Phil on Bynum as of 3/17/08:

P.E.: Jackson said Andrew Bynum, still out with a left kneecap injury, “is making progress that we think is real good” in his recovery.

  • Airric23

    This is great news. Come on back baby Bynum. We need you man. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. 1st…


    I’m about to piss my pants.,LO-AB-Pau,YOU SUCKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!

  • The Nugget

    Come back to us!

  • MILO

    No more suffering defense it’s time for Drew to terrorize anyone whom dares to drive in….

  • Michael_23

    Let em start practicing with the team when the Lakers get back on their tough road trip!

  • SliqRiq

    Progress and good news to me is when he’s out there playing with the team, heck with all the updates

  • RD

    this is getting old. how many more “bynum is making progress” your gonna post until he’s really making progress and is days away from playing?

  • osm0nd

    Umm.. espn says that bynum isn’t going to be back until the 1st round of the playoffs…

  • Andrew Gasol

    sorry celtics, i our turn