Pau needs to assert himself as “The Man” while Kobe is recovering.

L.A. Times: The bar has been raised for Pau Gasol — by Lakers Coach Phil Jackson and assistant Brian Shaw. They want him to be more of a force for the Lakers when the regular season starts Tuesday night at Staples Center against the Houston Rockets.

Jackson and Shaw maintained that Gasol has to be The Man for perhaps the first month of the season because, as Shaw said, “We’re kind of limping going into the season.”

They want to see more from Gasol in the regular season than what he displayed during the exhibition season, when Jackson lamented once during training camp that the All-Star has “been on vacation.”

  • laffs atu

    Glad to her this

    • laffs atu


  • lakersfirst

    lol, i didnt know that this was the memphis grizzlies

  • Robert.

    Ka Pau !!!!
    Look out for the Conquistador. I think he’s ready.

  • JE Santos

    This isn’t the Grizzlies, and I think Gasol has get used to be the #2 and let the buzzshot to Kobe, tough in the Spanish national team he’s often been ‘the winning shot’ man. But this year he hasn’t played with them, and he has to remember his times in the Grizzlies and in the Spanish team, so that he steps up, and takes a leadership role for the first part of the season.

    But it’s not entirely fair to expect him to recover that role mentality so quickly: he and the team need some time to adjust to that, and preseason has been too short for the Lakers to achieve that… Hope they don’t lose many games in the first month of RS because of this…

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    his back is tired from carrying bryant for two years,give him a break.

    • prlaker

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  • Yellowpurplefever

    Totally agreed with the coaches on this one. Pau has not been himself. Against Minni the other night, Jefferson owned him. He looks fatigue and lost interest. WAKE UP PAU!!! season start next week and we need him to be Co-Captain. Kobe knee does not look good. Time will tell…go Lakers!

  • 242LakerFan

    Hey, he got through the pre-season uninjured. IMO, mission accomplished. But it is time to step up. Come Tuesday night, we’ll see what Pau’s really made of.


    Its’ true, Pau has been content to play or fit in with the Lakers. He want to be liked by the Media and fans alike. He needs to change his mantality to a version of, Take No Prisoners’ if he wants to be in the same class as former Lakers, I mean being as skilled as he is, Pua should demand the ball because with a Team like this Year- Egos’ are goin to flair, But that a good thing. Compete and push and let Phil do his Job to regulate the pecking order and Phil is starting the phycological early by calling Pau out on the Mat.