It looks like a new cover story on Phil is coming from Sports Illustrated, furthermore, it looks like Phil’s daughter believes Phil could be done coaching in the NBA.

Twitter: Latest Sports Illustrated cover story on Lakers includes quote from Phil’s daughter Chelsea: “I think this is it. I think he’s done now.”

As we all have heard, it could be a potential health issue for Phil. Either way, we hope Phil makes the best decision for him and his family! As Lakers fans, assuming his health is good, we ABSOLUTELY want him back to solidify this new dynasty!.

  • jballer24

    FML, get Byron Scott.

    • More Cookies 4 Kob

      You cunt5 should be ashamed of yourselves. Like typical Laker fans, everyone is so quick to jump at the slightest hint of struggle. Each of you deserve a swift kick to the balls.

      Don’t ever count Phil out. He hasn’t notified his coaching staff to start looking for a new job nor has anybody heard about the severity of his doctors report. If it’s about money, Magic is going to pick up the bill on what Dr. Buss won’t pay.

      Phil said it best himself about the allure of trying to 3peat and make history again on multiple levels. 1 more ring means the 4th 3peat (a Phil Jackson tradition), it also means #17 which ties us with Boston.

      • hehatemealot

        This is why women should not comment about sports. Phil probably has not made up his mind yet and this bitch is opening her mouth. Shut your mouth and don’t leave the kitchen.

  • gameplan

    I like byron, but I think shaw is on the line. but I still wants phil to finish his last 3peat…

  • Odom the worst player

    Phil we love you and hope you return, but do whats
    ‘s best for you. If you do retire I hope the Lakers raise a banner for you, because you deserve it. Now people will say you had good players, well i would like for somebody to name a team that didn’t have good players to win the title. Good Luck Phil no matter what your decision is we support it. If Phil does retire there is Byron Scott. Byron is a good coach. Go mighty Lakers

  • drive-for-16th


    • jonb

      i like byron, but the way he was forced out of NO worries me. It didn’t seem like the hornets trusted him anymore and wouldn’t listen. Could he handle the egos on the lakers?

  • KOBE THA MVP 10′

    “I think” STFU bitch u just want some media attention. Let Phil decide, we don’t want ur opinion. Suck my dick cuz Phil is a gee

  • lakers0828

    Thats what Barkley said last Yr and He came back So I wouldnt Take Anyones word except Phill Himself

  • lakeb

    calm down. phil is coming back, he would not pass up another chance at a 3peat

  • xtro

    just trying to gauge more money from dr. buss. he will be back.

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    What a shame

  • 123kid

    only phil knows what he wants. 1 more 3-peat PJ please!!!

  • OaklandLakers

    As fans lets not criticize the hand that fed us for all these years. Goin out on top? A dream… Hope he stays but to much of my heart goes out to him. Thanks Phil…

  • Chris Manning

    Remember, Phil’s children believed he was returning back in ’04, too.

  • pointofnoreturn

    LETS SIGN TUPAC SHAKUR, oh wait hes a rapper

  • cqc_NastyN8

    eh believe it when i see it

  • lakerman1

    When phil says it i will believe it other then that it’s hearsay.

  • justdogm1

    if PHILLIP reads all your dirty raider-laker-ghetto comments,martard comments…..hell ya he`ll quit…..your fault assholes

    • lakers2000

      coming from a butt pirate!

    • kobe4Life

      Hey justdogm1 go screw yourself! Head back into your hole with the other Smeltic fans, and well plan on seeing you TWENTY YEARS from now ya bum!

    • kobe4Life


      • laker24fan

        justdogm1 is a Cavs fan, one of LeSore Loser’s “fans”

        • Toni

          laker24fan is absolutely correct! – This idiot has nothing better to do than infiltrate our hallowed blog since his Princess is busy fishing for another team that could “attempt” to get his so-called “mvp” arse a ring!

  • bdmf

    hands down to phil
    he can do whatever the fuck he wants
    he won 11th ships
    i understand the zen master, hands down to the best coach on the planet.

    • chad b

      its “hats off” not hands down….mmmmmkay

  • Patrick Bateman

    If Phil does retire which I doubt, Brian Shaw THEN Bryon Scott should be considered for the job.

    Phil is just as competitive as Kobe is. I hope he comes back, but if he doesnt, I wish him well.

    B Scott did lead the Nets to the Finals consecutive years but lost, msybe lead LA to its third straight title? Who knows. Interesting summer, ahead.

  • In └A We Trust. (D UP LA)


    BUT!!!! I Don’t believe that he’ll retire. He won’t, cause I think he personally wants to coach Kobe ’til he has his 6th or 7th ring :-” Let’s go LA!!!

  • pp34_celtics

    he will get signed by the celtics :)

    • More Cookies 4 Kob

      I didn’t think Celtic fans were back stabbers. Doc Rivers should whoops your monkey a$$. Why would Phil leave LA? People don’t leave LA, they flock to it.

      • pp34_celtics

        because he would want to coach the greatest franchise in the NBA (which is the celtics)

        • Lakers for 3peat

          haha the celtics the greatest franchise yeah right keep me laughing

          • pp34_celtics

            last time I checked we got 17 championships (going on 18) which makes us the greatest franchise

        • More Cookies 4 Kob

          I’m sure Phil, the most winning coach in NBA history, likes to stick with the most winning franchise in NBA history, the Lakers.

    • Kobe4Life

      Hey were ONE away from tying you guys, Id be worried if I were you! The way things are going for you guys is ANOTHER TWENTY MORE YEARS before you see another title contending team again in Boston, you guys are such a sad franchise, at least we don’t have to trade HALF of our team just to get ONE player, SUCKS TO BE YOU!

  • jw42

    celtics fans cant say sh!t….the celtics have won 1 title in over the last 20 years……STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • patrick bateman

    Phil is “leaning” towards retirement, but hasnt decided yet. Damn, Brian Shaw youre UP!

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