Here is a small update on Bynum. The time is closer and closer, good news here.

Inside The Lakers: “We’ll just have to see how he comes back, not when,” Jackson said. “Does he come back in condition where he can play 25 to 30 minutes? Is he going to be a ‘Starbury’ (Stephon Marbury of the Boston Celtics) where he’s playing 12 or 14 minutes a game, and then increase it that way? So, we’ll see how he fits in. He’s running on the court, and that’s about it. He’s doing some basketball skills. There’s a considerable amount of time before he’s even able to practice with us.”


    Good news! Atleast we know that we are very close to a return. I predict a return the last 2 games before playoffs he’ll be here but that’s just my thought.

  • Mitch Kupchak

    Where in this article does Phil actually say that Bynum will be coming in as a RESERVE?!

  • tito

    Its common sense that hes gonna come in as a reserve!!!
    you cant just plug him in the starting line-up right out of injury.
    look at KG he had a minor injury and is given limited mins!
    Atleast bynum is already stepping on the court and im sure and pray that hell be back before playoffs!!we just need him to be a starter by the finals! CAVS OR CELTS!!!
    now lets get that #1 record!!!

  • sam

    bynum WILL be back, he ain’t going to miss the playoffs this time

  • sketch

    Let the mind games begin! Fcukin Philip, he ain’t wastin no time in master mindin anyone any time! First of all, it’s a challenge that he’s put forth to Bynum and seein if he’s gonna come back into game shape or not by comparin him to “STARBURY”, which was also a back-handed biatch slap to Stephon and the Celdicks. Stephon is only getting about 10-12 minutes a night and his production is, let’s just say…less than STAR-bury. It’s also a challenge to both LO and Ariza to keep their starting jobs by continuing their respective performances.

    I love it, even when asked about his own players, Philip can turn it into a biatch slap towards Stephon and the Celdicks! He’s definitely the Zen Master!

  • Lker Roger

    bynum is a wimp as s punk. hes elden camplell
    boy man no balls . he will run away like he did when he saw d howard . bynum is just like kb 24 said a big waste of a pick he wont deliver.

  • Dracul

    Of course Bynum will be anchoring the 2nd unit. He needs to provide the defensive deterrent, and he could also be the 1-2 in-out punch with Farmar playing along side him. Plus he doesnt need to play that many minutes, and is not required to be in at crunch time. If he does his job well during the rest of the game, there won’t be that many crunch times to begin with.


  • Lakers 24 7

    It is better if Bynum comes off the bench…it will give Gasol some rest, besides, maybe he can give the second unit a lil lift. He can be in the post, and they can create an inside-outside game with the guards, sasha and farmar.



  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #65854 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I can tell your afraid and you’re praying that Bynum doesn’t come back. When he comes back, the Laker team is complete. Face it, we beat the Suckdics with Bynum in L.A. and without Bynum, in Boston no less. You guys got Marbury and he’s crap. Marbury is a cancer and the Suckdics fell for it. The curse of Marbury has begun. Enjoy it Suckdics, it couldn’t have happened to a sh*ttier team. HAHA

  • Juilliards Laker Man

    Bynum off the bench means Orlando Magic style as our second unit. pretty sick. spreads the talent more on the court and gives us a defensive guy who can SCORE coming off our bench. That’s what we need in a six man, not LO who passes. sure our second unit was strong with him, but it’s not using LO in the right way. We need a scoring six man and Bynum is going to open the game for us coming off the bench

  • Chris Ekstedt

    that’s perfect PJ. bring bynum off the bench. bynum is getting a big head as it is, so doing this will force him to play within the team mentality.