L.A. Times: Jackson’s expressions of support for Bryant’s criticism of management do not help the team, and Buss deserves better.

So Kobe Bryant has finally found a wingman, somebody to stand beside him and blast away at the Lakers, blowing up bridges, burning down fences, two soldiers standing shoulder to shoulder in the fight for justice and truth.

Good for Bryant, but bad for the Lakers.

Because his wingman is, um, ah, er, their coach.

Charged with healing this summer’s deep wounds, Phil Jackson will apparently show up bearing salt.

Instead of beating down the rebellious Bryant, he is apparently joining him.

Two outlaws working together to steal the last remaining bits of Lakers sanity.

Crybaby Cassidy and the Zendance Kid.

Jackson made his views clear this week in a series of interviews that, in subtler tones, were just as indelibly damaging as Bryant’s tagging spree of several months ago.

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  • WeWantJO

    GET JO NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MacBSlick

    Plaske is a turd just like the rest of his cohorts at the L.A. Times. Hes a liar failing to mention that the Times Mike Bres. and his lying fabricated article are what started the Bryant rant in the first place.
    Can someone explain to me why the other 14 players on this roster are not held accountable at all for thier overall play? Why is Kobe the only player singled out time after time? I mean he busts his ass game after game and for what?
    Its because of tainted articles like this that I have stopped reading the Times and its stupid Lakers Blog. I just wish Plaske and crew would just shutup and go where J.A. went, far far away from Los Angeles. Idiots!

  • keep24

    I agree.

    I think this may be the only city paper where the entire staff has something against the city’s superstar. You think “King” James ( it makes me laugh just to type it) gets this kind of treatment from his city paper? Did MJ ever get that sort of treatment in Chicago? Wasn’t MJ a degenerate gambler? Didn’t MJ and Phil rip into Jerry Krause all the time?

    Kobe could cure cancer, aids, solve the Mid East crisis, get our country off of foreign oil and into hybrid cars – and, they’d still have beef with him.

  • http://www.myspace.com/on3s3qu3nc3 123kid

    you’ve got the best coach in the nba and best player in the nba and who does the newspaper side with…. a bunch of idiots in the front office that dont keep their promises, get dui’s, and just dont seem to listen to the fans and heartless, scared, and unwilling to want to win a championship teamates. this is why i side with kobe and i know he tells the entire truth about things!

  • fatty


    I stopped reading the Times as well. Its appalling how far they have gone in running down the Lakers and Kobe. Vick gets better press than Kobe does in this town.

    A Phx Fan told me, as much as the Arizona Republic hates the Lakers, they can’t hold a candle to the hatred that comes out of the LATimes.

    The “So-Called” LATimes Laker Blog went so far as to remove anything Lakers about it. Pictures, colors, etc….almost all the bloggers protested, AK/BK told them to grow up and accept the change(can you believe that?) My theory on the change. They did it, so as not to offend the Laker Haters. lol

    Plashkie, pure and simple, has a irrational hatred of Kobe. He’s willing to distort facts and even outright lie to slander him. In his mind, he is on a mission from God, to right the wrong of the terrible thing Kobe did in Colorado.

    Its become at the Times, a contest of who can make up and say the most outragious negative stuff. The sleeze from the Times reminds me of the movie ‘The Natural’ You know the corrupt reporter who was always trying to manipulate stories for selfish purposes.

    Maybe I shouldn’t be too hard on Plashkie. He’s a very busy man trying to juggle his affairs of writing, appearing on ESPN, going to games, and attending KKK meetings. (I heard he types his best stuff while wearing his hood)jk

    You know, as PJ is being inducted into the Hall of Fame, sports writers all over the country praised Jackson’s carreer. Isn’t that what they are supposed to be doing. All except one, LATimes very own, Plashkie. What a discredit he his to his profession.

  • fatty
  • Lakers724

    Thank god that Phil is finally joining forces with Kobe instead of trying to calm him down! Now we may be able to get JO (I say JO because they said that they’d never pass up on a great trade oppurtunity for JO!), or Artest, or some other guy that could hel us!

  • Lakers724

    [quote comment=”13314″]Thank god that Phil is finally joining forces with Kobe instead of trying to calm him down! Now we may be able to get JO (I say JO because they said that they’d never pass up on a great trade oppurtunity for JO!), or Artest, or some other guy that could help us![/quote]

  • http://theworldvoice.com LUUUUKE

    maybe if the FO won’t listen to the best player in the world they’ll listen to the best coach in the world. maybe now with all this added pressure they’ll try to get some deals going, but considering their track record im not getting my hopes up.

  • JordanT

    To appeal to Bryant’s displeasure with the team’s status is the most brilliant thing Phil could do, to keep Bryant on the team.

    Having that edge with Bryant puts him on a level that allows him to coach Bryant. Saying that stuff about Bynum is not bad…should light a fire under the little bugger… The other thing is, Phil did not lie about anything =P we all heard the same stuff he did and we were all left with the same empty hands.

    I’m with Phil on this one, however…

    I believe management is wise to wait for a couple months to see how this team plays now that there is no Smush, and now that they are all healthy…for the first time…ever….

    Bynum? HA… maybe Lamar has a break out year XD maybe Vlad stops suffering from amnesia, maybe Fisher’s .4 reflex super powers come out of hibernation… Maybe…someone…anyone can make a shot when Bryant draws the entire defense of the opponent. Maybe Java ends up being a superstar..sooner rather than later. Maybe Kwame “butterfingers” Brown will finally catch a simple pass….finally.

    Mihm is back, Turiaf is still lovably wacky, Walton is…there…and thats all we need from him.

    Season has to start, and show us what is up. Not too exciting for the LA Times, or ESPN, or whatever… so they fathom garbage like this.

  • D. Imhoff

    I am of the opinion that PJ wants change but it doesn’t have to be drastic. He mentioned recently that Rodman was the only addition to the Bulls when Jordan returned from his 1st retirement. This Laker team could deinitely benefit from a defensive role player. Someone to pick up the intensity and effort. That type of player could be infectious. Defense was an area that needs help. Now, anyone have any suggestions on a posible power foward to play D and rebound.