Phil is interested in signing another player.

L.A. Times: Finally, I asked Phil if the newfound availability of guys like Joe Smith, Drew Gooden and Luther Head were of interest to the team. That would be an “Oh, yeah.” Said Jackson, “We’re definitely gonna talk about that. Today is kind of an unusual day for us here in the Laker organization, but we’ll huddle up and talk a little bit when we have an opportunity.”

Also, remember that as long as they were cut before midnight they were OK for the playoffs…

  • mr.laker19

    We have to pick up Gooden or Smith. Period. Lets just get it done. Who wouldnt want to jump on this train while they can. And Head would make us more dangerous on the perimeter. We do need help on catch and shoot jumpshots.

  • Lakers 24 7

    we need a veteran big man in our rotation

  • xtro

    enough of the talk. time to walk the walk. we all know what happened last season w/ the lakers’ lack of size. haven’t they learned their lesson yet? sign smith or gooden.

  • Drake Hunter

    Gooden is going to the Spurs unless the Lakers can guarantee him a backup position coming off the bench. If Phil wants to have a 10 man rotation, Gooden will come here, if not he’s already wearing a spurs jersey anyways.

  • 123kid

    smith is headin to the cavs and gooden is headin the spurs. i say we go after stromile swift now or something.


    damn nothing again smith to cavs gooden to the spurs and swift to suns we did nothing again and after the spurs signed marbury and moore…..

  • 123kid

    i think you meant the celtics signed marbury and moore.

  • Lakerfan101

    F U C K
    the lakers FO
    they r f u ck in cheap!
    F u ck

  • Lker Roger

    mitch trade dj mobenga he sucks walton and farmar
    need to go also. We cant win a championship with these bench sitting bums.

  • Smush Walton

    We have a few holes that unfortunately may be exposed during the playoffs. The Machine has been more like The Contraption lately. Farmar is not the point guard of the future. We could use another big with some muscle.

    Past history with Phil is last minute signed players don’t see the light of day off the bench. Seems to me anyone we do sign at this late hour will just end up parked on the bench. Recently there were players available but Mitch sat on his hands and they again went to the Sukdics. Hopefully we won’t be burned again by Mitch’s inaction.

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #63472 Will Be Quoted Here]

    watch your language KID! :cool:

  • xtro

    Robert Horry?

  • derenick

    i want to go lakers basketball team,i know its difficult,but i try very much………… god help me