Phil at the press conference after last night’s loss mentioned this. Here is what he had to say…

L.A. Times: Apparently, did Jackson, who took the unusual step of threatening roster moves even before the cheering stopped.

“We have to get some players if we’re going to come back and repeat, to have that kind of aggressiveness that we need,” he said.

So when they return next fall, some of the Lakers might be new.

After this awful farewell, it is hoped that some of them will also be improved.

  • The Nugget

    SUN YUE!!! SUN YUE!!! SUN YUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Since Artest wants to stay in Sactown(he needs to fire his agent),GET Maggette,Pietrus,Azubuike,JO,Josh Smith,Gerald Green(I’d rather have him with a LOW IQ than Luke or Vlad with a HIGH IQ),PICK TWO OF THESE PLAYERS AND I GUARANTEE DAMN WE WILL BREAK THE BULLS RECORD OF 72!


  • shakobe

    i am with you nugget lets get him here asap.. but do we have his rights??? did we trade it away or do we still have it?????????? Lets Go Lakers We needed this ass kicking were going to be back on top soon…..

  • Lakers 24 7

    Get an SF who can defend. Posey, Artest, Maggette..pick one

  • lakersforlife77

    I don’t care what Artest is saying, GetArtest!

  • Jonathan

    I think we should get an old friend of ours, SHAWN MARION!!! I don’t think he is content with being with the Heat and will sign with us for the chance to win a SHIP’! DO IT MITCH! GET MARION BACK IN LA!!!

  • ab4sure

    How bout teaching some Defense and if your need help in that area hire a defensive minded coach.

  • Michael_23

    Keeping LO, Pau, Kobe, and resigning Bynum to an extension is going to put a huge dent the Lakers wallet.

    If we’re going to get a free agent, we can’t afford it so unless one of the free agents and our starting front court is will to take a paycut, we wont have any new players coming in.

    How is Shawn Marion, Agent Zero, Elton Brand, JO, etc. Going to take paycut?

    Anyone agree?

  • xtro ’nuff said.

  • gugy

    Lamar must go. We need to get his huge paycheck and apply it to better players.

    Sorry, He does not perform under extreme pressure.

    Also if there is any way we can unload Vlad and Luke, please do so. Those two are garbage.

  • e

    i think its safe to say that us fans are thru with vlad rad’s lazy defense and lack of focus

  • lakersfan17

    Odom is gone, get some good Defensive SF. thats all sign kwame as well.


    Maggette or JO are more likely to take a paycut,Artest is letting his agent ruin his chances at a ‘CHIP.I would love to get also but we have to think,why get only 1 when we have multiple problems at SF and PG and it showed last night and Kobe needs some to come and can TAKEOVER when he’s on the bench or strugglin’,GET MAGGETTE(CHEAPER)!

    Remember Lakernation,Phil at the press conference said “we need SOME PLAYERS”!

  • Jonathan

    The only way players like Maggette, Marion, and Artest will come if players like LO and others are willing to take a huge paycut to continue to play for a Championship. This is not far fetched at all. We see it around the league numerous times. Even Agent 0 said he’ll take a pay cut as long as Jamison and Butler stay with the Wizards. What the Lakers must do is tell LO to take a paycut or leave becuase with his production, I would rather sign someone who can play with some defensive intensity and puts his heart and soul into the game. We need to focus on who has that intensity and who is only on here for the free ride.

    1. VLAD RAD
    5. DJ MBENGA



    LAKERS 2009!!!

  • lakerschamps08

    yea see this always happens when u lose the championship, if we won nobody would want anybody gone or traded except maybe luke and vlad rad but this sucks 3 horrible days in a week…. but yes we need changes..
    i dont think we can get good players cuz they wont take paycuts cuz all they care bout is the money(most of them).. artest would be great, marion maybe but then LO must be gone.idk wats gonna happen with sasha,ronny r they coming back or wat… soo a lot of Q’s to be answered but we all know kobe dont give a fuk he knows we can win with this team its just that we did not have bynum and 2 the refs, stern and whole nba wanted the celtics to win all becuz of that bicththth kg…
    we will be back next year just with some new players…..
    go lakers

  • Jonathan

    True some players only want the money aspect, but there are some that are willing, to do anything, just to compete. I’m just saying that we need to let go of some players that showed me that they have no passion for the game whatsoever, but only play for the supposedly HIGH BASKETBALL I.Q. that they have. I would rather have a player with a LOW BASKETBALL I.Q. BUT PLAYS WITH HEART EVERY GAME AS IF IT WAS HIS LAST. THAT’S WHAT WE NEED FOR NEXT YEAR. BESIDES YOU’LL NEVER KNOW. MAYBE MAGGETTE, OR MARION, OR EVEN ARTEST SEES THAT AND DECIDES TO COME OVER. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE ONCE AND FOR ALL…

    LAKERS 2009

  • Lakers in 2009

    For sure we need to let these guys go: Radmonavic, Walton, Mbenga, Mihm, Newble, Karl. I’d still stay we need to keep Odom for now to see how he will mesh with the team with Andrew Bynum coming back. If it looks like Odom is not jelling well, then we can move Odom before the trading deadline.

