This is an interesting little story about Peirce and a kid wanting his autograph.

ESPN: Paul Pierce was out to lunch at Johnny Rockets in his native Los Angeles this past summer when he noticed a young man come in, buy a burger, and do a double-take when he spotted the Celtics star. Instead of approaching Pierce, the teenager quickly dashed out of the restaurant.  Pierce wasn’t sure why the kid was in such a hurry — until he returned about 10 minutes later

“He came back with the biggest Lakers flag I’ve ever seen,” Pierce said. “Asked me to sign it. I snatched that thing from him and threw it [across the room].” No, Pierce hasn’t recovered from the excruciating Game 7 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA Finals in June. His frustration over missing 10 of 15 shots in the deciding game lingers, along with the knowledge that opportunities to win it all are fleeting, particularly when you reach an age when your body can betray you at any time, as Pierce’s repeatedly did throughout the 2009-10 season.

  • MambasVenom81

    Haha lmao i would of done the same thing, sore loser!


    I loved what the kid did at first… running out and bringing in the biggest Lakers flag. And his set is unquestionable by approaching Paula Pierce(d) by a d!ck. But really? Asking HANDIMAN to fcukin sign our Lakers’ flag? Not cool dude! His name should NEVER be on anything purple and gold EVER!

    I’m glad that stings you prick! You’d think that that would be the biggest sting of your career and life… but it won’t be. That would be at the end of the season when our boys do you in again in the Finals! And by the way, we won’t need 7 games to do that either!

    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lotus_16

      My sentiments exactly! Very well said.

    • Lakers girl 4 life

      I would’ve gotten our beautiful lakers banner and waved it in front of that faggot wheelchair Pierce and laughed. F**k Pierce, he’s shit. Pierce doesn’t deserve to touch our banner. The Celtricks and their loser fans can suck it. It’s all about the back to back champs. I’ll bleed Purple and Gold till the day I die!!! Stay out of LA Pierce. Big mouth Pierce. Didn’t he say it’s not gonna go back to LA in 2010??? He surely did. Not only did it go back to LA, but LA took it all!!! Lakers 4 life!!! F**k those leprechauns!!! GO LAKERS!!!

  • Pathetic

    Now I know why you guys copy and paste so much – it’s because you guys can’t even f*ckin’SPELL

    Pierce, not Peirce!

    Losers will probably erase this comment in like a week knowing how much they give a sh!t about this site.

    • 242LakerFan

      Wel I”m srory you feeel tht way, sir. In feture, well trie to doo beatr and play mor atnettin to or spleing and stuff, okey?



      • laffs atu!

        Dude, you’re awesome! That’s classic!

    • misskay231

      I would like to apologize on behalf of a fellow Laker Fan for not spelling that bum of Celtics’ name right. Our bad. Just another bitter Celtics fan I see. lmao

  • Pathetic

    242LakerFan – you deserve better than this site – SSR, FB&G, LN, LG, ClubLakers are all much better than this POS

    • 242LakerFan

      Why do people have this pathological urge to tear others down in order to make themselves look better? It’s like the Democrats: “In order to make things equal we have to tear down the people at the top instead of trying to raise the people at the bottom.”

    • laffs atu

      is that why you’re here?

  • sam

    Interesting, Paul Pierce grew up in the Los Angeles area but he plays for the Boston Celtics, if I were him I would feel ashamed of myself

    • Lakers girl 4 life

      Couldn’t agree with u more Sam. Pierce, f**k off and die!!! Stay out of LA. No one wants to see your ugly face here. Wheelchair Pierce, lol. GO LAKERS!!!

  • what what!

    hahaha 242lakerfan playing grammar police again.. do somethin about the five head first! boooyah!!


      It’s fun to see him play with them like that.



  • keepon_keepinon18

    Go KID!

  • Robert.

    Yeah, sore loser.
    This is payback for his buddy Ray Allen talking smack years ago after their championship run.
    The Celtics are good, but not good enough!

    • laffs atu

      And for himself saying hes the best player in the NBA

  • laffs atu!

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’d give that guy a hug and a kiss! That’s awesome! This has made my day!

