This settles the rumors up. Apparently, Odom was really down due to a local column in the media (some posted on here in fact) that he would be traded. I’ve always thought it’s a bit ridiculous, but I’m glad to see Phil & Mitch agree with me…

Lakers Freedom Blog: Both Bynum and Odom came by to chat just now. Odom was in one of the more downer moods I’ve ever seen him. He said the first thing that happened in his exit meeting with Mitch Kupchak and Phil Jackson was Kupchak apologizing for a local newspaper column suggesting Odom will be shopped by the Lakers this summer.

  • daboss1848

    when u cant deal with reality, u look for a scapegoat.

    unfortunately, LO is the ez scapegoat here



  • Teik

    LD2k- You have got to be kidding me.. the only reason they apologized was because the Lakers want to make Odom think hes wanted but even emplay has said hes on the shopping list. the Lakers will eventually trade him.

  • Russel Westbrook

    huh? :confused

  • Smush Walton

    Apologize? BS!

    The fans deserve an apology for Lame-O’s piss poor performance and attitude.

    God how I wish we had traded this piece of sh!t instead of Butler! Thanks Mitch!

  • Sako

    So are Phil & Mitch sorry that there’s a stupid rumor like this came out or that they’re gonna trade him?

  • thevoiceofreason

    Thank God! Lamar is a LAKER 4 LIFE!

  • John

    I hope Mitch told Lamar to talk to his boy Artest and convince him to opt out and sign with the lakers for the MLE.

  • 1ofMany

    GOOD NEWS! LO’s consistant play should no longer be broght into question. Since we acquired Pau, LO has been one of the most consistant guys on the team. As far as the Finals are concerned… ya he had a couple sub par performances but who on the team didn’t. If the performance in the Finals is the deciding factor for who should be traded then no one on the team would be safe. KEEP LO! He’s a good dude and is a huge reason why this team has the chemistry it does.

  • 123KID

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    i totally agree with you! boston just shut down both our big men down and now some of us want him traded. ya, i believe there are other guys that are far more better than LO, but there are a lot of people that arent. you just dont find too many versatile point-forwards out there who can run and facilitate with the ball and rebound. but on the other hand, i dont think he should be all p*ssy about the trade rumors! if anything, he should be practicing and getting better for next season, so mitch and phil dont have to regret what they said!

  • goodfella

    see, this is the kind of crap that makes this group of players soft, “ohhh, it’s okay, don’t feel bad, don’t worry about the lack of effort and hustle and toughness you don’t show us, never mind your trip to the line always managing to split your free throws, what’s that? you scored your first field goal in the fourth quarter of one of the most important games for your club in the finals, don’t even trip, what incosistency? the media blows it out of proportion, you keep being you and you’ll see by tomorrow nobody will remember”


    you kidding me.

    bring Artest

    no way Artest is getting punked in the finals

  • gugy

    Not sure keeping Odom is the best thing. The man always fail to deliver on high pressure games. He is not reliable.

    Sure when he plays well, he is great, but his inconsistency is very damaging and his mind is never there when we really need him. Like it was in the finals.

    We need to move Vlad, Luke, Minh and possible Odom.
    We need D, We need couple of veterans.

  • daboss1848

    “The man always fail to deliver on high pressure games.”

    Isnt he the only one who delivered in the PHX elimination game?

    Let me know if we’re just going to ride the selective memory train so I can jump aboard . . .

    Artest is “property of Kings” so Mitch and LO cannot talk to him – tampering = huge consequences.

  • gugy

    I am not having selective memory. If you look you will see he failed many times at very important games. He did have an incredible run at the end of the season and at some playoff games. We were all very excite and hoping he would be the one carrying this team to the trophy. But unfortunately he went back to the old Lamar we all know. He completely disappear at the finals showing up only great at the first half of game 4, I think.

    I would love to keep him, but the reality the Lakers might need his salary to attract trades that might be very good for us. Not sure if Artest will be the man for such a trade, but we can probably get a better player than Lamar for the situation we will have next year with Bynum back.

  • kb24 4life

    keep LO….

  • SliqRiq

    Great News!!!! LO is a definite need for us.

    NBA wanted Boston to win series simple as that, people keep talkin how much more physical they were than us and thats only cuz they wouldnt let LA be physical back with them without giving us the fouls cuz if I remember they let us be really physical with both Utah and SA and lets face it Utah is far more physical than Boston.

    They the NBA let LA play that way so they could have they’re dream finals of Boston and LA

    Anyhow Lakers will be fine with what they got
    GO LAKERS!!!!!!


    Read the article about RJ(in New Jersey,he’s called “The Pierce Stopper).Now if a guy on my team had played in the Finals the way LO did….HE BE GONE,sorry but truth is truth,man,if I’m on my JOB and worked the way LO played,I’D BE FIRED,Donald Trump style!

    LO is very versatile and when he’s on his game he’s unstoppable but he doesn’t know it,it shows up in spurts and I know he’s dealin’ with a lot and let’s be honest they’re keepin’ him just to get Artest and THAT’S SAD.Hoping to get 1 guy to satisfy many needs,did anybody see the Finals,to many Smell-tics in double figures,Rondo had 22,WTF?!?