    For this offseason, the Lakers need to make some “deals” or acquire free agents that garner the aggressive/physical mentality and preferably a savvy veteran. Guys that I would like to see the Lakers, at LEAST, target are:

    *Ron Artest can score, nice defender

    *James Posey is something the Lakers might take a look at. He kinda reminds me of a “younger Robert Horry”. Good defense, shoots the 3.

    **Some are suggesting Baron Davis. If you want to get your money’s worth, I wouldn’t take him it at all. Davis is prone to injurys with his back and knees.

  • T-Dub

    Phil needs to get his own S-H-I-T together before bringing in new players. Who wants to come here if PJ wont play them? I really think we can get Arenes or Marion by trading Odom or Gasol. I think Artest will opt out and come to LA. We may even be able to get B. Davis by giving up Farmar and Odom.

  • lalaland

    maggette and marion are all about the money. if winning was important for marion he would have never asked for a trade. maggette does not play defense so why would you want him on the team. as for ron we have a shot if he takes mle even then because we are over the cap we gonna pay like $10 mil for the guy. i dont know but we need to resign ronny sasha and some how get rid of luke and radman for something anything is better than thos numbnuts. anyways ron would be great but why nott bring sun yue and give him a chance at the point and ariza at the sf and get some more defensive minded bench players.

  • Tyler Pham

    Trade Gasol for Jermaine Oneill!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan

    what do you mean MARION IS NOT A DEFENSIVE PLAYER?!!!! UMMM LAST TIME I CHECKED HE WAS A PRETTY GREAT DEFENDER. anyways i do understand the money situation that we are in right now. That is why I am hoping that some players get traded while others take paycuts, such as Odom. I don’t think a player of his caliber should be paid 13 mill a year with the type of production he is giving us. But most importantly we must find a way to let go of Walton and Radman. These players are the type we do not need despite their supposedly great spacing and High Basketball I.Q. Hopefully we can bring in Maggette from the Clips to help us out at the SF. Marion would do well here too but if he wants to play for the crappy Heat next year, that’s his choice. As for Ron Ron, we’ll see what happens this summer. But i do think he’ll be a man of his word and stay with the Kings for another year. But let’s focus on these things getting done first.
    1. Trade Walton and Radman for a savy Defensive minded SF who plays with Passion every night.
    2. Release Mihm, Ira Newble, Dj Mbenga. * I still cannot believe Phil would play Mihm over Newble during these finals! I mean c’mon!!!
    3. Resign Sasha & Ronny most importantly. I love these guys. They have proven that their heart is in the right place and would do anything to win. * A small suggestion to Sasha. Hit the Weights this summer! You need to get a little more muscle on ya!
    4. Hire a Defensive Minded coach if no trade or free agent signings are not possible. * This is Phil’s weakness. We need someone that can instill the value of DEFENSE and find a way to utilize it in a effective manner.


    What do you all think?

  • LakersFirst

    If you guys are talking trades, the only trading piece the Lakers have is LO and his $14M expiring contract. With Bynum coming back next year, you’ll have a defensive presence who can clog the middle but a defensive minded perimeter player is needed (i.e a defensive minded small forward). Ariza is a good defensive player but he’s not physical enough.

    The Lakers do not need to acquire a heavy scorer, they need to acquire a defensive minded physical perimeter player.

  • Jonathan

    That is what im saying. We need a Defensice SF!!! Ariza isn’t enough. That is the weakest position we have on our team right now. Hopefully we can sign someone that will bring that Defensive Aggressiveness to our team. I’m not suggesting any players because I am not Mitch, but Maggette, Artest, Pietris would fit the bill quite nicely.

    LAKERS 2009

  • lakerschamps08

    umm how bout we get jeff van gundy as a D coach cuz he could coach us up on D???? idk just try our D cant get worse than it was this series…. but with bynum back the D will get better.. but we gotta see wat happens

  • Ko-Pau19

    I have another idea and I want you all to give me your thoughts on this.

    I have heard many Houston Rockets fans talking about Mcgrady possibly getting traded, and many conceded that the Lakers had the most valuable trade package. The supposed trade would be.

    Rockets receive:

    Lakers receieve:

    In my opinion, I believe Mcgrady would be a proven SF that would not only help our perimeter defense but can also help on scoring as well. Also, i think it would be aweseome seeing Mcgrady wearing Purple and Gold.

    What do you think? Would you all do it?

  • kobe

    if we get mcgrady for odom we be unstoppable…if not he stays healthy n plays like 5 more yrs…which most likely wont happen…we shud keep odom and juss add a “james posey” type SF and we good….fisher kobe lamar gasol bynum is good enuff to win 70 games next yr…we just need a better bench

  • http://N/A Ray

    Look. All the players previously said for a pick-up is good, but will put a severe dent on the salary cap. A good possible pick-up on the lower pay scale is James Jones. This guy is an UNRESTRICTED free agent, can play good defense, is long & athletic, and can hit the 3-ball. If you’re looking for a tough big man that can hit a mid-range jumper, and won’t get in the way of Odom, Kobe, Bynum, or Gasol, get KURT THOMAS with a one-year contract.

  • kPoAbUe

    u guys what abt j.r. smith? bonzi wells? carl landry?Andris Biedrins Paul Millsap

  • NoParadeonFig

    Rockets receive:

    Lakers receieve:

    Put the pipe down!!!! Nobody is gonna make such a stupid trade. Wait I forgot Memphis did already.

    Now come in off of the curb there will be no parade on Figueroa again this year!!!!

