Here are the pictures everyone goes crazy over every year! Great shot of Kobe, Gasol and Bynum. Enjoy!

  • Jim Murdoc

    Bynum is looking swoal! I like that.

  • Michaelmichael

    sasha needs to grow his beard back

  • Kam Pashai

    Everyone remember last years media day drama? Oh how things have changed…

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    Wow. Andrew looks to be in great shape… and so is everyone else =).

  • Michael_23

    More pics please! Post videos too. The traffic on TLN is about to spike!

  • mr.laker19

    BYNUM LOOKS LIKE A BEAST!!! Im so happy to see that. He looks not to far from Howard as far as definition and size. Cant wait till the season starts.


    I can smell that O’BRIEN already.,be afraid…be very AFRAID!

  • Brandon Hoffman

    Bynum looks like a beast…

  • LN1

    i miss ronnie =(

  • Fred A.

    I can smell too!!!!!!! 2009

    LakersSparks 09′

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