    I’ma say the way it needs to be said,LO better hope 2 things,1)They acquire Artest……2)He transforms his game into James Worthy’s or y’all could be seeing LO in Lakers uniform for the last time.

    Mitch is The Man but he’s toooooooooo soft on these players,where Jerry West would’ve KICKED IN THE DOOR WAVIN’THE 4-4(R.I.P. BIGGGIE)and…..let’s say RJ or Artest probably be wearin’ LO’s jersey.

  • Smush Walton

    What is wrong with all you Lamar lovers? Are you complete idiots? morons? Are you blind?

    How many more clumsy charge fouls, stupid turnovers, shots flung up while falling down, blown layups, point blank misses, bricks, or airballs do you need to see? Any more than two dribbles consistently leads to DISASTER and his outside shooting is HORRENDOUS!

    This guy only showed up for ONE quarter in the SIX finals games vs Boston. After game 5 he arrives at a nightclub AFTER MIDNIGHT for who knows what.


    LOYALTY is one thing, but REALITY is another!
    Wake up and smell the coffee people. Time to pull your heads out of the sand (or out of your a$$e$)!

    For the money we are paying him, this guy has to GO!
    We have heard about his “versatility” and “potential” for four years now. Enough already – let’s cut our losses while there are still some naive teams out there that still think he has some value.

    The ONLY way I keep him is as a RESERVE and after a HUGE PAY CUT.

  • lakerschamps08

    man this is ALL just cuz we lost the fukin finals.. just cuz refs fuked up in game 1 and 2… and cuz we cant hold a 24 pt lead… WTF!!!!!
    if we won, we would have no problems with LO, sasha and ronny would come back easy with no hesitation… winning solves EVERYTHING

  • Mitch Kupchak

    watch them pull a fast one sayng that “Odom, we want u.” but then they trade him for someone without him even knowing it.

  • willow

    [Comment ID #41272 Will Be Quoted Here]


    Too many passives not enough aggressives. “Ohh it’s okay LO, don’t listen to the media…you’re exactly what we’ve been looking for in a player that’s been in the leauge 10 years and we’re still expecting your “potential” to surface.”

  • willow

    [Comment ID #41273 Will Be Quoted Here]

    How exactly are you proposing to do this? It’s easy to say “move this” and “move that” but other teams are also looking to unload their garbage players. Would you take someone else’s trash?


    wow some people here don’t know sh*t about bball, we need LO. if we get artest he could very well be our pg.

  • gugy

    is not my job to figure out how this needs to be done.
    Even if I told you how it could or could not make sense it would not make any difference. If I told you last year that Memphis would trade Gasol for Kwame and Critt you would be laughing your a$$ off.

    What I know is Luke, Minh and Vlad are piece of sh•t players that do not contribute much for our success and Lamar has a huge salary that could be use on a trade to acquire players that we need big time. Micth needs to figure out how. Not me.

  • Mamba2410

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    Exactly! If we’re going to trade Odom (guys…he’s never went to the East/West Finals/3rd Round, also he was playing SF I think with Heat and Clippers and didn’t have to be that aggressive in the paint, he wasn’t ever forced to be this aggressive before, GEEZ! Give Odom some slack!), then we’ll have to trade Gasol, Kobe, Farmar, and the rest of these guys because as we all know we’re just blaming Odom just because he can’t shoot like a SF, well, sorry to dissappoint you guys, but he is definitely a TRUE PF! Sure, he has decent speed, good passing abilities, good handles, and PG like reflexes and such, but he is long, scores well in the post if he knows how to at the time, and rebounds very efficiently. I say we should re-sign him for like 6-8-mill and treat him and Gasl as the best role-players on the team, because truely they do play like that, Gasol doesn’t score that much, but he just has a huge role that people expect him to succeed in, as well as Odom, but when you have a Big 3 or better like for the Pistons: Billups and Hamilton=Stars, Rasheed and Prince= Best Role Players, for the Lakers: Kobe= Superstar, Bynum, Gasol and Odom=Best Role Players, make scence? So guys, cut Odom some slack, remember “HE WAS NEVER MEANT TO SHOOT EFFICIENTLY FROM THE OUTSIDE, SAME FOR KG, but they still can!

  • yellowpurplefever

    Smush Walton you hit it right on the nail. He is way too inconsitent> pls don’t bring up the Phoenix series of yester years. This now and the future of LA and its a business. Winning will bring us joy, especially to LA and OC and SD

  • willow

    [Comment ID #41310 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Ok fair enough…but you’re just pointing out what everyone here already knows. I would love to get rid of those guys…but I would try and come up with a trade scenario that MIGHT make sense before I come here and start sayin “get rid of this” and “we need to move that” I’m just sayin…but I get your point.

  • LakersFirst24

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    LO can talk to artest but not mitch until he opts out… there would be no tampering if a player only lobbied for him.

  • daboss1849

    [Comment ID #41319 Will Be Quoted Here]
    You are so right LakersFirst24

  • ab4sure

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    We wouldn’t have gotten Pau if we did that.


