Photo by Dilip Vishwanat | Getty Images

Despite a left foot injury that has seen Kobe on crutches in-between games. Phil Jackson has made it clear that he has no problem playing Kobe as many minutes as it takes to close out the Hornets in Game 6.

When asked at Wednesdays practice if he had a set amount of minutes to play Jackson had this to say:

“No…this is a game in which we go all out to win, if [we play him] 40 minutes then we do it.”

According to reports, Bryant spent Wednesday morning rehabilitating his ankle, instead of doing light workouts with the team.

Jackson gave an update on Bryant’s Ankle:

“He’s sore, obviously,” Jackson said. “We’re trying to keep the swelling down again. We’re going through that whole process that he started on Sunday to try and eliminate the swelling and try and get some of the soreness out of that joint.”

In Game 5, Bryant scored 19 points (8-13 from the field) in 29 minutes of action.

  • Jack Yang

    Good mind-set. Better to win now than play a game 7.