Glad to see the Zen Master offer advice to Bynum, whom we need so much right now.

ESPN: “It’s going to take some time and we just don’t know when. Obviously we’d like to have him play a couple games at the end of the season, but this morning I told him, ‘If that’s not possible, we’ll take whatever we get in the playoffs at that time.'”

  • lkaokbeer2010

    lets go drew! as long as we get him before we play denver down the road

  • Juice

    Don't worry Phil, you know that that's not his style! Friggin Pansy!

    • Ram

      Try running your couch potato ass up and down the court. You non playing fools always got something to say negative. If Bynum is injured let him get his self together. Any way the Lakers don't give a shit how you feel.