    There just saying sorry cause his getting traded.

  • lakers4lyfe

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    the reason that LO didnt show up for the second half of game four was becuase of the celtic defense. you guys are not giving the celtics half the credit they deserve for their defense. its not that our players sucked…its just that the celtics locked us down.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #41291 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Can’t find any article about Jefferson being a pierce stopper… have a link???


    I live in DC and have NBATV so I can catch those whenever….there’s your article or you can check the stats on

  • sclakerfan

    Odom’s trade value now isn’t very high. I think that they should see how it works out with Bynum and Gasol.

    I’m also hoping that some other team, like the Suns has a horrible year and decides to dump salary before the trade deadline so that they can get someone like Amare for Odom. Not likely, but I was shocked that Memphis gifted Gasol to the Lakers for Kwame and Critt so I guess some owners like money more than winning a few more games.

    I also think another reason that the Lakers keep Odom is that when Bynum is sitting on the bench, there will be a huge drop-off in rebounding. Turiaf made up for some of that in the regular season, but he was nowhere in the finals. So I see Odom, although he might start at the 3, playing more 4 next year with Gasol or Bynum playing the 5 when one or the other is on the bench. I wouldn’t get Mimh that much playing time, at least not in the playoffs unless he proves that he can get back to the level he was playing before his injury.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #41348 Will Be Quoted Here]

    So basically you made up an article even though there is none. Also the evidence doesn’t support Jefferson being a Pierce stopper. In three games he scored 28/15/18… averaging 20 points right at his avg. Plus his rebounds and assists were good. The last game i didn’t include becuz boston was resting their starters and PP only played 17 minutes. Is RJ a PP stopper. NO.

  • daboss1848

    PP stats vs. NJN:
    17 min, 2-5, 7 pts – – 40%
    40 min, 7-11, 18 pts – – 63.6%
    39 min, 6-10, 15 pts – – 60%
    40 min, 9-19, 28 pts – – 47.4%

    53.3% avg against NJN vs. FG 46.4% on the year

    Pierce stopper? Perhaps a Pierce neutralizer b/c RJ’s stats against PP are similar:
    44 min, 10-15, 24 pts – – 66.7%
    34 min, 6-12, 17 pts – – 50%
    39 min, 7-19, 21 pts – – 36.8%
    42 min, 7-18, 28 pts – – 38.9%

    46.9% avg against BOS vs. FG 46.6% on the year

    Again, lets not fall for the grass is always greener routine – most experts say RJ is not enough for LO, throw in picks and/or potential rook – we can discuss . . .

  • andrew bynum

    according to,0,1340770.story if you read a few paragraphs down you will notice that it says that lamar will play guard. wow that would be great. don’t trade lamar period. he is fbeeeeeeepkin able to play all six positions, (point guard, shooting guard, small forward, point forward, power forward and center)

    Lamar at point guard
    first of all, even for a point guard, lamar is beyond excellent ball-handler and passer, nothing needed to be said

    second of all, he will really post up alot of point guards, nate robinson, earl boykins especially. he can even post up lebron james who can play point

    third he is tall so he can see the court and make great passes

    and if youv give him the slightest bit of space he will shoot over you

    on defense with his length it is very hard to score

    Shooting guard

    he will do almost the same thing as if he were a point guard
    he can probably also defend the shooting guard well

    small forward, he will usually use his size and sometimes his quickness

    power forward, uses mostly his quickness and sometimes his size. will get many defensive rebounds leading to a fast break

    uses quickness. lots of rebounds, fast break offense will be the best. 5 man weave

  • Odom the worst player

    I agree Smush Walton, but I want to add a few comments. Don’t forget this guy doesn’t even try on defense. All he does is hold his hands in the air without even trying to blocks shots. To me that’s letting your team down by not even trying. Think back to the utah series. When odom was in the game D williams or utah kept driving down the lane because he knew odom was just going to hold his hands up and not try to block his shot, but when Turiaf was in the game he blocked williams shot everytime, because Turiaf Tries hard on defense. He don’t just hold his hands up.

  • True Lakers Fan

    Keep LO he will mesh with Pau

  • True Lakers Fan

    and i think it will b great if he plays G cause he got the ablity

  • Smush Walton

    Lame-O at GUARD?

    Talk about footage for the NBA Blooper Reel!

    This half-brain has to be one of the most slow footed clutzes on the floor.

    When he has the ball up top his defender will SAG into the PAINT. The other team will PAY HIM to shoot outside because he mostly throws up BRICKS!

    Any more than two dribbles by Lame-O consistently leads to traveling, charges, clumsy shots while falling down, the ball being stripped away! What a farce this will be!

    No thanks, four years is enough for the Lame-O Clown Show!

    The ONLY way we should keep this half-brain is as a RESERVE and ONLY after a HUGE pay cut!

  • willow

    [Comment ID #41355 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Only one problem with this: INCONSISTENT!

    No heart or passion. He disappears way too many times when he’s needed. Not to mention missing point blank layups. Is he afraid of the rim??? I’m no LO basher even though I sound like one but we’ve been wating for him to come out of his shell forever.