Here is a small tidbit/update on Sasha:

Twitter: Machinery update: Phil said Sasha (shoulder) could be back in just more than a week.

  • 09champs!

    great :)

    he was getting his game back.

  • Xtro

    Yay!!! Hopefully he’ll play bette now.

    • eff

      Fat chance

  • asg

    hes the only one who has real passion. eventhough it looks like he’s jus crying, i think that type of passion should be pumped into all the lakers. cough cough ARTEST/GASOL wake your asses up

    • http://thelakersnation pwned

      artest? dude hes probably the only one (kobe too) that give it their all every game nad play with passion

      • Green Flannel

        So does sasha he is just not playing well. We know how good his shot is and that is why we are so dissapointed in him

        • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

          “dissapointed” my ass! a week ago we were all screaming to trade him or hang him or something.

  • kwame4mvp

    who cares?

  • TheLakerGenera11

    Lol now there’s a cause for concern when were happy that shasha is comming back and he’s been playing awful..come on lakers we gotta stay focused!

  • Robert

    Sasha comes back – more rest for Kobe (during games) – can’t be a bad thing.

    • eff

      like 5 minutes rest? 8 tops. wow

    • Robert

      I don’t know … maybe more minutes than that. Kobe sure acted as though he was still tired after the 76ers game. If Sasha plays well, he should play more minutes to ramp up for the playoffs.
      Even though we all know Sasha has struggled, there is a chance that he will play really good D in the playoffs, which we need.

  • Sasha4Lvp


  • lakers2000

    Whoohooo! We gonna win the chip now!

  • Stone Cold Steve Austin


  • Mr Terrific