  • NoParadeonFig

    Here are 10 reasons why I hate Lakers “fans” (in reverse order)…

    10) Half the courtside seats are empty in the first and third quarters of every game. I’m getting the obvious and least offensive complaint out of the way first.

    9) They’re incapable of acknowledging a bad trade when it happens. When Caron Butler was traded for Kwame Brown, the general consensus in Los Angeles at the time was that this was a good thing. And no matter how many times I tried rubbing that trade in with my Lakers “fan” friends, I always got this reaction: “Caron played the same position as Kobe Bryant anyway, he had to go.” Uh, no. Caron plays small forward and Kobe is a shooting guard. I’m sure Phil Jackson would’ve hated having to coach Kobe, Butler and Lamar Odom at the same time.

    8) They act like the entire league is obligated to ensure the Lakers success, and thus every team should be trading their best players to the Lakers for pennies on the dollar. (Hence why Memphis Grizzlies’ “General Manager” Chris Wallace must be a Lakers fan). This came up a lot during the Kevin Garnett discussion last summer when Lakers “fans” everywhere were befuddled as to why Minnesota wouldn’t accept Lamar Odom, Ronny Turiaf and a late first round pick for KG. Lakers “fans” took it as a personal insult that Minnesota wouldn’t bite on that paltry offer for one of the game’s greatest players of all time.

    7) LA radio “personality” Vic “The Brick” Jacobs. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, look him up on Google, because he’s a microcosm of Lakers “fans” everywhere. When the Knicks made the NBA Finals in 1999, Vic “The Brick” Jacobs, the supposed “Lakers Homer” (who, by the way, proclaimed Kobe’s innocence on the rape charge even though he didn’t have any of the facts) referred to the Knicks as “Vic’s Knicks” just because Jacobs was born in Queens. This would be like Sandy Clough — who thankfully isn’t a cartoonish figure like Jacobs — proclaiming last year’s Giants Super Bowl team as “Sandy’s Giants”. Huh? I’m feelin’ you, Vic!

    6) Seats that should go to real basketball fans are instead occupied by wives, girlfriends and escorts. (Although, in fairness to Lakers “fans”, the plethora of escorts at every game makes any visit to Staples Center quite enjoyable?that is, of course, if you’re into fake breasts). The next time you go to a Lakers game, check out all the (one time) trophy wives of the courtside ticket holders. They literally just sit there in their awful “ladies’ suits” with dreadful Madeline Albright-style pins affixed to the lapel and do nothing while their husbands take in the game. These paid-off housewives are so bejeweled, they probably killed entire tribes of Sierra Leoneans just to get those diamonds to their wrinkled fingers. On a side note, I’m convinced that more Persian guys can credit Lakers games to getting themselves laid than any other event in Los Angeles, over even bottle service at Republic (or whatever this week’s hot Hollywood club hangout that I could never get into is) or renting a Ferrari for a night.

    5) They’re the biggest bandwagon fans in the country and only support the Lakers when the team is really, really, really, really good. They’re such bandwagon fans, in fact, that when the Clippers were the better team two seasons ago, everyone in LA was suddenly a Clippers “fan” (just like everyone in LA was suddenly an Angels “fan” in 2002 and suddenly a Rams “fan” in 1999).

    4) 85% of them aren’t from Los Angeles and, like newcomers to Scientology, these non-native Lakers “fan” converts are young, impressionable and gullible. Take my friend Jason from Boston, for example. No joke, after moving to LA, Jason (like others of his ilk) began wearing Lakers shorts. That’s right, a guy from Boston wearing Lakers shorts!! And he used the same bull—t line that all Boston natives pull on me when I catch them wearing Lakers gear: “I’m really just a Red Sox fan, anyway.” Yeah, right. Like all you Boston frauds that live in LA weren’t snatching up NBA League Passes this year. (Note: this rant excludes my friend Dan from Boston who also lives in LA and actually had the League Pass when the Celtics won all of 24 games last season).

    3) Now that he’s out of town, they pretend like they never liked Shaquille O’Neal in the first place. All Shaq did for the Lakers organization was bring them four NBA Finals appearances and three rings while being incredibly active and charitable within the Los Angeles community and buying Mark Madsen a shiny, new car. Not only can’t you find a Shaq defender anywhere in LA these days, but Lakers “fans” will go out of their way to tell you why they hate Shaq: “he never worked hard,” “he was always fat and out of shape,” “he was a big baby,” “he was a me-first guy,” and the one that gets me the most, “those teams were boring to watch.” Boring to watch? Four finals appearances and three rings were boring to watch?!!

    2) They unmercifully defend Kobe Bryant. Whether he’s throwing his teammates like Shaq or Andrew Bynum under the bus, clobbering white defenders after jump shots, regularly spouting profanity-laced tirades at the referees for all the six year olds within earshot to hear, (allegedly) forcing himself sexually onto a female hotel worker in Colorado and subsequently paying her ? and his wife ? off, or throwing public hissy fits to get himself traded from the very team he wished for by demanding Shaq’s ouster, Bryant can do no wrong in the eyes of Lakers “fans”. When Kobe got in trouble in Colorado for his — let’s say — “inappropriate actions,” the reaction among Lakers Nation was: “let’s wait for the evidence” or “she was asking for it by going into his room” or “she’s a whore anyway, she slept with like five guys the day before and just wants some attention” and so on. You’d have thought Lakers “fans” everywhere had performed the DNA samples on the girl’s underwear themselves. And yet when any other athlete allegedly does something that runs afoul of the law, like Carmelo Anthony’s suspicion of getting a DUI, he’s most assuredly guilty in the eyes of Lakers “fans” — evident by their oh-so-clever “D-U-I” chant at Staples Center on Sunday.