  • Robert.

    Just to remind everyone, Pierce is from L.A., and was a BIG Laker fan when he was a kid. He was unf. drafted to the Celtics (the dark side), and it’s been downhill ever since (with a lucky victory in 08).
    Maybe they should make a coke commercial from this. Kid comes up to Pierce, gives him a coke. Pierce sees that the kid is wearing a Lakers jersey, and throws the coke all over him. Have a coke and a smile. YOU LOST.
    I hope he “doesn’t” get over it. Then the celtics can beat up the east/miami, and the Lakers will be ready for whoever wins.

  • K-Mac

    first of all why is Paul eating at Johnny Rockets? That place sucks hahah, and the kid, what an idiot.. lol

    • Lakers

      for real lmao



    • Sip

      funny…no tickets for the boston – heat game.

  • kobe4ever

    haha this is funny. who is chris manning? or LD2k? I don’t like those video clips on here though, they are pretty cheesy (on a professional level) but pretty good for an amateur.…wow this site has come a long way, nice job TLN but stop selling out with all these advertisements and commercials, it’s f’ing bs. i used to check out this site b/c it was for the fans b/c we were desperate for garnett or some hope, now it’s a site built to generate revenue and build up equity, and being a lakers fan is only complementary. you can try to argue that it’s to expand its resources but c’mon it’s a freakin website created by college students. haven’t visited this site in a long time b/c of it. and editing comments due to opposing views is very biased. i’m a diehard lakers fan and a fan of but tln is changing, in my opinion it hasn’t changed for the better.

    • 242LakerFan

      Well, okay, that’s it then. Guys, let’s pack up and leave since they don’t need us on this site. I guess they can just run their ads and post their crappy videos for no one, since they obviously aren’t meant for us.
      And here I thought I liked this site because we LA Laker fans were having fun discussions, exchanging thoughts and opinions and eating laffs atu’s pathetic barbs for breakfast. I guess I was wrong. What do I know?
      Oh well, since I’m not a Laker fan, I guess I’ll go jump on LeBron’s bandwagon. Thanks for straightening me out, dude!

      • laffs atu


      • kobe4ever

        I never said they were crappy, just cheesy which does not equate to being crappy. I was just annoyed b/c on some of the video files on here I ran into commercials and I was like wtf? But yeah, TLN has every right to generate commercial revenue through ads and what not, it’s actually a testament to what these college students have accomplished. That does not change the fact that getgarnett’s original purpose has evolved and changed from hardcore fan site to semi fansite/product promotion. Also people on this site are Lakers fans, especially those of us that were here for the beginning of this website back in 2007 right before the 08 season. Don’t be so sensitive, who’s this fat guy anyways? You’re a noob to this site compared to other longtime followers, you weren’t here in the beginning. I’ve been on this site on and off for 2.5 years now since its creation, who are you the schwab of TLN now? Give me a break you’re a joke, and don’t try to act like you’re smart, come visit me at UCLA Law School before you open your mouth. Check out our median gpa and lsat’s for 1L’s for Class of 2013 son, because I will smoke you in a debate/logic/reasoning of any kind. Remember, when you attack an argument don’t make a facial attack/ad hominem, that’s just ridiculous and doesn’t address the premise of one’s argument. Anyways, 3PEAT! Don’t hate b/c I have differing views, conformity = communism, I shouldn’t have to reconcile my viewpoints for you or any other fan, I’m allowed to have my own opinions unless TLN censors them.

        • Dameon

          Word! I respect you for ur opinions and agree with what you say.

        • bostonSUCKS88

          I do agree that the original purpose of this site has evolved, but it has evolved into a site where laker fans can have discussions about the lakers, whether in the shoutbox or in the forums. I dont blame TLN for using ads. Its not a big deal, you can just ignore the ads. The fact that they are using ads shows that this site is successful.

          • kobe4ever

            Yeah, it’s very impressive what they have accomplished. Sorry guys, I was just stressed from law school and wanted to relax and watch a few videos on the ol’ site and was surprised to run into some ads. That was uncalled for, and thanks Dameon for the support. I can’t wait for the season to start tomorrow, i’m going to catch the games after class. But…I hate how Pierce keeps talking about how he’s a native of Cali but reps Boston. Lame.

