Phil responded to a question about Bynum’s status… “We’ll find out when we get back (to L.A.) whether or not (Bynum) will start running or not. We’re just allowing this part of his body to heal and come back at the appropriate time. I think I said last week, “Don’t ask me again until April.” … There’s nothing that’s going to go on here until April.”

  • Margo

    And Again I say: Bynum WILL return much sooner than the experts think! He will be here in plenty of time for the Lakers to make the playoff push1

  • lakers2000

    Ditto! ^^^^^

  • LakerLoverCelticsHater

    I am still hurt by last night’s loss. To overcome the grief, I decided to write a poem. Just wanted to share it with The Lakers Nation..

    Oh My Lakers – By LakerLoverCelticsHater

    Oh My Lakers,

    If Dodgers Are The Prince,

    You Are “THE KING” Of LA Nation…

    Oh My Lakers,

    Stronger Than Ever,

    From George Mikan To Kobe “Jelly Bean” Bryant…

    Oh My Lakers,

    You Gave Us The Joy With 3-Peat,

    But How Can We Forget When You Didn’t Make The Post-Season…

    Oh My Lakers,

    Loyal Celebrities At The Games,

    From Leo DiCaprio To Jack Nicholson…

    Oh My Lakers,

    Some Fans Might Dislike You,

    But How Can They Ignore Your Presence…

    Oh My Lakers,

    We Have Purple & Gold In Our Vein,

    But Can’t Stand The Green Playing At The Garden…

    Oh My Lakers,

    The Loss Against The Blazers Was Brutal,

    But I Know You Will Step It Up Against Houston…

    Oh My Lakers,

    What The Fans Would Do,

    Without “THE LAKERS NATION…”

  • vibe

    ^^^ damn you dont have to spam this Sh yt all over the blog.
    anyways uhh i dont know about y’all but this doesnt sound good to me.

  • Lker Roger

    we got them worried bynum will be back mitch will sign a free agent before playoffs.
    I heard sprewell horry or surprise ZO morning
    may play ,watch out yall were back.

  • 123kid

    ^i thought any signing of a FA now cannot play in the playoffs.