    1) They’re in myopic denial of the favoritism the Lakers receive from the NBA.Lakers “fans” claim that their team is subject to the same rules and regulations as the other 29 NBA teams, but this simply isn’t true. Here are the indisputable examples?-Since the Lakers can’t be bothered to play on Saturdays, they never have to play a back-to-back at the end of week?typically the most grueling games on the schedule. Moreover, while most teams (especially in the Western Conference) have to go into hostile territory for Saturday games where it’s the only thing in town to do, the Lakers never have to play those games. If you think it doesn’t matter, in 2007-08 road teams were a combined 12-28 on Saturday night games that took place in Portland, Utah, Sacramento, San Antonio, Memphis and Minneapolis.-The Lakers have historically been given favorable treatment from the referees in supremely important games. One of the most famous examples of this was Game Six of the 2002 Western Conference Finals against the Sacramento Kings. With the Lakers down three games to two, the NBA was in danger of the Lakers not making it to the NBA Finals, so the refs ensured that the Lakers shot 34 free throw attempts to the Kings’ 18. While Game Six of 2002 might be more famous, the most egregious example was Game Seven of the 2000 Western Conference Finals against the Portland Trailblazers. Many site the Blazers demise in that game to their 3-of-18 shooting in the fourth quarter (which admittedly, was a huge factor in the loss), and yet everyone fails to recognize that the 21 free throw attempt differential in favor of the Lakers didn’t exactly help Portland’s cause, either.-Another example of a free ride from the refs came during Game Six of the 1988 NBA Finals against the Detroit Pistons. The Lakers were down three games to two, and down one point with 14 seconds to go. The Lakers fed the ball into Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for a hook shot, and Bill Laimbeer was called for a foul which, upon review in the replay, never happened. Don’t believe me? Watch the video.-Shockingly, the dean of NBA referees (and USA Basketball wrecker) Stu Jackson admitted that the referees made an incorrect call this season that essentially gave a game to the Lakers when Derek Fisher pulled Monta Ellis down with 3.3 seconds left in the Warriors 123-119 loss to the Lakers in Oakland. Given that the Warriors missed the playoffs by just two games, I’m sure they were thrilled with the NBA’s diligence on this one. And more famously was this year’s Western Conference Finals Game 4 in which Fisher clobbered the Spurs’ Brent Barry with 2.1 seconds to go, and no foul was called (which would have put Barry on the line for at least two game-tying free throws). Oh yeah, the NBA spoke out against that no-call, too.-And of course, earlier this decade NBA Commissioner David Stern, when asked what teams would comprise his ideal NBA Finals, was quoted as saying “the Lakers vs. the Lakers.”But no, there’s no favoritism towards the Lakers out there.Beating the Lakers in the playoffs is like beating the Republicans in Presidential Elections that take place in Ohio or Florida. You have to knock them out by an overwhelming majority of points/votes because if it’s at all close, the game will be rigged against you.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #40675 Will Be Quoted Here]

    No, becauase McGrady is injury proned and is more of an offensive player. The Lakers need better defense.

  • xtro

    I’d rather have Shane Battier or Luis Scola


    We need at 2 or 3,so if your sayin’ Mcgrady then who else?If we get Artest,who else?We need help,period.Mcgrady would be ‘KILLA’ but the question would could he and Kobe co-exist,I say yes,’cause they’re good friends but Maggette and JO are Kobe’s best friends so expect Kobe(or LO)on the “hitter” a lot this summer,he’ll probably ask Mitch to call him as soon as a trade is made,ASAP!

    Marion is another key guy that we can use,a ‘James Worhthy’type player,so HELL YEAH TO HIM COMING TO LA!

  • lakerschamps08

    um i think if we gonna add anybody somebodys gotta go.. that is LO,LUKE we can maybe get marion,artest,gerald wallace,noccioni.. we would love battier but rockets aint givin him up… idk wat i think 2 of those players gottta go… i mean most of us love LO but he is just missing something to be a champion… so idk man this really hard….
    t-mac would be good but he dont play d

  • Damionte

    I disagree with most of the LO trade suggestions.

    Yes PG, and LO got theirs butts kicked on Def at times. But both are playing out of position and the Lakers defensive scheme isn’t built for them to clog the middle alone.

    With Bynum back in the middle where he belongs, PG, and LO go back to being the great help defenders that they are.

    Sasha, Farmar, & Turiaf are all coming back for sure. I am also pretty sure they’ll keep Walton as he is getting paid about what he is worth.

    While of course D-Fish, and Kobe will get to play in LA for as long as THEY want to play in LA.

  • Oh Boy Johnson

    But didnt you see something wrong with LO….He really didnt care about winning. When the game was over in the third he then began to just drive to the hoop….

    We need players that want it as bad as Kobe…if there are any

  • RD

    [Comment ID #40675 Will Be Quoted Here]

    thats just BEAUTIFUL! if it was luke instead of vladrad, i would do that trade in a heartbeat! and sign ANTAWN JAMISON! and lastly, get a DEFENSIVE assistant coach!

