Phil had this to say to all you chicken little’s out there in Lakers Nation…

O.C. Register: “The sky is not falling,” Jackson said.

  • 123kid

    sign of not to panic! we’ve lost home court, but we can bounce back. but its something that should not happen again.

  • Mr. Laker

    But its definitely getting closer…..

  • Anthony

    No, but your chances of getting that tenth ring sure have taken a dent.

    These Lakers need to wake up. Phil should force someone to hold their eyelids open while they watch game 6 of last seasons NBA Finals.

  • dEDGE

    Thanks Dr. Phil. For a moment there, I thought I was watching the Clippers.

  • mr.laker19

    I dont care, long as we dont lose. WE BETTER NOT LOSE!

  • Lakers 24 7

    No need to worry yet. Orlando and Atlanta both lost home court but still managed to pull through.

  • Mitch4Pres

    yes it is

  • Michael Perez

    lol. Phil is the best.
    Lakers in 5 or 6.
    We’re all good lakerfans!

  • Michael Perez

    oh yea, and it’s kinda cool that there is a little panic and uneasyness for enjoyment sake, right? i didnt want to sleep throughout the playoffs while the lakers blew everyone out. a little competition brings the best out of everyone, including us fans.

  • ilikebasketball


  • nick

    I love the lakers. But they need to act like they want to win a championship and I did not see that the other night. Cleveland is taking care of business and that is what the lakers need to do! LETS GO LAKERS, WAKE UP!!!!

  • dom1020

    i kinda wish it was though, so i dont have to watch the clippers, i mean lakers play this poor offensively.

  • Lakerfan101

    [Comment ID #69951 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i agree with that

  • lakers1fan

    I know the sky is not falling “YET” but if the LAKERS keep playing like crap, loosing leads, and some players being M.I.A I don’t know but one thing I want to say is, “it’s a bioatch the cavs took almost 2 weeks off and came back today STRONG with a purpose (2 Win a CHAMPIONSHIP)Lakers got a week off and come back loosing a home game totally the opposite of the cavs. No purpose, no heart, shooting bricks, and most players being M.I.A. Game 1 suxed sooo bad that phil had to put in “Farmar” you read…”Farmer” I don’t know but I wont believe the sky is not falling after I see the Lakers playing like these are the “PLAYOFFS” not a regular season game????

  • RingIn2009?

    omg – PJ is an idiot! Everyone stop backing him up with his 9 rings already. With the talent on this team he should be crushing other teams. The sign of a great coach is to get the most out of each player. He is not doing that. He is stacked with talent and can barely win games. He does not have this team chomping at the bit for the ring. They keep sleep walking through games – one day they will wake up and find out they lost 4 in a series and the 2009 dream will be over. They’ll make the same excuses and say “we’ll get them next year”. PJ – stop with the zen crap and coach this team to their potential.

  • Kb24sdbest

    I’m not panicked, because i still believe we can win it all, but I’m concern. The lakers have some issues that needs to be fixed before we win the championship. Kobe takes too many jump shots, i’d like to see him drive to the basket more, and play more of a team oriented defense with attitude and passion like KG in Boston. Lamar with 1-6 free throws is unacceptable, it shows lack of focus and commitment to practice and improve on his free throw percentage. Pau is too soft physically and mentally, he’s too passive at times, and need to be more aggressive. The whole team is scared to commit fouls thinking they are not going to play with foul trouble that opponents are just passing by them to the basket. As much as the lakers want to say or don’t want to admit, i still think that they are too soft physically and mentally. I don’t see any energy, effort, or resiliency on their part and they better get it together or else it will be the same as last year.

  • CrystalJeanBean

    I know the sky is not falling but it was a tough game to watch. Then it was sad to see how awesome the cavs did (after a longer break) and compare it to the lakers. I hope they watched that game and went “damn we need that energy” I dont care if there is rust, come on its the PLAY OFFS that ring is a handful of games away. I just hope they come out with energy. Heck even boston who lost at least LOST with ENERGY, sigh, and I hate Boston so saying that hurts.

    ilikebasketball on May 5, 2009 at 8:08 pm said:


    Amen, I think he can really help.

  • gugy

    I agreed with PJ.
    The Lakers will rebound staring Tonight!
    I predict at the most LAkers in 6.

    Overconfidence can kill you.
    We do need to respect Houston and play with energy and heart. The Cavs are doing this now and doing it very well.
    Lakers need to bring hunger and intensity big time at all games. It does feel that sometimes they are complacent and that’s a really bad thing.
    Also Denver is coming on the 3rd round and even though we swept them last year, they will be hungry for revenge. We need to be aware of this dangers.

  • VIC

    Jackson Should take the laker to a DODGERS game so they can how a real TEAM PLAYS. Not depending on 1 guy to win the game



  • peter yoo

    Even though Phil Jackson is a outstanding coach, he’s not my favorite coach. Meaning I also don’t like Phil Jackson because he ruined Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing opportunity. He really discusses me and I am sick of him winning. I hope he will get fired soon.