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The Lakers have now lost four in a row, and their lack of effort may be the root cause.

Phil Jackson made these statement after the 93-86 loss against the Blazers, in Portland.

“These guys just don’t want to play hard right now.” Jackson said.

“It’s a product of not paying attention, not being focused & not playing the game with the right attitude.”

The Blazers had 20 fast-break points, and many of their made baskets came from lay-ups.

The Lakers finished the season off rough last season as well, losing four of their last six, but they were dealing with a handful of injuries down the stretch.

  • SHernan54

    I am sure Phil will come up with a way to get this team focussed by next week.

    • Kaley Cuoco Insider

      There’s nothing to be concerned about. Phil knows he wants the team to peak come playoffs, not in these fairly meaningless season games. It just sucks for fans (like myself) to sit through 2-3 hours to watch Lakers tank the games.

  • lakers

    as long as they win the next 3 then they should be fiinee because there now tied with boston and miami and if they go to the finals theres a big possibility that they’ll see them there so we need to make sure we have homecourt advantage and i hope we play the hornets not the blazers in the first round! because we have trouble with the blazers as you can tell but we the only team that we have swept the season series this year is new orleans! can’t wait for the playoffs…i smeeelllll a 3PEAT!

  • T411Lakers

    Lets hope Phil rights the ship. Lakers Need all of the three games, just for momentum purposes.

  • LakerMarc

    well tough shit if they just dont want to play hard right now…you have to…you have to want to everyday otherwise why not jut lose every game, not make the playoffs and rest by mid april…bunch of lazy fucks!!!

  • LakerMarc

    No its not panic time..let my lazy fucker, horrible example to the NBA, and all the kids out there they swear they try to be role models to… just watch as the LA Lakers show how they do it the lazy, pathetic, and undeserving of a championship way with such poise, dignity, pride, and honor……WHAT A FUCKING JOKE.

  • Luke Sucks

    The way I see it the Lakers will not even make it out of the western conference. I lay all the blame on Luke. He sucks the life out of the team.

  • Kaley Cuoco Insider

    You call yourself a Lakers fan? Lakers have one of the top road records. I don’t think they’re even concerned. They’re proven. They know they can play well on the road. It’s funny how all these bandwagon fans can’t maintain their composure during these losses. The reason is a marathon, not a sprint.

  • Down with the Champs

    Well, I thought they would at least maintain the second seed. Hornets wouldn’t have a chance with them. But they shooting themselves in the foot here. I don’t know if they are resting players or not trying to get hurt. They are heading to for a 3rd or 4th seed and playing teams. That give them a hard time.

  • Kaley Cuoco Insider

    I think that 17-1 streak developed a cockiness among the team that they feel they can beat any team in the playoffs regardless of seed position.