    PG – FISH /farmar /yue
    SG – KB24 / sasha
    SF – TMAC! / ariza, vladrad
    C – BYNUM / mihm

  • laker-nate

    i hate this part of the offseason cuz here at lakernation we have 2 many ppl that play 2 much NBA2K8 and think we can trade farmar for baron davis straight up….shut the hell up with the idiot trade ideas!…we dont need a lot of changes, just remember we got bynum ppl! he gonna b an all star next yr 4 sure! he will clog the paint and kobe b playn like mvp kobe again…if we can get artest great, but we dont need 2 be shippn out our stars just cuz we lost n finals…we r a team rdy 2 contend and win for the next 5 years….keep our heads up ppl

  • andrew bynum

    we should get artest and shawn marion as free agents. me, trevor and lamar are both ok coming off the bench

    PG Derek Fisher
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF Ron Artest
    PF Shawn Marion
    C Pau gasol
    6 Andrew Bynum
    7 Lamar Odom
    8 Trevor Ariza
    9 Sasha Vujacic
    10 Jordan Farmar
    11 Sun Yue
    12 Desagana Diop

  • Jonathan

    I love the idea of Marion coming over. He’ll bring a defensive prowress to our team that we never had before. But do you think he’ll jump aboard with less money??? Only time will tell…

    Hopefully we can trade Vlad Rad and Luke during the process. I also like the idea of the supposed Mcgrady trade. Good jobe Ko-Pau19!

    Lakers Baby!!!!

  • LN1

    [Comment ID #40703 Will Be Quoted Here]

    absolutely right….

  • SUN_yUE

    SUN YUE IS GOING TO BE A 6th MAN…he plays like ginobli((WE NEED TO KEEP HIM)))

    the only player we should trade is ===RADMONOVICH, WALTON, MIHM, BHENGA, COBY KARl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • daboss1848

    lol at Sun Yue . . . really, lol

    can someone enlighten if personal responsibility is a part of the teachings of ZEN?!

  • pr0mega

    NoParadeonFig –

    I agree with you that majority of the Laker fanbase are young and gullible children who just get caught up in it or are trophy wives and movie stars, but thats about all I agree with you on. Any fan/player/coach can nitpick at any team’s success in any sport. Referees are human and make mistakes that go down as some of the most horrific calls in NBA history, but thats not only for the lakers. It happens to all teams, but the Lakers are constantly in the limelight because of the ratings and money they bring, so every laker hater sees the miscalls and nocalls for the lakers more often. Another thing, if you’re a CELTIC fan then your whole argument should be null and void. You and your so called ‘fans’ can’t stand losing either. I remember a game last season when your so called ‘fans’ chanted MVP for Kobe Bryant on your own floor. Also, why do you fault the Lakers for being a good team for so long? The Lakers have always been smart on young talent and developed young talent to become great players. What have the Celtics done in the last 20 years other than a few decent winning seasons and an Easter Conf. Finals appearance? The Celtics should have been on the ropes again this year, with the same group of young under developed nobodies they had last year, but idiot McHale (just as bad as chris wallace) hands you Garnett after Garnett is happy to go to Boston because of the Ray Allen aquisition. So suddenly BOSTON fans are everywhere and talking like they know anything about their team. OH WOW, WE GOT TWO VETERAN ALLSTAR PLAYERS TO ADD TO PAUL PIERCE, I’M A FAN AGAIN!

    About Staples Center – Have you ever seen our ticket prices? Average incomed human beings cant afford to attend every game, especially when the view on your TV is probably better than any view you can get with crappy seats at staples. So majority of the REAL laker fans aren’t even there. Staples is occupied by trend loving movie stars who want to promote their latest works. So that is actually a disadvantage for the lakers, our home court advantage is no advantage at all.

    If you know anything about the Shaq/Kobe/Lakers dillemma then you would know that Kobe didn’t push shaq away. In fact, Shaq always belittled kobe bryant through the first 5-6 years of his career. I love shaq and am thankful for the 3 rings he gave us, but he is no saint in that whole fiasco. He even backs Bryant now and knows that the Buss family was giving the media and you (apparently) the run around. The other crap you wasted your time typing about is totally offbase as well. Its obvious that you read Bill Simmons articles all day and wank off to Boston Media because you, my friend, are narrowminded and worse than most of the immature and young Laker fans.

    You had to desperately seek help to win this year, you didnt’ create Garnett or Allen. They came to save your sorry organization.

    We’ll enjoy our 6-7 year window while you get older and older. Now go make out with your Garnett poster in your room since he is the only reason your team is any better than the lousy 24 win team they were last year.

    Don’t waste our time.


    I say we get Gerald Green out of spite and put him under Kobe and DF’s watchful eye and when the season begins,if we play The Smell-Tics early,let GG wish Paul “A HAPPY BIRTHDAY,M’FER,SLAM”!

  • 123kid

    we can talk about trade and possible talks all we want, but there is never gonna be a trade when the rumors start flying up and the hype starts to come up too. obviously, the lakers have a team that is missing probably 1 or 2 pieces to make them a championship team. but i think it is way too early to even think about any trades or signings. i mean what mitch and the front office are gonna do is see how other teams are producing and what kinda deal each F.A. is looking for.

    from my perspective, we dont need scores and we need bangers and defenders inside and out. it would be great to get guys like marion, davis, or artest, but like always, we just need those guys that want that championship ring for the next few years. its just up to the front office to do the work and possibly kobe to put the cherry on top!

