This one had me laughing. Phil chimed in on Kobe’s ejection from the Seattle game…

Inside SoCal: Here’s how Phil Jackson saw the ejection of Kobe by referee Brian Forte, the son of long-time NBA official Joe Forte, courtesy of beat writer Elliott Teaford:

“You don’t know what the action was down there, but there were a couple of situations where we got caught in the position where guys were coming over the back, and we were complaining about it at halftime, about rebound situations that were not called. Seattle is an aggressive team. They’re going to go get those balls if they’re free.

“I told (Bryant) he shouldn’t jump on Junior. His dad might carry a grudge against him. That’s nepotism in our league. That’s Joe Forte’s son. He’s got a little bit of the red-ass as we say.”

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    hahaha yea , PHil is the best coach in the league , Bill Walton is crazy saying Popavich is the best he should retire from ESPN and take his fake teeth with him

  • kb24 4life

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    along with his son…lol, because luke is not helping us right now…

  • mrjustinoh

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    luke had a nice game last game… :)

  • lakerz

    lol phil is an awsome coach

  • dcb2069

    i think i would be so pissed sometimes to have someone like phil as a grandfather or something…always taking jabs at me and whatnot and not giving a crap what people think. its great.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    PJAX greatest coach ever
    these guys learned to play because of PJAX
    all of you that complain about pjax, about hinm not calling touts!
    u are just idiots
    PJAX has won more than anybody!
    he definitely knows what he is doing!
    you just do not get the whole picture as he does

  • Phant0M

    LMFAO @ at the 1st two comments.

  • True Lakers Fan

    good o’l Philly boy haha

  • Jack

    Is PJ getting fined again? Does anybody know?

    I just love how Phil backs up his players every time something like this happens.

  • Kobe 4 Life Nikkas

    Yeah Phil Jackson should be Coach of The year man sh*t

  • Kwame Brown

    I miss PJ, he has a great sense of humor…

    He made a joke when I had those 7 turnovers and I got booed… he said “are you an f*ckin retard!”

  • KONG!

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    Gee Kwame, I’m surprised that comment didn’t SLIP past you too…