Is this his plead to get some talent other than Kobe on the roster? Sound-off in the comments and tell us what you think.

L.A. Times: Into the Hall, down to the crossroads . . .

Ten days from his 62nd birthday, with nine NBA titles, still walking with a cane after hip replacement surgery, Phil Jackson is entering the Basketball Hall of Fame. If you’re wondering what’s left for him with the Lakers, so is he.

“This could well be my last year of coaching,” Jackson said before flying to Springfield, Mass., for tonight’s induction. “I’m not saying it is but it could be.

“I think I have an outstanding offer to sign up again, but I have held that back because of my recovery. . . .

“Then there’s the basis of how well the team does. . . . If this team doesn’t move forward quickly, and that’s, I think, the second round of the playoffs, then I think we have to reconsider.”

Jackson, who had a second hip replacement in June, didn’t come back to rebuild, any more than owner Jerry Buss hired him back at $10 million a year to make the first round of the playoffs.

Looming above everything is the possibility that this will be Kobe Bryant’s last season here too, assuming that last season wasn’t his last here.

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  • Michael_23

    Even coach hopes that this Laker squad can go to the 2nd road of the players.

    … I hope so too. This current Laker roster … makes me nervous. Can they do it with so many good Western Conference teams?

  • cyrus

    That photo is awful.

  • foxxy


  • Fan of the Mamba

    The ball is in Jim Buss’s court now. He can heed the basketball people or he can continue to make this about what he thinks is best when he hasn’t a leg to stand on when it comes to making good player personnel decisions. Now is the time for Jim Buss to solidify the Laker future as either win now or wait for 10 years. He will not have the luxury of doing both. Neither Phil nor Kobe have ten years left and it’ll take that long to win again if they leave.

    But if you ask me the decision is self-evident.

  • gugy

    I feel this will be the last season for PJ and Kobe. Very sad feeling. I really hope I am wrong, because losing the best player and the best coach of the NBA now and all time is really bad.
    Jerry Buss gave the crown to Jim, spoiled child that doesn’t understand about basketball. The Lakers should go to Jerry’s favorite son, Magic johnson.
    Now let’s pray because even if the Lakers have a good season i have no doubt Kobe and PJ will leave. They want a contender,not a playoff team.

  • double
  • fatty


    snipper had a good link to a article that questions Plashke’s take


    Your comment made me think of the movie Gladiator. You know the one where the Father bestowed the Empire on the General only to have the jealous unworthy son kill his father and take over. Well, not exactly the same, but the wicked new Emperor reminds me a lot of Jim Buss. lol

  • fatty


  • wasay24

    forget him and get mike from duke

  • gugy

    Mike won’t come.
    He’s a king at Duke. I bet the last thing he wants is deal with the Lakers soap opera.
    PJ is a fantastic coach. We need a decent FO.