Interesting stuff from Phil. He began talking about the second unit.

L.A. Times: “We have some disgruntledness on the team, and that’s because their own personal game isn’t going well, and they have to break out of that,” he said.

  • lakerschamps09

    i think he means farmar and prolly sasha…

  • Eidraq

    farmar, luke and sasha…i do believe sasha can play better tho soon enough

  • domz

    yup. those two always want to shine

  • Mitch4Pres

    dude lakers r so f ucked

  • daboss1848

    no better way to create camaraderie than to blast your own team in public

  • lafanfromindiana

    I think we need to send Farmar down to the D-league for a few weeks so he can get his confidence back before the playoffs. Maybe he will also come back with a hunger to play defense and not throw lazy passes. And as far as Sasha, start by giving him a haircut or send him packing with his soccerball and smelly headband.

  • lakerschamps09

    boss wat u want him to do???? hes always done it like that u know that….

  • zgum

    Farmar wanted to be a superstar!




    What’s up with all the haters up in here? If you got nothing better to do then go play with fire or something we don’t wanna hear it. Farmar is just in a slump and will get back into his energetic shape when he gets some talent around his bench squad. No one tries so he gives back the same laziness. Just wait till Ariza gets back onto the bench he will be shining.

  • dawg

    [Comment ID #65112 Will Be Quoted Here]

    How is he blasting the team you dimwit?
    By telling the truth.

  • kwame4mvp

    sasha needs to go…

  • daboss1848

    dawg, u right fragment and i dimwit? (sertanly hoap ur higaker roat dat)

    Truth always needs to be told – but in private, not by airing dirty laundry in public – to embarrass players, create tension, and give our opposition ammunition. Pre Phil Jackson, fans were hidden from goings on in locker room. Post PJ, books are written lambasting our superstar, role players get killed in papers, starters get crucified with name calling – its all funny, and its PJ being PJ . . . but it doesnt change the fact that it’s unprofessional.

    MT gives examples of how the media would stand outside locker room and hear yelling, screaming, cursing, banging, fighting – and team response was “Dont know what youre talking about – Nothing Happened”

  • dawg

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    He didn’t go out and air the whole FUCCKING TEAM U CRETIN.
    He said there was disgrunteledness on the team and briefly spoke about it.

    THis doesn’t cause tension unless you’re a weakly emotional b1TCH like u 1848
    GOD, you’re so stupid,
    this was a reality check for the Lakers bench, and they know it, now the public knows Phil see’s tension between the players and hopes it will placate before postseason starts,

    He just answered a fuccin question and expanded on it.
    NOTHING unprofessional about that u damn fool


    Daboss has somewhat of a point!
    …Old Man Jackson is one of the few, if not the only coach, who will use negative connotations-(blast), outside of the locker room-(public forum), in an attempt to rile up some sort of positive reaction.
    …Problem with this is; it’s a total shot in the dark, and is 50/50 at best at fixing anything…
    Cases in point: Shaq, Kobe, Vlad, etc, etc.

  • lakerschamps09

    whos MT????

  • daboss1848

    MT – Mychal Thompson

    dawg, we both name ur a name hijacker – so if u cant take the time to even give an opinion using ur real name, i wont take the time to further respond . . .

  • dawg

    then why respond in the first place?


  • Dracul

    [Comment ID #65127 Will Be Quoted Here]

    That’s because nothing DID happen. That’s business as normal for any male team sport. What exactly would satisfy your ‘sensibilities’? If you heard that they sang Kumbaya and burned incense after a loss?

    And what do you except people to report out of the locker room? A detailed transcript of everything that was said? “I was open on the other side, that foo’ didn’t even look my way, what a ballhogging n*gger! F*ck!”. Yeah right, dude go home. go to sleep.

  • #1 Laker Fan

    I definately hope Sasha gets traded for a better 3 point shooter next year. I DO NOT think he is worth the 5 mil or so contract we gave him and he is not the shooter he was last year, and that is what hes paid to do, drain the 3’s and be a pesky defender. this year he hasnt done any of those.

  • let there be light

    The problem wit hthe team is, sasha needs to just shoot. i mean spot up like he used to. farmar needs to pass the ball. these young guys need to understand that they are role players and the stars are already set. kobe gasol odom bynum fisher. till they retire they will never be the #1 option. the only one closest is Ariza. LUKE WALTON is a waist of time. Mitch did a good job, but giving a soft, no balls, no shot, no dunking ability, gets blocked by 6ft point guards type of player bug money (LUKE WALTON) was the worst move i have ever seen as a laker fan. eveyone complains about Odom, but WALTONN is the std. So phil needs to play sasha, mbenga more and he finally sees wat powell can do and used his sense of coaching. we got rid of one bad contract, can Mitch pull off one more miracle. sorry guys i just hate luke waltons game.

  • #1 Laker Fan

    hahaha i feel u man… when he started luke i was like WTF… i mean he has good “basketball IQ” and he can pass the ball, but other than that, he should never have started PERIOD. Coach Jackson loves luke for some reason or other (probably cause his dad was a success) and thinks he has some potential. The thing with Sasha is that even when he is spot up shooting, he tends to miss a lot, takes bad shots and makes stupid moves. I think he lost his touch. Other than that I hope to see both of them traded for 1 good role player that can both shoot the 3 and play intelligently.

  • machine lover

    i wish i can go up to sasha and jfarm and ask them wtf is seriously wrong?! its just so frustrating already. they better and they will play up to the talents soon enough. enough of that trading bs.

  • daboss1848

    Dracul, perhaps ur blood supply intake was low when u read my comment.

    MT is Mychal Thompson – and he gives examples of how arguments during his day were kept private. So no, something did happen, but as far as public was concerned, nothing happened.

    My point was exactly what u sarcastically imply – I want nothing coming out of the locker room. I want family struggles, complaints, arguments, and secrets kept internal. That would appease my “sensibilities”.

  • what will be

    role players will be role players I guess…

  • stdecker

    finally people are realizing how crappy sasha an luke are(sasha ecspecially)! Dump them next year!

  • showtimelakes

    That’s not news to me you can see it in their play. Farmar and Sasha are playing like something is bothering them.


    Blood supply intake low? …A sarcastic Dracula? …Must go home & sleep?
    …Could dawg be the Werewolf incognito! …ooooooooowwwwwww… ROFLMAO

  • LakerSmartz

    Yea… bynum sucks now as you can see 3 or 4 rebounds in the playoffs they should take out bynum and get some young center and make him the best because the Phil is a able to do that