Phil spoke about the current state of the Lakers and standing still in terms of no signing of free agents (ie. Gooden, Smith).

O.C. Register: “We like what we’ve got,” Phil Jackson said. “We don’t want to change the chemistry. We’ve got such chemistry on this team. We can use a big guy, but we anticipate Andrew (Bynum) is going to be back and give us some help in the last month of the season.”

  • mr.laker19


  • Chris Manning

    Bynum coming back > any FA they could sign.

    But I would’ve liked to see someone to bring relief to Gasol’s minutes.

  • xtro

    just a smokescreen. won’t be surprised if they sign an FA soon.

  • daboss1848

    Takes two teams tro make a deal – reports were that Lakers reached out to Smith and Gooden with more money and more years . . .

    Now that Lakers were unable to sign one of the “big” names, PJ is reassuring the team and fans that no move was necessary.

    Imagine he said (what a lot of the “fans” in have been saying) – “yeah, we really needed one of those guys, we didnt get them, now we’re screwed!”

  • 123kid

    so things didnt fall through with signing any of those guys, but theres nothing to do now. we have what we have and so now we still work with what we have. i still think the lakers will get the home court advantage throughout the playoffs.

  • ceballos_neverforget

    Powell and Mbenga can keep us afloat until Bynum gets back. What I’d like is someone who can help us even beyond Bynum’s injury. Why didn’t we go after Luther Head and get an athletic 2/3 combo between him and Bryant? Puke just cant guard the quicker players (pierce *cough*) and Vujacic is so cold, he could ice down Bynum’s knee. A combo of Ariza/Head at the 3 would be great for us!

    If we replay a finals with Celtics or the Cavs, Head and Ariza can take the tough assignments until the 4th when Kobe shuts Pierce or Bron down!

  • T-Dub

    Luther Head is only 6′ 3″. Can’t play the SF. I never liked re-signing Zasha…should have let him WALK! Could have had Posey instead!

  • ab4sure

    ^^^They pursued Posey.

  • ceballos_neverforget


    I meant, when he’s in the lineup, kobe can play the 3…keeps an athletic lineup in there.

  • Lker Roger

    mitch dude c mon make some free agent sign agrements.
    luther head was a steal . why for the future and now
    luke farmar got to go and sasha . these guys are all bench bums. farmar is a joke how he ever became a
    laker is crazy. von wafer makes the guy look like a rookie . walton cant jump and no defense.
    sasha is a head case. also why did you go after mikki moore dude is mean we need that, mobenga is a joke. please please phil get involved this line up wont get out of the west. utah golden state houston
    these teams are good dont take them too lightly.

  • sketch

    I like what Luther Head brings to the table and agree with Ceballos, Head and Ariza can take turns at the heavy assignments and can really throw the opposition into a frenzy! With a player like that, the liability is low because he won’t be expected to contribute on the offensive side and his D is solid!

    Although, I would love for the Lakers to convince Zo to come out of retirement! You all know that that fool is always in shape! He’ll be ready to throw down gary coleman (perkins) and the boston’s entire front court as soon as he comes back! Talk about intensity, that dude was the original “mr. intensity”, kg just ripped it off of him and you all know that kg will just cower away when facing Zo! He ain’t got the sack to go face to face with Zo. Look what happened when he went up against LO, LO got into his head and put that fool in his place!

  • zulficar

    CAN ANYONE SPELL ROBERT HORRY?????? I still dont understand why Phil hasnt signed a great laker veteran who would slide into the rotation like a slice of wheat masked in butter. You have a somebody with a high bball IQ, knows the lakers, hits clutch shots, can play the 4 and 3, and wants to play.

  • Lker Roger

    horry is to old ,why do you think the spurs cut him.

  • Dracul

    You obviously try to pick up who you believe is going to help you the most. If those guys aren’t interested, then bringing in some scrub that everyone in the locker room knows is a scrub, JUST TO SIGN SOMEBODY, signals that you don’t believe in the team you got.

    So in a sense, PJ is going with the obvious second option. Now, looking at the play of backup players like Josh Powell, the guy has FAR exceeded expectations. He hustles, he vacuums the offensive glass, and he has a super solid 15 foot jumper. He definitely contributes, and you don’t cringe when “PJ has to rest X starter to Powell in”. Mbenga, despite not being an offensive threat, is big and strong enough to bang with big bodies and not get pushed off his position, plus he seems to be effective on his blocking. He just needs to foul a little less – as long as they’re not shooting fouls, he should be ok.

    At least we now have a 3rd PG with Shannon Brown, and as long as Bynum returns and plays EFFECTIVELY by the end of April, Lakers have a solid rotation, non-cringe players off the bench who can contribute, and the experience of last year. So overall, as long as they pick up their 3-point defense in the playoffs, Lakers have a very sound outlook for winning the ‘ship.