So when is it that the referees DON’T turn against us?

ESPN: “The way we ended up the half I think turned the referees against us and when you do that, that’s an unfortunate thing,” Jackson said. “Ron didn’t back off and didn’t read that official well enough to know, you got to back off, you got to lighten the load, he’s not going to take any more of that. Ginobili forced the issue and got the calls

  • T-dub

    Phil, give me a F@cking Break! The fact is you can't coach and you can't evaluate talent! So when you guys were down by 2 points with 8 minutes to go, the Spurs started a run…why didn't you call a time out after the first 5 points? Your head is so far up your a$$, you don't know which way is up! Your arrogance is what makes you ineffective at this point. You refuse to accept that you chose an inferior bench. You refuse to accept that you don't have a team full of strong willed vets. You refuse to exept that Kobe has no legs because you have ridden him for years with no adaquate help. Having Kobe bring the ball up and be the play maker at this point in his career is just stupid. You guys need and have always needed a ball handling guard who can create for himself as well as others, and preserve what you have left in Kobe. Face it, you can't win without MJ or Kobe! You guys won't even get to the finals this year. When you lose in the western conference playoffs, I really hope it gives you the signal that it's time to RETIRE!

    • airkobe

      phil has the point. lakers had only 2 players who's made an attempt at the line on kobe and pau for 14 tries. you think that is fair?

      • lostinla

        your lack of defense,and kobe`s horrible shooting is the ONLY reason the spurs spanked you.THE refs could care less

        • Green Flannel

          Kobe shot worse in the Jazz game. Loved the refferring there. Spurs got hot at the end due to the refs extreme tunnel vision.

    • Green Flannel

      You're obviously not a laker fan. Phil is clearly not putting a leash on these guys. You know why? Regular-season. It is sort-of a learning experience for the play-offs. Phil has just witnessed that, against a good team, the Lakers can't stop a run. Your head is up your ass. He has the balls to actually tell his superstars (kobe, jordan) what they need to do that is best for their team. Phil is an excellent analysist of players and teams. Him and kobe give tremedously accurate scouting reports. He cannot choose his bench, you fool, he is the coach, not the GM. You can only do so much as a coach. You tell them what to do, if they do it then great but if they don't, then that is their fault. Unless you are joking, this is clearly a big note saying “I know nothing about basketball!” The problem you adressed about the gaurd position is on point. Why didn't you just write that? Hopefully, Mitch can adress that issue and the bench, as well. Kobe is Kobe, he'll take over the ball because he does it so well. I am upset as a Laker fan and this is the BEST oppurtunity for non-laker fans to bash on us. The Lakers have a problem, and if it is not fixed or pushed away for the rest of the season, then we have a smaller chance of winning than we would like.

  • Lak3r

    As soon as the CAVS lost, I knew the Lakers were going to get screwed by the refs

  • Robert

    The Lakers lost to the refs in 2008 Finals. So, last year the Lakers played 5 on 8, and were forced to dominate because they are playing against the odds. They conquered, and won. At this point, the Lakers are not dominating (never mind 'not winning' – in their losses, they are decidedly flat, and not playing to their potential). So, this lowers the chances of a Finals victory considering that they would have to dominate all playoffs long.
    And unfortunately, when Phil or others make comments about the refs, it helps stack other teams in future games with the lack of calls (or, lopsided calls in favor of other teams).
    Here's what the Lakers should do in future games (the playoffs, not the reg season) if the refs start making lopsided calls. Here it is – the answer – right here: the Lakers should 'intentionally foul' in following games. The big players should ALL foul with intent, get kicked out of games early, and leave the remaining Lakers (who?) to play in that game. It makes a statement, and completely f**'s up the 'ill-perceived' spirit of NBA competition. The other teams would win that 'stilted' game, probably easily (can't trust the 'bench slobs'), and then we would re-set for the following game. Sure, it's a gamble, but it makes a statement. Then, if in the game 'after' that 'stilted' game, the refs continue to make calls against the Lakers favor, it would accelerate their exit from the playoffs. With the Lakers OUT of the Finals, the NBA would LOSE because the Kobe vs. LeBron contest would never happen. Then, Stern would think twice before stacking the game.
    OK, that's just a 'scenario' – don't take it seriously. But when the playoffs come – maybe we should think twice about it.

    • member00

      i love you robert
      thats what my family always says should happen
      I understand wanting to make the nba seem more even but when it f*cks with peoples entire seasons, its just too much.

      The Cavs have gone the whole season gettign every call under the sun and the Lakers are treated like pedophiles in prison garb. The one team that gets the nba the most money, not only at staples but at every freaking city, and they f*ck them over this much. It's ridiculous. Next year, Stern, you may lose more than the 400million you lost this time around.

    • Green Flannel

      they should definatley make a statement. whether it is that extreme or not they're should either be a wake-up call or make a statement to the league saying this type of officiating is unexceptable. agree with you all the time robert.

  • lakers0828

    Well Phill time to Pay up 30 grand Now lol