  • Smush Walton

    As I read your diatribe I kept thinking “what an a-hole this guy is!”. Finally, when I read your last two sentences it was confirmed.

  • Michael24

    sign an defensive coach like rick fox

    trade vlad luke

    mbenga newble karl mihm are gone

    sign vujacic and ronny

  • sclakerfan

    I’d take McGrady, but I doubt the Rockets would help the Lakers. Unless they trade Battier, they don’t really need Odom since they’re similar players although Battier may be a slightly better perimeter defender and shooter.

    I think Houston is thinking more in the line of Hinrich and Gordon since the Bulls can afford to get rid of Hinrich since they’ll be getting Rose in the draft. Also, I think although McGrady isn’t in Kobe’s league, he’s still a very difficult player to trade. The Bulls are, I’m sure, trying to dump some salary so that they can get in on the LeBron sweepstakes in 2 years when he becomes a free agent, so I doubt they would take on McGrady.

    I don’t think getting Baron Davis on a sign and trade is THAT unrealistic. Golden State definitely has salary problems and so they may want to do a sign and trade rather than just him to free agency. But I doubt they would do it just for someone like Odom. They definitely would not take on Walton or Vlade’s contracts.

  • Geloman

    We don’t need to add allstars. I don’t care how cheap they are. We need guys who play defense and who have toughness and desire. That’s obviously what the Lakers lacked.

    I really like Shane Battier. I wish we can somehow pry him from the Rockets. Or someone like him who does all the little things to help his team win. Doesn’t care about points. But plays with toughness and defense. If I recall, it was Battier who defended Kobe so well other teams in the playoffs started to do the same thing.

    A tough, gritty, strong defensive SF and the return of Bynum (and hopefully he’s 100% and continues to improve)is all we need.

    We need to get rid of our trash too: Puke Walton and the Space Cadet.

  • goodfella

    if we make some good trades this is what our roster should look like next year

    C dwight howard/andrew bynum
    PF JO/Pau Gasol
    SF McGrady/Odom
    SG Mamba/Artest
    PG B.Diddy/Fisher

    82-0 seson
    16-0 playoffs

  • gugy


    Well said!


    I’m gonna get everybody on the GET MICKAEL PIETRUS AND MAGGETTE BANDWAGON but I just hit myself with another idea that NOBODY has thought about and could happen,OMG….UDONIS HASLEM,SHUT IT DOWN!

  • sclakerfan

    I’d take Battier in a heartbeat over Odom, but no way Houston will let their “Kobe Stopper” come to LA. I’d also love to get Haslam, but only way Rileys gives him up for Vlade and Walton is if he’s pulls a Kevin McHale.

    By the way, does anyone know what Sue Yue has been doing all year? Is he playing in China or D-League? How’s his progress?

  • 123kid

    ^ def guys like battier, haslem, posey, and just the overlooked players ready to make their names big will do. i mean we just need two real 130% defensive-doing the little things-great basketball iq-guarding other star players type of guys. the hole idea is try to get as much as we can for as little as we can. obviously we have the experience, we have two twin towers, we have veteran leadership, we have the greatest coach, we have a few key bench guys, but now its just time to get real overlooked defensive guys to add that piece of making this puzzle unbeatable to break.

  • Tyler Pham

    Mitch, if yoy are listening, here are the trade suggestions: Get rid of Fisher, Gasol aka Softie, Rad, Walton, Newbie, Chris Mihm, and MBenga and get Shawn Marion, or Jernaine Oneill, Gilbert Arenas, Josh Smith, or even Delonte West, Stephon Marbury, Heck even Dikembe Mutumbo plays better defense than Gasol, and Corey Maggette. We need defense minded players and someone who is consistant on both ends.

  • Tyler Pham

    Mitch, if you are listening, here are the trade suggestions: Get rid of Fisher, Gasol aka Softie, Rad, Walton, Newbie, Chris Mihm, and MBenga and get Shawn Marion, or Jernaine Oneill, Gilbert Arenas, Josh Smith, or even Delonte West, Stephon Marbury, Heck even Dikembe Mutumbo plays better defense than Gasol, and Corey Maggette. We need defense minded players and someone who is consistant on both ends.

  • Playhard21


  • Remy

    [Comment ID #40675 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i don’t think mcgrady is a defensive minded player, he’s too offensive like kobe but not better

  • Daryl Imhoff

    The Lakers need a change here and there, not wholesale changes. If Artest is going to opt out of contract he would be a good addition to the team. Free agency, with the mid level exception, is the way to go.
    It was in the cards for the Celtics to win this season. The Lakers need to get over the disappointment of losing. We all need to accept that this team needs to mature. This series reminds me to the ’84 Finals and we came back from that loss to win it all in ’85. Most of all Los Angeles is so fortunate to have the Lakers. In the 48 seasons that the Lakers have been in LA we have never really had a terrible team. There is no other franchise in the NBA that can say that.
    Now, once again the Lakers are on the brink of a new era of winning it all! I am very grateful to be a Laker fan. Lets not let the disappointment of this dreadful defeat at the hands of our arch rival overshadow the promising future that is on the horizon.
    I hope the Lakers do, however, realize that some changes need to be made.
    Lets keep our heads when all around us are losing theirs. Rebounding ,defense, and mental and physical toughness are needed. I think these elements are present on the current roster, just not enough.
    Perhaps with the maturity that a series like this one will bring the
    Lakers will produce these qualities from within. However, to be safe
    I hope we import some toughness. Derek Fisher’ contribution to the
    progress of the Lakers can not be overlooked, another addition this
    summer of equal quality is all the Lakers need to take it to the
    next level. Remember we won the most competitive West that the NBA has seen in years, and we were only two wins away from winning it all! Hang in there, the future so bright we’ll have to wear sunglasses!

