“When Lamar is at his best, the Lakers are virtually unbeatable” – Mark Jackson

ESPN: Throughout the season, the Lakers’ bench has been the target of criticism. But Wednesday, coach Phil Jackson was generally complimentary of how his reserves performed over the first two games of their first-round matchup against Oklahoma City.

“I have to give them credit,” he said. “They’ve held their own against the Oklahoma bench. We’ve really survived that well.”

Still, heading into Ford Center for Thursday’s Game 3, Jackson believes he’ll need better play from his bench players, starting with the most prominent member of the group. “I think Lamar [Odom] has to give us an imprint in the ballgame,” he said.

Through the first two games, Odom has scored a total of 11 points on only 13 attempts. Jackson believes Odom can have a far greater impact.

“It’s an understanding of what the game is. Opportunities are going to be in shots and little things like that and probably little pockets he finds to make penetration,” Jackson said. “He found a couple in the second half [of Game 2], or one for sure in the second half that looked like he had established the kind of game he plays.”

Told of Jackson’s commentary, Odom, who has spent most of his six seasons with the Lakers fighting criticism about a lack of aggression offensively, seemed unconcerned. “He wants to see me play well offensively,” he said. “He wants to see me get involved. He just wants to see me go and get in my comfort zone.”

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  • justdogm1

    thats like expecting more from a block of wood,

  • only one laker fan

    This guy is a dumb lazy bum. He is stupid think about it he married Kardishian. Yeah she sucks a mean dick
    but marry her?
    This guy screws up and laughs . Its the fucking playoffs jerk off nothing is funny. Maybe you should go to the Warriors . Turiaf is way tougher .He has skill but is a lazy pot smoking dumb dude.
    He is not worthy to be a Laker.

    • kb244life

      I do agree with you only one laker fan. Lamar takes nights off and that’s I would NEVER pay him more than how much he’s making now. He also LACKS FOCUS probably because of he’s marijuana years that screwed up his head. Lamar will never be an all-star because he DOESN’T IMPROVE HIS GAME every year and he’s easily satisfied with what he has.
      Imagine if Lamar has a mentality and work ethic of Kobe. He would be the greatest player of all time and dominate the league. He would be better than Magic, MJ, Kobe, Lebron and everybody. Lamar would average triple double every night. I had LO averaging 35, 15, 10, and 5 in my 2K10.
      It’s frustrating for us laker fans because everybody knows he has the skills, talent, and versatility to dominate, but we always question his head. I’m pretty sure LO is the nicest guy in the entire laker team, but right now it’s PLAYOFF TIME baby, we need toughness and someone who can step-up.
      I don’t think LO will never be the player we want him to be because he’s just not this type of guy and I think he’s personal life and what he went through in the past had an effect on him. We just have to accept him for who he is and hopefully he plays better.

  • kb244life

    FOr the Lakers to win a championship this year, they are going to need everybody to step-up. Last year we won without really having contributions from Andrew. This year we need LO to get atleast 10 pts. every game with limited minutes. We need Artest to knocked down open 3’s and lock down the best player, We need Fisher’s vocal leadership and hit open 3’s. WE need the bench. WE need Andrew to average a double-double and a few block shots every game. WE need Pau to get his average.
    All the laker players have to understand that they have to play better than last year and have the entire team to contibute to win again. Kobe and Pau CAN NOT GET IT DONE alone.

  • Richard

    Odom don’t care cause he got his fat contract, team need to gave player 1 year contract… look at byrum, sasha, luke, and odom all those player are like different player after got their contract renew.

  • dave1003

    Lamar Odom’s nickname should be the magician. He dissapears for a series of games and reapears out of the blue.

  • j.dizzle

    Odom is a pothead, end of story.