating and the league office is. More importantly, people will know not to f with us, or there will be a heavy price to pay.

    Come to think of it, maybe the payback should be to Howard. Then anyone who messes with us in that way will know that he just earned his star teamate a beatdown! :)

  • YellowPurpleFever

    Fined him and let him play. They need him to be on Kobe so it looks more competitive. Lee is too inexperience and small for Kobe.

  • Butch

    Consistency! What you can get suspended for in the regular season should hold true for the Finals too. Pietrus deserves at least a fine for his flagrant.


    Kobe is going to baptize him for that shot. Pau is KB’s boy and he isn’t going to stand for that crap.

  • lakers2000

    [Comment ID #75862 Will Be Quoted Here]
    I completely agree with this. Rick Fox would had smashed on this guy right away. I am even more proud of our team seeing how they are beating the Magic as well as the refs. Let’s go Lakers!!!! Finish these beatches off and show the world what time it is.

  • Robert

    The Lakers ARE beating everyong, all 8 players (5 + 3 refs). Last year they couldn’t beat the Celdicks + refs (the refs won game 2). This year, the Lakers knew they had to ignore all that and win despite all the odds. The Lakers are tough now. The media, Stern, and everyone is stunned – they can’t do anything but sit and watch the Lakers pound through the Finals, winning it all. The media put themselves on the line, with their “Kobe needs to win to demonstrate he can win without Shaq”, and all that other drama. Well guess what, he’s doing it! The media (who don’t like Kobe) are going to have to concede in a BIG way. Kobe wins, they lose. WE WIN! We are behind the Lakers all the way. WE KNOW. Go ahead Pietrus – hit us with your best shot – it bounces off. LAKERS RULE.

  • as1084

    u know kobe or ariza is going to pop the french fag got during the final minutes of the close out game…..or i at leasr hope someone does!

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