LA Times: In an attempt to bring fans closer to the game, the NBA has decided to start attaching microphones to coaches during some nationally televised games.

Lakers Coach Phil Jackson is ecstatic about the development.

“Oh puh-leez, don’t talk about this. I’m going to stick my foot right in it,” he said.

How so?

“I wasn’t at the league meeting with the coaches this year and I’m very disappointed in my comrades for rolling over on this so easily. But I know that [Commissioner] David Stern must have had a lot of input in it and must have been very adamant about our [television] partnership. It’s going to be real hard on us coaches. We do things in a private zone.

“For people to be in the inner sanctum, where emotions are high and things are happening, it is threatening to us. We’re going to have to get over it at some level. It’s ‘Big Brother,’ though. It’s very ‘Big Brother’-ish. Those things are difficult to absorb.”

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    i think its awesome we’ll be able to hear what everyone is talkin about expecially kobe….

  • e-bucher

    We’ll use it to our advantage,” he said invitingly on Wednesday. “We’ll talk about what a gentle person somebody is, and what a wonderful individual they are to play against on the court, how kind you have to be when you run into a screen, and be sure you help a guy up when he falls on the floor, things like that.”

    – hopefully that happens…XD

  • LD2k

    I don’t like it, at all.

    It’s nice for the fans and viewers, but it gets in the way of the game.

    For instance, they just pulled Karl aside after the 1st quarter and interviewed him. I HATE THAT. It’s intruding on their jobs and is annoying to me. I don’t know, I hate it all.

  • drew

    LD2k I AGREE 100%…..I HATE IT.

    I want the coaches to coach the way they always have and now they can’t cause they have to watch what they say. Like when Phil got in trouble for his BrokeBack comment, just think what he says on the sideline, in the locker room I mean he can not communicate to the team in the manner he usually does.

    The only part I like is the fact that the players have the option. If they want to have the mic thats cool for us to hear, but they can choose not to and thats perfectly fine too cause it is their privacy.

  • HiYo2o

    Let the coaches coach
    Let the players play
    Let the spectators spectate

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #18867 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I agree with you. The problem is though how much spectating do the spectators spectate??? LOL

  • keep24

    I think Phil is worried that people may find out how very little coaching he does.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    keep24 – I think you’re an idiot for making this comment:

    “I think Phil is worried that people may find out how very little coaching he does.”

    Remember 9 titles!!

  • keep24

    [Comment ID #18919 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LakersFirst- I think you’re an idiot for thinking that only Phil Jackson could have won 9 titles with an MJ/SP and Shaq/KB combo!

    You know what his biggest problem is? He can not make adjustments. THIS IS A FACT. We all know.

    He’s a superstar, no doubt. He’s the perfect coach for a team that is on the brink of winning a title.

    He just does not have what it takes to take a team of losers (see: Smush Parker/ Kwame/LO/ Bynum) into the next level.