  • goodfella

    Hey first I was crazy about Get Artest, now I’m definelty sold on this player, and if the Lakers really want to go far for years to come the Lakers have to get this guy.

    Mitch I hope you’re reading this one:

    Do all that you can in your powers to get The Matrix, trade Lame-ar Scrotum, fluke walton, Vlad aka niko bellic for Shawn Marion.

    Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix Get Matrix

  • kb24bestever

    hey all yall need to shut the fuck up trade pau gasol,odom,fisher,turiaf are yall serious come on how come nobody said dis wen we won da west nd if u say dat pau cant defend he hld garnet nd duncan to a bad FG percentage nd remeber the man its not a Center he played PF not C when we get bynum back yall going to see the real gasol and dont u remember odom guarding dirk and he did a great job on that and also remember his not a PF his a SF nd that means his going to guard people like pierce,butler he got size advantage against them so thats gonna favor us alot and players are going to have to think before going in the paint with bynum there and trading turiaf and odom maybe vlad but why would we want to change odom and turiaf odom its a warrior dont yall remember last season he was playing with a bad knee and turiaf his our energy guy come on show him some respect just because we lost that dont mean we gotta go out there and trade our players why would we want t-mac for most of he time his injured and we dont need a scorer and he might bring us the bad luck of passing the 1st round the players we should really trade away its vlad,luke,mihn, release coby,mbenga,newble and thats it i say sign corey maggete if ron doesnt become a free agent nd maybe we could trade luke,vlad,and coby since he has 2 years left nd future draft picks for gerald wallace nd if it sounds unfair well who knows maybe jordan decides to give us more help u know.

  • ricky


    the roster is fine just the way it is and we dont need major trades to get any better. all we need is some veteran experience and talent.

    first of all, the lakers should trade away or buy out vladimir radmanovic because in his last 2 seasons with los angeles, he has underachieved and has been very inconsistent. it is hard to find another versatile shooting forward his size, but due to his lack of focus and defense, he is too big of a liability to keep on the court. second of all, many say that luke should be traded too, but i still like luke. the only reason i think luke hasnt been dealt or released is because phil still likes his passing ability, basketball IQ and hardwork. im still leaning towards keeping walton for now. chris mihm can stay or go, i dont care for him right now because he has been inactive and i cant tell where he is basketball wise right now. we should trade him and radmanovic for a real “POWER” forward. im not so sure what the status on coby karl, dj mbenga, and ira newble are, but i dont think they will be sticking around by next season.

    another thing the lakers need to do is resign ronny turiaf and sasha vujacic. those two provide good energy and spark off the bench. ronny can still provide strong defense and blocking while sasha can hit the big 3s and provide pesky defense.

    now to the important areas, the lakers need help in the backcourt with another veteran shooter/ballhandler and of course another veteran big man. the lakers can use another defensive minded small forward as well like trevor ariza but with more of an offensive game as well as defensive.

    a few guys to look for in the offseason (im not counting artest even though many believe he should join the team, i would too, but he’s a hard to figure out so im gonna leave him out for now) this list is in no particular order, other than number 1 who i would LOVE to have on the roster:

    1. corey maggette: defense, offense, attacks the basket and gets to the line A LOT, talented veteran. hope he opts out and call this guy and beg for his services to come join the lakers.

    2. james posey: DEFENSE, shooter, veteran experience, toughness, 2 time champion. i doubt he will leave boston now that they have a good chance at getting to the finals again, but you never know?

    3. mike miller: obviously not available unless we make a trade for him, but i just thought i’d throw him into this list cause i like his game so much. EXCELLENT shooter, scrappy defender, attacks the basket, aggressive, another veteran player on a very young and much less experienced team.

    4. udonis haslem: recently mentioned to be on trading block if miami drafts forward michael beasley. good experience, tough player, defensive minded, hardworking and lots of effort.

    5. gerald green: surprisingly has not been signed to a team yet. good young athletic player with lots of energy. havent seen his game much, but im sure many would like to have him on their roster. interesting addition if we try to get him.

    6. mickael pietrus: youyng,defensive SF, good shooter, length and size. many are looking to get their hands on this guy as well ever since he was looking to be traded.

    7. al harrington: probably not available unless traded for. good perimeter shooter, great size and length, defensive minded, can play inside/outside.

    8. gary payton: thats right, bring back “the glove”. this guy can still play 15-20 mins a game and he can bring some much needed experience and defense in the back court. no, he can’t keep up with the young ones out there but look at derek fisher, if fish can keep up with the 2 best young PGs in the game in chris paul and deron williams, then so can “the glove”.

