Interesting to see Phil talk about it when he would usually ignore the question.

L.A. Times: “I always refer to when Wilt Chamberlain was traded from Philadelphia to Los Angeles and that put Baylor, West and Chamberlain together and they never won a championship together the four years they were together,” Jackson said. “It’s not always scorers and talent that wins it. But it’s teamwork that does it.”

  • DOMIN8

    Good ol phil Jackson we love u man Lakers three peat time training camp is nearing

  • Jack Y. Web Designs

    That’s right!

  • KUSH

    Count your blessings. Take it one day at a time..

  • LANative

    I doubt we’ll see them in the finals anyways. Watchout miami, lb might leave u too in 5yrs lol

  • Robert.

    Phil, you got it! 3 of the top 50, and dare I say, maybe even top 15-20 players of all time on the same team (our Lakers). The top center ever in the NBA (tied w/Kareem), and other top 5 players in their position (West, Baylor). They may have been ‘just past’ the peak of their careers, and still they had to gel as a team.
    Yes, we know the heat have not yet played together as a team. Also, we’re talking different types of players – 2 forwards, and a guard (shooting guard). LeBron might qualify as a swing player, if he plays the ‘point guard’ role; same could be true for DWade.
    But also remember that the 3 mentioned, on the Lakers, were ‘time tested Championship players’ who had much combined experience in Finals, and STILL had trouble winning a championship together, after all that experience.
    Personally, I think that DWade has a lot of ‘effective mileage’ – he plays ‘hard slasher’, and even had a serious off year due to injury. He carried the heat for all those years. The same is ‘roughly’ true for LeBron – whether he faked his injuries or not, I think carrying the team for all those years like he did, has given him a lot of ‘effective mileage’. He is a ‘football player’ in the ‘basketball world’, and football players (linebackers, etc.) have a short life span in the NFL. I think his elbow, again whether or not was faked, bothered him, and he can’t play in ‘top fashion’ when he even has a ‘pinky bruise’. It tends to ‘take him down’.
    It’s definitely going to be exciting basketball, but more like the ‘Suns’ (who played exciting run & gun basketball, but not quite championship level).

  • lakerfan622

    quotes like this is why phil jackson is the best!

  • lakers0828

    Thats the Zen MASTER for you

  • mr.laker19

    Idk if I ever wanted to win more than i do this upcoming year. Alot of that is for the Lakers Franchise catching the Celts, a lot of it has to do with Kobe gettin 6, but mostly for the greatest coach ever to go out like he should… a champion. Wooden did, and Phil deserves the same

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    didn`t phil jackson lay the mamba out in one of his books?

    • Wilt

      I fail to see the resemblance of your comment and the story.

  • Rudemander

    He would know best, because remember in 04 he coached Kobe, Malone, O’Neal, and Payton and did not win a championship. However he did get them to the finals and that says a whole lot in regards to his coaching skills.