          • 242LakerFan

            I forgive you, Laker Brother. And I bow to your superior educational opportunities and your vastly deeper future level of indebtedness.

        • le-elbow =)

          lol seriously conformity=communism? that is so beyond irrelevant to the topic of this blog but i respect your opinions and views, but no need to come bragging about you going to law school at ucla i mean would you like a cookie for bettering your education let’s keep it basketball related please, but i don’t really see how the ads bother you much, most people just ignore them, just saying

          conformity=communism basically made my day tho, thanks bro

          • kobe4ever

            hey I got a quick lunch break. sorry didn’t mean to sound like I’m bragging and you’re right 242 i am going to be in a whole lot of debt and the legal economy is in shambles. Most of the 3L’s at my school don’t have jobs. I only said the communism remark in regards to conformity because it had to do with my rebuttal to 242’s argument, that was separate from this article. So in a sense, in relation to this article it is irrelevant but it was not irrelevant in my rebuttal to 242’s comments. But I am really sorry if it came off as bragging, I only mentioned the law school thing to give myself some credibility about my arguments/persuasion skills b/c that’s pretty much all they teach us. ANYONE can make it to law school as long as they put the effort into it, we have severely disabled students that pwn me during contracts, torts, property (although I have done well in legal writing). In addition, I am not smart nor did I ever say I was. I had to work twice as hard as the average student to compensate for my lack of intelligence, but I pride myself in overcoming my substandard intellect with hardwork. Everyone is smart and everyone’s opinions matter no matter how stupid someone else says they are. Anyways, no more hate, I’m excited for tonight’s game! Lakers!!!

  • lakers0828

    LOL Peirce is a Fucken Loser a big crybaby Loser as well as the rest of the Celtics

  • Word

    That kid should get a ring tomorrow night.

  • ceballos-neverforget

    well according to Doc Rivers,”On paper, that laker flag was really a celtic flag.”

    • 242LakerFan

      On paper, Doc is very well adjusted.

    • Word

      Well the paper he was talkin about must have been a Toilet Paper he then used.

  • what what!

    242lakerfan just keeps gettin pwned on this site. was better, thats why i prefer other laker fan forums like lakers topbuzz.. anyways, keep on keepin and check my grammar for me coz i refuse to spell check mr grammar police. cant wait for ring night!

    • 242LakerFan

      Then go to topbuzz and send someone back here who’s worth my time and effort.
      If you don’t like it here, don’t come here. It’s the internet. You’ve got nothing but choices. Why intentionally make yourself miserable?
      Or is that your thing? Online masochism. Sad.

      • le-elbow =)

        i honestly just dont understand why people keep coming to this site if they don’t like it, it seriously baffles me, its fine to not like the site but it’s counterproductive when you go on a site that you dont like to rant about how you dont like the site, i havent really seen 242 get pwned yet though

      • what what!

        well ive obviously gotten the attention time and effort from you.. but. youre right, ive got choices and coming here is a choice to find news i probably havent found yet. whats so wrong about givin my opinion on which site was better and which i prefer? if you prefer budlight and miller light is all thats left, do you not drink it? cmon man, fix ur five head..

    • tbo

      Lakers.topbuzz needs a web design overhaul in the worst way. I’d almost rather scratch my eyes out with a rusted screw than read a bunch of unorganized text on that horrendous light purple background. The content there is not much different than what you see here besides the fact they feature user topics on the main page more prominently.

      Props to TLN for clean web 2.0 style and professional refinement.

  • xtro

    he a sore loser. boo!

  • LakersTheTruth

    PP is a loser.
    Come on he could have some class and sign an autograph for the kid. It’s a kid after all.

    • 242LakerFan

      Well, like you said, that would have showed class. He couldn’t ruin his reputation like that, could he? I mean this is a guy who was classless enough that when G Small mentioned that he was also from Inglewood, instead of greeting him like a neighbour, he had to challenge G’s “Inglewood creds”. Pathetic.