    9. kwame brown: yes, i said KWAME BROWN. everyone was happy when he was traded but i think we should get him back once his contract expires and becomes a free agent. we dont have to pay him a ridiculous $9 million this time around. the reason i bring up kwame is because phil jackson still liked him. sure, his offensive game is garbage, but he did do some good things for the team defensively and thats what he should be back for, defenese. kwame is still young, he has a great athletic body, good size and tremendous strength, albeit still small hands. but if he can get back to being 100% healthy like he was in the first season with LA where he did amazingly well against phoenix, i dont see why we dont go after him.

  • lakerschamps08


  • lakerschamps08

    yea ricky we try and maybe kwame just for size and haslem and maybe pietrus and miller.. the corey want money and dont play D but even if he does he want money.. posey gonna get big money cuz how he played so we cant get him.. is just like ariza can do everything besides shoot but maybe on him idk.. al harrington no cuz they wont trade him they want LO… payton dont like phil and soo he aint coming plus he was one of the reasons why we lost to pistons, he could not guard chauncey.. i mean u made sense in ur arguement but i would only want miller and haslem…

  • 123kid

    to ricky, i say those are some valid and good players. obviously some of those players will have some slim chance of becoming a laker though.
    maggette is injury prone and he demands too much money, posey a definite good fit because he doesnt demand too much other than a championship ring, but i think boston will hold on to him, miller is a def no since memphis gave up pau to us, haslem is a realistic and ideal guy that can come off the bench but what about turiaf, green is young but how would he contribute, pietrus is a good fit cuz he has length and i would pick him up over vlad, harrington is a big but hes inconsistent (i know this cuz he was in my fantasy team), payton already has a ring so i doubt he’ll come back after the lakers tried to give him away to boston, and i’ve been hearin rumors the lakers wanted kwame back cuz they think he still has potential.

  • west213

    [Comment ID #40732 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LMAO when i saw this……….

    i just tacked my ballz under my ass an jumped up and down!

  • west213

    mutumbo over gasol ur a di ck head bro gotta say it

  • LA_dreamz

    suggested movements for this summer:

    Trade ODOM for Josh Smith:i heard atlanta wanted to have ronny turiaf but if mitch will offer Lamar Odom for Josh Smith,i guess they will entertain that offer.

    Trade Radman for Linas Kleiza:Kleiza is a better shooter and a better aggressive player than Radman.he is also a better defender than Radman.

    Trade Mihm for a Promising point guard: we really nees to get a point guard either as starter or a back-up to Fisher.

    Get James Posey/Artest: it is a MUST!

    Get Desagana Diop: He is a UNRESTRISTED FREE AGENT this july 1,so why not get him as our Back up center for Bynum.

    If we can get this players this summer,our line-up for next season will be:

    PG: FARMAR, D-FISH,Rookie PG


    SG: KOBE


    PG: D-FISH


    Rookie PG

  • goodfella

    we should trade vlad rad for a washing machine

  • SeXy F0xX 18



    From Ricky’s list(WaaaaaaY better than mine),I’ll take HASLEM for toughness and can give you 16 when he’s on,PIETRUS for his aggressive defense and can score in bunches(check YOUTUBE to see what he did to the RAPTORS,dunks on 2 defenders)and what may be a surprise,Gerald Green(just’cause he played for Boston and Pierce showed him NOTHING),COREY MAGGETTE(good defender,plays both SG/SF at the same time).

    Here’s some more names to add to your list Ricky:

    Richard Jefferson

    Tayshun Prince

    Gerald Wallace

  • maccassedy

    Richard Jefferson from Los Angeles gets to go home and play the 3 along side Kobe, Bynum and Gasol…Odom from New York gets to go back east where there is less of a spotlight on him, His best year during his career came when he was in Miami and there was less Media pressure on him.

    Positives for Lakers – Get a Scottie Pippen type of player for their star. Jefferson a former Olympian is a proven winner having been to many Finals in his career. A native of Los Angeles could definitely be the other outside scoring punch that the Lakers desperately need. A very good perimeter defender as well.

    Positives for Nets – Get a big body who can put the ball in the goal. He would be the 2nd or 3rd option, not to much pressure on him but he needs to be an inside scoring threat. With Devin Harris and Carter and throwing Odom in the mix, it would be an up and down pace something in which Odom could thrive in. I don’t know how long the Nets have been searching for a big man who can score, although not a back to the basket type of player they finally get one in Odom.

  • http://golakers golakers

    To get, you have to give. The chances of the Lakers picking up a front line player without having to upset the Chemistry of the team is very slim. Sure, it would be great to add a defensive stopper with the ability of a Ron Artest. Who wouldn’t want to add his skills and toughness to this roster. But, it isn’t that easy. A young team has to learn from experience. Kobe has said on many occassions that he is happy with this team. They get along. Team chemistry is just as important as stock-piling talent. If at the end of next season the team can’t get over the hump, yeah, make the necessary changes. Let’s see what they can do with a dominant center in the lineup.

  • http://golakers golakers

    It might be necessary for the Lakers to keep Lamar Odom in order to have any chance of getting Ron Artest. In a radio interview this afternoon Artest said he would love to play with Lamar Odom. Apparently they are good friends from back in Queens. They grew up together. I believe Artest will take a long look at the possibility of putting on the purple and gold if it means playing with his friend from back home. If the Lakers decide to trade Lamar, they can say goodbye to Artest with the same breath.