During the Denver series, we heard a lot of crying. However, I for one respect coach Sloan very highly; I believe he’s using this as a tactic to become more physical in game 4. Plus is Sloan forgetting Utah fouls more than any other team in the NBA?

SLTribune: With the Lakers having shot a combined 89 free throws in Games 1 and 2, Sloan has registered a few quiet complaints about the officiating in recent days. Talking about Kobe Bryant, Sloan said at Friday’s pregame shootaround:“He’s had pretty much a free rein because it’s a non-contact sport when you guard him.”

Phil did respond to what Sloan had to say…

LockerTalk: “He (Sloan) can’t even open his mouth to speak about that the way Boozer pushes and shoves out there. I mean, he got away with all his pushes (Friday night) that he was getting called on in L.A., so in that regard you just let it go and say the stars get to play their games and the other guys have to keep their hands to themselves.”

  • Lakers 24 7

    Keep fueling the fire Utah..you don’t know whats coming ahead

  • Banzai

    Phil 1..Sloan 0

  • GotAce

    Phil always owns sloan

    and expect this to continue

    we goiN 3-1 in Sunday

    Lakers Baby

  • ab4sure

    I really like PJ but i think Sloan got in the first jab here and seems to have gotten the better quote here. Will the refs let Utah be physical with kobe or will they call the pushes of Boozer??? Will be an interesting game tomorrow and we will see if the laker bigs can learn to be physical too.

  • http://thelakersnation.com kb24 4life

    it doesnt matter, kobe will drop 50 tomorrow because of what the fans said to fish…

  • Jazz are cheaters

    If you watch the rebounds closely, you’ll notice that most of the time the Jazz will push the lakers player in the back right before they jump for the rebound. That’s why they are such a good offensive rebounding team. Phil needs to start the public campaign against bad officiating.