A very interesting quote from Rambis:

NBA.com: “Phil wanted me to get a head coaching job. He came out and said he wanted me to have the head coaching job, but Dr. Buss wants Phil to be the coach there as long as he can. Maybe three or four (more) years. This opportunity came about and it was too good to pass up.”

  • daboss1848

    of course PJ wanted you to be head coach. He wanted the lakers to fail, so that his value skyrockets even further!!

    • Short Dog

      Rambis is old school. Give props don’t be talking down on an OG Laker. Don’t hate-Appreciate.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1460601006&ref=profile OaklandLakers

    3-4 more years! This makes my month baby

  • http://6thgenaccord.com KING

    Byron Scott….